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  1. Thanks Ski Mom! I see that it is located near the cruise port. This looks like a good option and I was also considering the Hilton at Palm Beach as it appears they will allow one night and I can pad it with points. How was the beach off of the hotel? Unfortunately we only have one to spend there before we head home the next day.
  2. Great overview! We have a cabin on hold for the 2022 ABC/Tobago sailing. Where did you stay in Aruba?
  3. Wow...thanks for posting as I had not seen this. We are on the Star Breeze June 9 from PV to San Diego (we live here) and the date didnt really work for us but we went ahead and rebooked anyway since its our homeport. I wonder if they'll bring her back down the west coast again from Alaska. If they do I'd definitely move my June cruise.
  4. Not sure when your cruise is but this document from the St Lucia Port Authority goes through Sept 2020. Star Pride on Feb 24 is PS, Port Seraphine. https://www.slaspa.com/media/attachments/2020/01/14/2019-2020-cruise-schedule-jan-2020.pdf
  5. We also love the Holland House when sailing from SXM. honomaui- I feel your pain. Were in San Diego and the trek is quite a long one but worth it! When we left the Windsurf in January, we also did an overnight in Florida and left the next day back home. We contemplated a flight that would have gotten us home the same day but the connection in Charlotte was only 1.5 hours; not enough time to go through customs and make the connection home. morgan5- This post also helped me tremendously as we’ve been contemplating ourselves for Jan 2021. We’ve done the Yachtmans Caribbean a number of times and want to try a different itinerary. Dates have been a challenge with some other trips we have planned. Be interested in hearing which one you end up booking! Pics are view from the Holland house; sunset and the next morning waking up to see the Windsurf :)
  6. Misty-How funny you asked about that itinerary...we were just looking at it last night and might book it today. Strenz-Thanks for the overview. We stopped in Soufriere awhile back as part of an island tour and thought it was our favorite part of the day. We had the best coconut bread from a lady selling it at the Toraille waterfall.
  7. Great pic! When I lived in Panama, this was a familiar sight as we fished for Peacock Bass at the crack of dawn in Gatun. Having a the wake from a freighter rock your little fishing boat is quite the experience!
  8. This is the last I saw about the Breeze. Engine swap this week.
  9. Maybe they sent you ours because I havent received any
  10. We def want to try on our next sailing. On the Star Legend in Oct, we were in the lounge waiting for a table; waiting only because we requested a particular server. The F&B manager was at the bar with us and offered us a table at Candles because they weren't full. If they didn't have the scallop/green papaya-napa cabbage salad entree on that night in Amphora, we would have.
  11. FWIW, its worked for me in the past and my "sponsor" ( not on the same cruise as me) also received their credit. When booking and then making final payment, be very vigilant in reminding them about the referral.
  12. We are on the third "post-stretch" sailing of the Breeze from PV to SD. Definitely looking forward to trying this and the new grill; I wonder if the new Star Grill will be the Candles replacement. Admittedly we've never tried Candles. We always talk about it but like other have mentioned above, we really enjoy the food in Amphora.
  13. I did the exact same! A pair of black capris and a pair of khaki capris with tops that went with each. Worked well!
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