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  1. The court case has been closed with a compensation, here is the story: https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/tourism/msc-agrees-e2-4m-compensation-for-venice-cruise-ship-collision notamermaid
  2. Let us have a look at the past week: The river has been on the low side, but overall, the intermittent rain has been able to keep it from falling to levels that would cause many ships to have to adjust for several days in a row as we have seen in previous years. For the next two days it looks promising to stay this way but there is quite a margin of figures above and below 300cm which means that the most likely figure marked with a blue line would be a relatively good outcome but the river may well fall below that. That would at this point in time make problems a possible scenario. notamermaid
  3. @SCBarker so you are ready to go, all sorted . Have a great trip with a river cruise in beautiful autumn colours. notamermaid
  4. Thanks, jp. Happy to meet in the village and then walk up to the aqueduct with you. We could join the guide there (if needs be I will do some translating) and I would probably show you the path which will take you to a splendid hotel and later the view over the valley. You could continue while I take the more comfortable option of heading straight back to the village. I am just not good at long distances these days. The whole "Traumpfad" is four hours: https://www.traumpfade.info/pfad/traumpfad/rheingoldbogen/?lang=en Or we break our journey at said hotel and lazily take a taxi back to the valley: https://www.jakobsberg.de/en/ Come to think of it: this hotel and hilly location above Boppard would be ideal for a luxury tour offer by Crystal. I think it would fit well into their portfolio of excursions. The makers of "Traumpfade" must have realized a few years ago that not everyone can walk 3 to 6 hours up and down hill, so they have created the shorter "Traumpfädchen". As the grammatical diminutive "-chen" suggests, these are shorter walks of up to two hours. In fact, they have a suggestions which appears to incorporate the view of the Traumpfad from an easier angle. Description only in German unfortunately: https://www.traumpfade.info/pfad/traumpfaedchen/spayer-blickinstal/ For the serious hikers there are two paths that loosely follow the river in the Middle Rhine valley through the hills on both sides, on the left bank the "RheinBurgenWeg" (see the signpost and my mention above) and on the right bank the "Rheinsteig". Both challenging in parts, but very rewarding. I have been up a short stretch of the Rheinsteig, that was in 2019 when I went to Hammerstein castle ruin (I posted about it at the time). On a river cruise, I think it is a bit impractical to offer hiking stretches, an excursion up to the Vierseenblick, four lakes' view, in Boppard is a great offer instead. Or the view from Marksburg castle is splendid. The Rüdesheim to Assmannshausen walk is also a nice thing to do, seems to work, I think AvalonWaterways offers that. But I will get back to the hiking paths again nevertheless in another post. notamermaid
  5. News from another German company, Viva Cruises. Travelweekly in the UK have picked up on the articles published in German last week. Viva Cruises will be the (says the company) first river cruise line to sail every month of the year. This means they have itineraries in winter: https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/tourism/viva-cruises-adds-winter-river-sailings An unusual move for sure. I am a bit sceptical, knowing German rivers and weather in winter. But with the situation as it is, at least for 2022 it could well pay off. The seven night crime themed cruise along the Northern German canals is intriguing, but would I fly in from another country (or take the Eurostar from the UK) to go there in winter? Not sure. Also, what about the language? Will the crime novel theme be bilingual? Seeing that the company has teamed up with a German crime novel publisher, probably not. notamermaid
  6. Oh dear, must have found a wrong caption under photo information. I guess you have been to Stockport then. Love the railway viaduct. Friends of mine live in the area. Have you navigated the Marple locks? notamermaid
  7. Thanks for those photos, so very English. I have learnt from a quick search that this pub is on the Thames in Oxfordshire. I only know the canal in the Peak District close to Manchester. I think I should continue my little series about travels through Britain... notamermaid
  8. @Texas Trippin Do not worry about the geography details, thye are a challenge when you come from far away, I was kind of unsure where everything is on the Danube between Passau and Budapest and I am European! I am far away from Linz I am afraid. It will stay a dream to join in. If I had the chance, okay, I would not do any herding, leave that to the crew, just join in the fun for a bit. Oh, when in Linz - if you have a sweet tooth - try some Linzer Torte. notamermaid
  9. I have heard of Bourton-on-the-water in the Cotswolds and seen some photos. Have looked it up again and seen that they also have a motor museum. I think I should go there some time. Unfortunately, my travels having concentrated to the East of the country I have not been to the Cotswolds yet. notamermaid
  10. It is Thursday early afternoon so what is happening with the level at Pfelling? In short: a bit better than anticipated. It now stands at 302cm and the prediction is going up minimally then down again. A nice bit of rain over the Danube water basin today, with the next two days bringing little to none. Regensburg as an example: some rain today, none tomorrow, a negligible amount on Saturday, none on Sunday. notamermaid
