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  1. Another fan here. I actually left feeling lighter ... as in, buoyant ... hard to describe, but it was a great feeling and worth the somewhat hefty price tag!!
  2. Thank you both for your replies! That will give me a few more days to assess.
  3. Excellent! Thank you very much for the confirmation. Next week is our turn! 😊
  4. No luck in the RCI FAQs, so I thought I'd try here ... We are sailing in a week and my back is not doing well. It's not debilitating enough to keep me from going, but it might prevent me from doing my planned (and reserved and paid for) shore excursions. 😥 I'd like to wait until the last possible moment to make that call, though, because miracles do happen! Does anybody know what the cutoff is for getting my money back for an excursion I booked through the online cruise planner? TIA!
  5. OH. EM. GEE. Yes. I will always remember my 2007 Celebrity Royal Suite on a 7-night Alaska cruise for 2400 pp. It's about 3x that price now. 😕
  6. You mention that you want something bigger than Vision, so maybe those of us saying to try another cruise line for Alaska are wasting our figurative breath. 😉 But as much as I love the big, beautiful RCCL ships, for me they're better suited for other itineraries. I have done Alaska with Celebrity and Princess and loved them both.
  7. I was just looking at the Royal app and noticed that in the description for the Mariner Diamond Lounge, it says "Complimentary continental breakfast, light fare throughout the day and evening drinks." I've never seen the "light fare throughout the day" part, but if it's actually true, it would definitely change my embarkation day plans! Can anyone confirm or deny?
  8. Thank you, scubagirrl! Not what I was hoping to hear, but I guess it makes sense that they want to keep people moving along rather than sitting. At least now I can make a plan. 🙂
  9. Thank you, but we are paying less than that for the excursion. Can anyone help with my question? I'd like to know if there are benches in the aquarium areas, and if there's anything else that would make it "strenuous."
  10. We booked this excursion for our cruise next month, but since that time I have injured my back. 😕 It's nothing too serious, but I can't stand still for very long, and walking goes much better if I can sit down from time to time. The cruise line is calling it a "strenuous" excursion, but as far as I can tell it's just because of this: Guests must be able to walk over uneven surfaces, with inclines and steps and extended periods of standing. So I'd hate to cancel if I don't have to ... has anybody done this excursion, either through a cruise line or just buying a day pass for the aquariums from Atlantis? Are there occasional benches to be found? Thanks in advance!
  11. George, my understanding was that the Mariner didn't have a suite restaurant. Can you tell me more about this?
  12. Bob, that's partly what I'm confused about ... some people say there is nothing, others say there's a small designated area with some loungers and a private buffet that you access with special armbands. Either way it doesn't sound like it would make or break the experience. 😉
  13. I just got a Royal Up invitation and I'm trying to decide on a strategy... I have sailed in Grand Suites in older ships before, and the pictures look pretty comparable so I have a pretty good idea about that. I know that the suites on the Explorer class ships don't have anywhere near the perks of the newer classes, but are there some I may not know about? I am Diamond so I do have access to some perks already. Also wondering about the suite area on Coco Cay, if anybody has experience with that. I currently have a corner aft balcony, so I'm quite content with what I already have, but it's the VERY FIRST CRUISE EVER for my new hubby, so I'd like to make it a great one. Or possibly a "Grand" one. 😉 Thanks in advance for any input!
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