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  1. I thought the cruise where they arrived at 2am was the last cruise ie the one where Covid got onboard.
  2. I've deferred the Australia Day pavlova until later in the week. It's too hot to bake it.
  3. Hash browns are a holiday treat for me. I miss having fried eggs with hash browns on Princess.
  4. Yeah, it's a bit tricky trying to convince a cat or dog to hold a thermometer under their tongues.🤣 I wonder if those contactless ones would work with furry faces?
  5. It really doesn't take more than a few minutes to measure out the ingredients. Then just set and forget until you smell it baking. It's a shame there aren't places where you can rent them to try.
  6. Yes, the bread maker does all the hard work. You just put in the ingredients. It mixes, allows to rise, kneads, allows to rise again, and bakes. You set the timer so it's ready for breakfast or lunch. It's almost foolproof unless you decide to vary a recipe then you might have to experiment a bit.
  7. It gives you the freedom to make fresh bread when you need it. Of course, if the bread makers are too expensive then it wouldn't be cost effective. I did see online a recommendation to get one with a gluten free cycle if possible but there are ways around that. The other disadvantage is the space they take up, especially if you have a small kitchen. Yes, it would get really expensive with growing kids who are coeliac.
  8. Actually it's getting quite complicated these days. There is Australian Chinese which is mostly Cantonese, then various types of genuine Chinese cuisines, and now we are getting modern Chinese. A local restaurant does some lovely modern variations. (Les, that's FooGoo not Sugarlane. Sugarlane is modern pan-Asian.) Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Korean and Indian are also common. We live in an area where there are lots of Asian restaurants nearby which makes me very happy, although we also have French, Spanish, Middle Eastern locally as well.
  9. Char Kway Teow is Malaysian, not Thai. The Thai version is, of course, Pad Thai. Subtle nuances in flavourings though.
  10. What about getting a bread machine and making your own gluten free bread? I had a quick look online and there seems to be a lot of info available. I had a bread machine many years ago in NZ and it was great, but I was making regular bread not gluten free. I used to make a really nice grain bread with kibbled wheat and rye in it.
  11. Agreed. Actually with the experiences and knowledge gained from other outbreaks which puts the Ruby Princess debacle more into perspective I'm a little surprised there is still going to be a court case.
  12. That's fantastic. I'm hoping Sydney has started a run like that.
  13. That Char Kway Teow looks really good, By The Bay. It's one of those dishes that has slight variations depending on where you are but that one looks very similar to my favourite.
  14. If it's the medicine I'm thinking of, that's why. Anything that remotely alludes to certain personal activities is removed in case people get offended by it. Even if a word contains a banned combination of letters it is removed. That got quite hilarious on one cooking show forum I used to belong to as one five lettered spice name contains some "naughty" letters.
  15. Yum! The best Char Kwai Teow I've found so far is at a food court stand in Westfield Chatswood. We used to go there a lot but not much at the moment. It's very popular and if ypu end up getting a table nearby the are people standing all around you waiting for their takeaways. Pre mandatory masks!
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