  11. @Texas Trippin It sounds as if you will have a splendid time and make the best of the situation, even if the boat were to be almost stationary (never going to happen, heaven forbid)! 12 couples . Would love to join for an evening. I think I have never met a Texan in my life, let alone 24 of you. notamermaid
  12. Revisiting Grenzau Earlier this year I had a short trip to the village of Grenzau not far from Koblenz. I wrote about it in post #638: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2765759-river-cruising-water-cooler/page/26/ I was back in August with the foliage in full bloom in bright sunshine (which gave me a hard time taking decent photos). This is an almost identical shot to early Spring: The small brook "Brexbach" runs through the village: The curious thing about this place is the fact that it is well-known in parts of the sporting world as it has a first class table tennis club. The club house and adjoining hotel are huge for this small valley. The photos show the quiet old part of the village with the chapel on the right in this photo, up the hill towards the castle ruin. The regional industry of jug baking and earthenware products is present everywhere. This is the sculpture called "Gänseliesel", a peasant girl looking after her geese: And part of this information panel is also made from the local product: The special nature of the raw material and baking mean that the finished product is grey with the blue having been applied for decoration pre-baking, the typical combination of colours. But variations exist. The restaurant I mentioned in Spring was open on the day we visited but there was not enough time to sample the food. A sign on a renovated house next door indicated a shop of local produce. I spoke to the owner of the restaurant who explained that they had bought the restaurant and house next door, started renovating, "then Corona hit". So they are behind schedule but the restaurant looks lovingly done in old style with modern amenities. There is also bed and breakfast available. This is the entrance: They sell produce and products made regionally, like oils, jams and liqueur. We got jam and Schmalz, which is lard, this one being spreadable, in earthenware pots. Very reasonable prices, seeing that you can reuse the pots: I hope they can keep up the renovation work and be successful, it certainly looks an inviting small place with the beer garden at the stream: I am not saying this is a place that much warrants a detour but if you happen to be in the area and want to see something different you can get there from Koblenz Moselle river dock by car in 25 minutes. You can buy the grey and blue wares in shops in Höhr-Grenzhausen, possibly also in Koblenz. The "Bembel", jugs, that are used in Frankfurt are of the same material and made around Höhr-Grenzhausen as well. notamermaid
  13. @Coral Thank you for the video, very interesting and stunning scenery. New cars from Switzerland? Makes you want to say "from where else?" . The Swiss are masters of this kind of travel and the cable car in Koblenz was built by a Swiss company as well. Again, the Swiss are experts in this. Here is the company info on Koblenz (for the engineers and transport fans among you): https://www.cwa.ch/en/applications/urban/detail/project/koblenz-cable-car/ Hope to hear from you soon about your railway ride. notamermaid
  14. That is correct about the Swiss living close to the German border as well, from what I have read. In Budapest I did not get florins, it was easy to obtain coins by buying some souvenirs in Estergom, my first stop in Hungary, and take it from there. I paid mostly in euros, change was mostly in florins and occasionally I paid in florins. It got me through 36 hours without changing any money at a bank. Watch out for "exchange offices" that give you very unfavourable rates there. notamermaid
  15. A quick look at Kaub. We have had some rain so the level in the Rhine Gorge has stayed pleasant for sailing but there has been a slight downward trend. The next few days will see little rain but it is cold and drizzly enough to keep the level over 100cm for the next three days most likely. Brief info for those new to the subject: a level at Kaub gauge of 90cm on a downward trend is not good and at 78cm the navigation channel is only 190cm deep which can cause problems for the ships with a deep draft. It affects the 135m ships first. notamermaid
  16. @Table33 First: thank you for the info which confirms the crucial centimetres missing at Pfelling. More importantly: I am sorry to read about that altered itinerary. So the Jasper is fortunately downstream of the shallow part, but boarding in Passau does mean a lot of coach travel to Nuremberg and Regensburg. I hope it still works out with the sausage tasting. I wonder why they do not embark in Vilshofen? It would reduce the coach trips by a few minutes. With other ships in a similar situation it could of course get full in Vilshofen. Passau is a lovely place but three days without sailing is not fun. You would have sailed much of Nuremberg to Passau at night but you would have sailed! I hope you nevertheless have a great cruise. I really enjoyed sailing out of Passau where I embarked and the Wachau valley in Austria is splendid. Enjoy! notamermaid
  17. Thank you Coral for permission. Cog railway! This is getting better and better. We now have mists more or less every (early) morning and it is getting cooler. Night frosts coming soon to the valley. notamermaid
