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  1. The situation on the German Danube I would say is looking pleasant now. We have rain and thunderstorms that do not raise the levels very much and there is enough water in the Danube basin to keep the level at Pfelling high enough for the shallows not to cause trouble. If nature keeps this up at the current pace/weather patterns the second half of July should be good. notamermaid
  2. River levels: we have had thunderstorms but the impact appears to have been a little less than anticipated. Maxau gauge is at 646cm and rising but will most likely stay below 690cm. Lake Constance quite stable, at 487cm. notamermaid
  3. Apart from low water, high water, lock strikes and other incidences, what else can interrupt your river cruise? A bomb. During a planned search with sonar, another bomb was found at Rüdesheim. If you have read up a bit on the area you will probably know that there used to be a bridge spanning the river there. You can see the remnants on the embankment if you walk upstream from Rüdesheim town centre a bit. Or see one stump left in the river. The WWII bomb was found yesterday and was detonated a few hours ago. River traffic was halted, as well as the railway and road having been closed. Life has returned to normal again now. You can read this article in German, or just watch the embedded video: https://www.hessenschau.de/panorama/weltkriegsbombe-bei-ruedesheim-gesprengt--sperrungen-aufgehoben-v10,kurz-bombe-ruedesheim-100.html notamermaid
  4. The Arosa Sena has ample space as it is a wide and big river cruise ship. Even more thought has gone into designing that space I should think - as steamboats has hinted at - as the Sena is equipped well for families. As the ship only sails Cologne downstream I have not seen it yet so cannot say anything more about it. Four years and up - most likely a great experience. Younger? I would be skeptical and not go with the constraints of the river experience and the ship amenities. But there are these children that can be happy and comfortable anywhere... I recommend having a look at videos of the Arosa Sena specifically. There is one in English I think. Please bear in mind that even the Sena is a ship for adults with spa, massage, elegant restaurant and the like. It is not family entertainment ocean-cruise style. Hopefully someone can help you with more direct experience info. notamermaid
  5. Life, work and the world have got the better of me. I hardly noticed that Spain won. So I am a bit quiet. But thanks for that. notamermaid
  6. Maxau peaked at 678cm this morning. The level will likely drop briefly below 650cm tomorrow. Lake Constance is of course staying high, but manages to stay under 500cm. notamermaid
  7. We saw the level of the Danube go up briefly to a not so pleasant level, just a short wave. Passau peaked at 664cm last night. Likewise Schwabelweis near Regensburg peaked in the early hours of yesterday, the figure was 364cm. If any problems arose they should have cleared by now. The levels will most likely go down a bit further still. notamermaid
  8. Brief update. Thunderstorms and rain not as heavy as forecast. We will see Maxau gauge peak tomorrow but that will most likely be below 690cm. notamermaid
  9. There are severe weather warnings along the Rhine valley, this afternoon mostly around Basel and in the Black Forest, as well as in the border areas with the Netherlands. Maxau gauge is at 662cm and is likely to rise to 680cm tomorrow. All in all, this is not as steep a rise as was indicated yesterday but the 680cm is unlikely to be the peak figure. That we will likely see on Sunday. notamermaid
  10. It is getting hotter again so we have severe weather warnings in parts of Germany, it may extend to the Danube valley later today. Much room in the river though now, it has been dry enough for the Danube to loose crucial centimetres that will continue to allow passage under the bridges, at least today and tomorrow. The forecast for Sunday is too tentative to say. notamermaid
  11. The temperatures are rising and the weather is working towards thunderstorms again. Lake Constance will rise again and we can see the river at Maxau, although having gone in and out of flood vigilance in the last 36 hours, to firmly stay above that official figure of 650cm again. It is a little to early to say but the computer modelling indicates a real change soon, but slowly at first. What is now 652cm could go to 660cm by this evening and will continue on the slow upward trend. We will need to wait for what happens along the High Rhine tomorrow to say how the river will react past Basel on Saturday. For now let us just leave it at indicating that the rise may well be a fast one. notamermaid
  12. Best way to be on holiday is without the phone on all the time! Thank you for reporting. Good to read that you had such a lovely time. It is also an encouragement for others to read that the adjustments that are made can work out really well, even offering a bonus perhaps. I agree about Winningen, it is small and delightful to walk around. notamermaid
  13. I had just typed my previous post when Cruisecritic fed me this article on the right side of my screen: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/3017843-cruise-critic-feature-most-beautiful-castles-on-the-rhine/ notamermaid
  14. Well done, @Host Jazzbeau. All correct. Thank you for the chuckle. 😊 Perhaps the statue is pointed out to river cruisers when they explore Boppard on a guided tour. The German composer had lived in the town in a villa for a while. According to German Wikipedia the singer chose the stage name as it is so unusual. And it certainly is not a common name in German. In Germany he is billed only as Engelbert as the heirs of the composer forbid him to use the full name, especially as there is no relation, i.e. a family connection, between the two. notamermaid
  15. Sorry to read that. I hope you can get back soon into garden boots, high heels or ballerinas, or whatever else means that you are walking around recovered. notamermaid
  16. It may be simpler from this page, have only just thought of it: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:8860576/mmsi:269057865/imo:0/vessel:S_S_VICTORIA There are a couple of unusual ships on the Moselle. Let us have a look at that soon in another post. notamermaid
