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  1. Actually you can use your own sanitizer without recontaminating your hands. Here's what I do: open zip of handbag compartment with right hand, remove sanitizer bottle with right hand, remove lid with right hand, squirt sanitizer into left hand, replace lid with right hand, place sanitizer bottle back in bag with right hand, close zip with right hand, rub both hands together to sanitize them.
  2. Laptop with one hand, phone in the other, that's my plan. 😁
  3. What's the bet their online booking system will melt down again? It did when the first Majestic booking went on sale a couple of years ago.
  4. Me too. Usually they come up several days before the release date. Maybe they've changed their system. Too many phone calls saying "Why can't I book ... ".
  5. Bear in mind you can only claim it at the last Australian port before the ship heads to an overseas port. So if you're doing a South Pacific cruise from Sydney that stops in Brisbane next then you can't claim it in Sydney, you have to wait until Brisbane.
  6. By the time the ship reaches Dunedin they will know what weather and sea conditions the ship will encounter during the Fiordland cruising and would cancel the excursion if there was any doubt that the ship would be able to enter Milford Sound.
  7. I always take a fleece and a rain jacket that will fit over it. That way I can layer to suit the conditions.
  8. Australia is not getting hit by the virus, we have only had 22 cases so far. 15 of those were diagnosed early on, all linked to people who had travelled from China before travel bans were put in place. Many of those people have recovered. The remainder of the cases are people who were on Diamond Princess. New Zealand does not have any cases of the virus.
  9. The balcony divider had probably been open from the day those two couples embarked and it was probably overlooked in all the other stuff going on.
  10. I like to pick my exact cabin as I prefer to have certain configurations ie for an inside cabin on that class of ship I like the wadrobe on the right as you enter, that way any light leakage from under the door doesn't affect me as I sleep on the other side of the bed. Also we choose IB canins and some of those are under the pool deck. That would be a disaster for me as I'm a very light sleeper.
  11. Thanks, thistledoo. Yes, the system will probably melt down like it did when the first Majestic cruises went on offer. I've seen a TA post elsewhere saying Friday 28th but others say Thursday 27th. That's actually a reasonable time as it will be 7pm in the east coast of the US and a bit earlier in other time zones there.
  12. Leigh, did the email state what time the cruises would go on sale? I've haven't spotted that info in the brochure that was linked to here and all I've heard is 27th in Australia and 26th in the US. Midnight in Sydney is 8am Eastern US time so if they go on sale then that gives the US several hours jump on us Aussies.
  13. They have a iPhone with unlimited internet. Stephen thinks it was organized by Princess. Davind is having problems connecting with YouTube though. Stephen had a FaceTime session with them. They are both doing OK although Sally's cough is worse. No fevers which is confusing the medical experts.
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