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  1. I had the pleasure to be onboard the Regal Princess for 5 nights from Helsinki to Warnemünde (no, you can´t book it like this). I just started my review. It´s an extense photo review but the text is in German (google translates does usually quite a good job). Anyway because of the photos there´s no need of reading. Part 1 is a deck by deck review from deck 4 to 15 (except restaurants, bars, lounges - there will be two separate parts for restaurants and bars&lounges). Part 2 covers deck 16 to the top. There´s a new entry every day (til the end of the review). As for Ocean Medallion ... they had computer problems on the first day (so as an example our names didn´t show up on the screen at the door but the door opened). Nice... the first cocktail ordered via Ocean Now was free. I never got it working to locate my DH but he was able to locate me. Chat did work. Unfortuantely my medallion stopped working on day 4 and I got a regular card as replacement. I still was able to open the door but by holding the medallion on the sensor below the screen (same you have to do with a card). We first ordered bathrobes for our stateroom and then a cocktail. Worked pretty well. When we returned to our cabin the bathrobes were hanging in the bathroom. steamboats
  2. Yes, Vahaly is just building the steel part - so it´s sort of just a hull but painted and then it´s being towed to the Netherlands where it´s finished. But actually it´s not really a method of transportation. It´s just a method of construction. The steel work is done in one place and the interior work in another. Inbetween the ship is moved by towboats but stays on the Danube - Main - Rhine river system. steamboats
  3. Actually in all foreign countries you are required to have a proper ID with you. And ID means a document which allows you to travel within that foreign country. The only proper ID for traveling in Europe for a non European is a passport. Authorities (and especially police) must be able to check whether you do have a proper visa or are an illegal. Sure in most cases a copy might do the job but if they are picky they accompany you to the ship and ask you for retreiving your passport and hand it over for a check. And I don´t think you want to be accompanied onboard by local police. And sure it´s not very likely to be checked by the police. But there are situations... like any kind of accident... Fortunately as a European I can carry my ID card instead of my passport. But in the US I always have my passport with me. With the open borders in the Schengen community lots of people do forget that they do need a proper identification - especially for the kids. Actually it happend to me that we took a day trip to Salzburg (Austria) and just by the time we crossed the border it popped into my mind that I forgot my daughter´s ID card totally ignoring that we do cross the border for this trip. Fortunately we did not get into a control. I just heard the story of a family with a 2 yo being booked on a cruise. They arrived pretty late and then were totally surprised that they needed any kind of ID for the kid. They were not allowed to board (and no way to get one on short notice). Anyway, I travel with a fanny pack which holds my passport, money and cell phone. It´s a special travel one with a metal string inside so the belt arount my waist can´t be cut. The main compartment has a zipper which can be secured. So noone can open it easily. For shore trips I do not use a backpack just one of those string backpacks which shows that I don´t have any valuables inside. A bottle of water, a jacket, maybe an umbrella... that´s it. steamboats
  4. There are no river cruise ships built in Germany which are going on the Douro or Nile river. For both rivers the ships are built locally. I´ve been to a ship naming in Porto recently and the shipyard is on the coast of Portugal North of Porto. So the ship had to go over the Atlantic ocean to get to Porto. For all other European rivers (including the Po river in Italy) there are basically two different methods. As for the Neptun Werft in Warnemünde all ships built there do go under their own power through the Baltic Sea to the Kiel Kanal and then proceed on near the coast to the Rhine river (like all Viking longships). The boats are boarded up and are not allowed to carry passengers for those trips. A river cruise ship can go from Hamburg (Elbe river) through the Kiel Canal to Kiel with passengers. It´s not a very common itinerary but I saw the Excellence Coral last weekend in Kiel. On the Oder river the river cruise ships go out into the Baltic Sea for Stralsund with passengers. The other method of transportation is a special freight ship. There are ships which work more or less like a floating dock. So you can lower the ship into the water (submerge) and then a ship can go into that dock area. As soon as it´s in the dock part is going up again and the ship sits high and dry. These are also pretty common for sailing yachts to transfer them seasonally (let´s say between the Caribbean and the Med). Google for pictures "transport ship blue marlin". steamboats
  5. Here in Munich the Isar river is pretty high but we´re still on level 2. Passau is fine so far. Close to level 1 but they might not reach it. We have to wait until the water from the Isar river and others is reaching the Danube river. steamboats
  6. Here´s the article by my DH. It consists of 3 parts. Text is in German but google translate ususally works quite well. Lots of photos anyway plus 360° views. steamboats
  7. I´m cruising next week and I expect temps between 10 and 17°C and some rain. But you never know... steamboats
  8. The crew pretty likely will be Russian not from EU countries. Maybe Ukraine or Belarus. So Rubles will be o.k.. You will need them for purchases on land too. steamboats
  9. Yes, they decided against those gimmicks. They can be only used by a few passengers but take up a lot of space onboard. So they wanted to have this space for all passengers. steamboats
  10. Port to downtown in Palma is 3 Euro, port to airport is 5 Euro (see here). steamboats
  11. My DH had the pleasure to visit the Hanseatic nature on Saturday. Here is his article (3 parts, German - try google translate) including 360° photos of certain areas (12 360ies in part 2). And here´s the full photo gallery. steamboats
  12. For those who want to see more photos... Here are the ones taken by my DH. steamboats
  13. There has been a media event today onboard. And by now the ship should have been christened. The ceremony was held with crew only as a private event. The godmother is also a staff member of HL Cruises. steamboats
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