  18. My pleasure. I was going to write tonight an update on Pfelling, but first to your question. Should you be worried? To be honest I cannot answer that all too well as I am not familiar with Austrian river levels beyond the first lock really. You will be in Niederösterreich in your travels, so the weather can already differ quite a bit from Germany and you have rivers joining the Danube which may give it a more substantial amount of water than happens in Germany. What I have learnt over the years is that Straubing to Vilshofen is the worst part (in which Pfelling lies) and the Danube downstream to Budapest is usually still okay when Pfelling becomes an issue. After Budapest the pattern is different, to which I can only really say this simple statement. In Austria, locks control much of the river but shallows exist so when Pfelling gets really bad the situation in Austria can become an issue. I just cannot directly relate Germany to Austria. What you can do is look at the official website, I have chosen Korneuburg: https://www.noel.gv.at/wasserstand/#/de/Messstellen/Details/207241/WasserstandPrognose/48Stunden The level is not low yet and the prediction goes up so this does not look too bad I would guess. You can keep following this along through the coming days. And when you are on the river you can see at what level your ship is able to sail, i.e. when going through Korneuburg. I am sure you are busy exploring but just in case you want have a look at the situation when you are on the water I have posted the graph. Whatever happens, I am sure Crystal will take good care of you, they now have a few years experience with reacting to short-term changes. Get ready to be pampered . Have a great time! And as I said, I was going to provide an update on Pfelling: after a dip during the day (which often happens) the level is now back up to 292cm, but the trend is downwards, so the prediction suggests a level of 282cm for tomorrow and there is not much rain forecast for this week. The current weather pattern suggests that Upper Austria will get a bit more than the German Danube. Sounds like a see-saw around 290cm to me! Let us have another look on Thursday. notamermaid
  19. Thank you very much for your detailed answer, I was wondering for river cruisers how it works. I must admit that I have given up on following all the regulations and figuring out how to do this. My short trip to Würzburg was enough and I may stay in my own country for the rest of the year. I do not only have to figure out the country's requirements (the one I would travel to) but my federal and my several different states' regulations as well. And the ones through work (tourism). All of you travelling have my sympathy and admiration for trying to negotiate through this administrative, ahem, challenge. That is interesting to know. There seems to be an understanding in Europe to issue these for one year at the most. And there appears to be an understanding to give the term "recovered" an expiry date of six months. to which by the way virologists now say evidence should make authorities declare it for longer, currently around eight months. But that is another topic. notamermaid
  20. Oh my goodness, Coral. With such scenery "nearby" I cannot imagine why anyone would still come to see autumn in Western Europe! Just plain beautiful. Now which one should I use as a screen saver? Or perhaps a printout for the office wall? Well, I do not own any rights to the photos so I will not do that, but you get my point. Enjoy your time there, it looks so good for the soul. notamermaid
  21. Psoque, out of interest, as you only mention Switzerland and the Netherlands: is there nothing additional to do when you enter Germany, apart from having filled in the online form beforehand and carrying your vaccination certificate with you? Info from the Swiss digital certificate, can it be taken with you into Germany and is valid then? Or do yo need another one for Germany? And France, for Strasbourg? notamermaid
  22. Big news in Bavaria. The state authorities have agreed this morning that a 3G rule for the Christmas markets is impractical and difficult to enforce, so there will be none on a state level (local practicalities may look different). This paves the way for Christmas markets being set up in the way we know them. Other states will have different ideas about this, in Rhineland-Palatinate the latest regulations allow a wide scope of how to organise the markets, but the implications are likely to be harsher than with the regulations in Bavaria. Will the amendment on 7 November here bring more news? notamermaid
  23. I must admit that I am a bit surprised about the US dollars as well. A work I am not part of that aspect of tourism so I can only guess these types of personnel are used to getting so many US dollars that it makes it worthwhile to accept them and go to the bank and exchange them. Along the Rhine in my area you certainly cannot pay in cash US dollars in shops or get services for it. Perhaps in Basel or certain places in Cologne? A driver would not be able to use his tip to buy a beer in his local pub around here... notamermaid
  24. From quaint Medieval town to modern city: Frankfurt. Again, I know, but there is a special exhibition at the renowned Städel Museum that I suggest you go and have a look at. "Nennt mich Rembrandt", on the great Dutch painter and how he rose to fame in Amsterdam. The opening ceremony is available online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2l1z0mBfQw If you happen to be in Frankfurt at another time - the Städel Museum I highly recommend to see anytime if you like art. notamermaid
  25. That booster is a good question. Does it renew the time, i.e. going to Austria for example in December and you get a booster shot in November, does it count? CDC card with three dates or a new QR code necessary? Practicalities to get anyone's head spinning I think. I have just read that the German QR code for Germans is valid for 12 months, so I assume this means the German government will have to decide before 10 January 2022 what to do with the first lucky chosen ones who got the first shot just after Christmas? There are booster shots being offered for vulnerable people but what about the others? Many unanswered questions that will keep popping up for travellers in winter I think. notamermaid
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