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  1. Your question is too generic. We can't guess what would interest you. So, please, do a search here and on the Ports of Call forum, port by port, and you will find plenty of ideas. Then, if you have any specific questions, come back and ask them and we'll be hapoy to help.
  2. I usually use gruyere in toasted sandwiches as I find cheddar can be too high in fat which makes the sandwich too oily.
  3. And it's in the second "shed" on the left, about half way along if my memory is correct. Each shed has a walkway on the inner (car park) side, accessed from each end of the shed and the various businesses are off that walkway.
  4. Did you snorkel into the Blue Lagoon cave? We stayed on Yasawa many years ago and did an excursion to that area which included snorkelling through a short tunnel into the cave. It was scary but we were both glad we did it.
  5. Chengkp75, have you ever considered turning all the interesting and useful information that you post here into a book? I'd buy it and I'm sure a lot of other CC regulars would also. Every time you post something like this I learn something new. Thank you.
  6. At the time those people were summoned to the naughty room all that was probably known is that there were unidentified liquids in their luggage, in a quantity that indicated it was probably alcohol. When they presented their two permitted bottles during boarding their cabin number or folio number (from their cruise card) would have been noted. After discovering that the two bottles in the luggage were also wine a cross-check would have been made against the cabin/folio number to determine whether they had already brought on wine. Cruise lines need to check large quantities of any liquid in checked luggage. Some people try to smuggle spirits onboard, and there is always the risk that the liquid could be something that could be used to make bombs or used in some other equally dangerous manner. As well as checking for liquids they also check for other prohibited items so don't try to bring an iron, or candles, or a gun onboard. Since the people you were referring to had placed wine in their carry-ons and in their other luggage one assumes they knew what they were doing and were trying to either get away without paying the $15 corkage (if it was aPrincess cruise) or trying to bring more wine than was permitted on other cruise lines. Break the rules? Suffer the consequences! Also I very much doubt that a phone call asking them to come and identify the contents of their luggage would be considered rude. You seemed concerned by the levels of crime and security on cruise ships yet seem to have little understanding of what is permitted to be brought onboard and what isn't. You can't have it both ways.
  7. As I understand it all luggage is scanned, in a similar manner to hand luggage. If something looks suspicious the passenger is requested to go to the "naughty room", as it's often called here on CC, to open the bag so it can be checked.
  8. My ex was like that. 6ft tall, about 120kgs, and in 15 years I never saw him show the slightest sign of being drunk no matter how much he'd had to drink. A friend who had access to a breathalyser tested him a couple of times and he blew zero both times. Nevertheless he didn't drive when he'd been drinking.
  9. I agree. Yes, Solstice does dock at Princes Wharf so the Luggage Hotel is very convenient.
  10. Crooners usually has aan espresso machine. On Diamond we found it was the best place to have coffee.
  11. Finally remembered to get some, and it was still on special at Woollies. The household cheese mouse (DH) approves! 😄
  12. We did that too but obviously a different restaurant. No views as it was tucked away in a dead-end side street, but the food was amazing. Definitely high end. Great wines too.
  13. I'm sorry, but I really don't understand your rant. You seem to have assumed that we sit around a cruise ship and drink all day just because I mentioned "drinks etc" which are extras on mass market lines, along with speciality restaurants, excursions, laundry, and other onboard spending. Perhaps I should have also mentioned daily gratuities. They aren't charged for Australians booking Australian cruises but, of course, the fares are usually higher. All those things, except excursions and laundry, were included on Crystal and we had sufficient OBC to cover all of our onboard spending. Plus the service and food was superb. We choose the cruises we do by itinerary, not just for the sake of being on a ship. We're equally comfortable cruising in an inside cabin as in a balcony and look for value for money with the cruises we choose. Sometimes a luxury cruise line is better value and provides better itineraries than a mass market cruise line.
  14. Apologies to Mark Twain for the slight misquote but "It's not the size of the man in the fight but the size of the fight in the man". How do you know they aren't all martial arts experts? 😉😁
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