  17. marinetraffic.com: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:7.065/centery:49.918/zoom:14 use the search field in the map if you cannot see her. notamermaid
  18. River cruise ships sail the famous Rhine Gorge from its start just after Rüdesheim and then arrive a few hours later at Koblenz, right? That is the standard procedure but you can actually have a stop along the way. And if you so wish choose an itinerary that has a longer stop - overnight. This is done at Boppard. Does it make sense, is it better? I would say it is just different. Boppard is not big and spectacular but it has a beautiful setting with the greatest bend in the river that creates the "four lakes view". Obviously you can only see that from the hill. Some nice shops, a Medieval church, a former castle and a Roman fort ruin are all there to explore. I like the "Café am Markt" for its chocolate and cake, by the way. I hope you do not mind me playing another short puzzle with you - it needs to be quick as by tomorrow evening @Izengolf will know the answer, having walked through Boppard. Here is the cropped photo: What is this and how does it connect to Leicester? notamermaid
  19. Repeat cruisers on the Moselle, nice. Good to read that you are enjoying the river landscape. I see you are docked in Bernkastel-Kues at the end of town. I did not know there was a landing stage there. But I was only in town for two hours. notamermaid
  20. Never thought about that. Could be interesting. And that person would be rather busy, I mean if you wanted to go to all the ports in Europe yourself. I wonder how many there are? Cruisemapper has a very long list but has by no means covered them all. There are 45 on the Rhine alone according to the website, but I can already see two missing. It says they have overall 680 river ports listed, I cannot tell how many of those are in Europe. Have not got much time, but if someone offered me a ton of cash I might do Germany and a few more places... One can but dream. I sooo need a holiday away from the mad crowds that are around me these days, I long for the quite days in a Northern England village pub. But first I need to do extra shifts at work, it is tourist season after all. And then I may head to a German village in the distant hills. Or if I get really desperate join the French in a lake resort in what they call Grand Est these days. Incidentally, I have read about the renewed stronger thoughts of the Alsatians (the people, not the dogs) that they may be happier if they cut ties with Grand Est or Paris government altogether. My, could they afford it and not just because of all the river cruisers... It would be another chapter in the story of this region that started many centuries ago. notamermaid
  21. I reckon the signals are too weak in the area. Among hills - just like on the Rhine and the Danube - the terrestrial signals "disappear" from the tracking websites. In the Rhine Gorge, usually ship signals are stuck around Bingen or just downstream from Osterspai, unless they are lost completely from the online map. This is what I mean: notamermaid
  22. The forecast on Friday suggested levels around 685cm for today, so how has it been? The river actually stayed a bit below that and Maxau gauge is now at 676cm. During this week the level will fall, possibly a bit below flood vigilance. Lake Constance is a bit better as well, but of course still high. It will not return to a normal level any time soon. In reaction to rain forecast for later in the week it may rise again. The rise will very likely show significantly in the gauge at Maxau and may return to, well, where it is now. On Friday, the submarine U17 sailed a little downstream on the river - was pushed that is - and turned into the Neckar. You can read about it here, in German only: https://www.swr.de/swraktuell/baden-wuerttemberg/mannheim/u-boot-transport-wassertransport-100.html and this is the last leg of its journey to the museum in Sinsheim: https://u17.technik-museum.de/en/u17-live/ The Technik Museum in Speyer is now a popular excursion for river cruisers. I have been to the other part of it at Sinsheim and I must say that it is very impressive. notamermaid
  23. The Neckar river is currently seeing a very special cargo. The submarine U17 was transported along the Rhine last year. Now it is being pushed up the Neckar (after a short journey down the Rhine again) and today has made the bottle neck - it has passed under the bridge at Heidelberg. For that it needed to turned and laid on its side. This is the German report: https://www.swr.de/swraktuell/baden-wuerttemberg/mannheim/u-boot-transport-wassertransport-100.html notamermaid
  24. Let us have a look at what the river did in June. We know of course that the month started with exceptional flooding. It rained a lot all over the South of Germany, so the flooding already happened way up the river, the snow melt from the Alpine regions contributed a smaller amount. Of the Southern tributaries we for example have seen the Lech rising not as much as the Upper Danube and the Iller, which is still close to Lake Constance. Long before the Main Danube Canal ends at Kelheim the river is carrying a very high volume of water. At that point it still has not received the waters from the Regen river. This is Ingolstadt, upstream from Kelheim: The pattern is still basically visible after the Regen has joined the Danube. At Pfelling it looks like this: While the rise looks impressive at Ingolstadt already, at Pfelling the impact becomes clearer as here on the navigable river we can put it into context. The HSW line (on paper) triggers the river traffic ban. The situation was extreme. With a lock and two more rivers joining the graph at Passau looks a little different but as extreme: notamermaid
  25. Good to hear. Hope you had a great time. I was just about to post that the levels continue to be high but even the latest rain has not brought the levels up to anything of concern at Passau. 🙂The river is going down again already there and is currently at 607cm. notamermaid
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