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  1. 25 m - same size as on all Mein Schiff ships (1 to 7 except Mein Schiff Herz). Cabins (ups, sorry, rooms) are a joke too! Looks more like a cheap hostel featuring IKEA. Adam Coulter sums it up nicely... see here. And despite their PR... no the ship does not feature the first tattoo parlor at sea. Mein Schiff 4 has one since last August (after testing it on Mein Schiff 2 in May). steamboats
  2. Actually according to the port website we were supposed to dock at Moll Adossat Terminal B. But they´ve changed it to the WTC. This was the pre inaugural of the Seven Seas Splendor from Civitavecchia to Barcelona. steamboats
  3. We took the ferry to Portovenere once and then did the 3 islands boat trip which was nice. You can see photos here. You have enough time to explore Portovenere including the historic fortress. steamboats
  4. Thanks all! The last and final entry - we disembark in Barcelona and explore the city walking 10 km. The cable car offers a nice photo opp of the ship. steamboats
  5. A day at sea - featuring the Gala Brunch, Afternoon Tea and a dinner at Chartreuse. steamboats
  6. Today´s entry is our port stop in Livorno featuring a shore tour to Lucca and a wine tasting. steamboats
  7. The part of my review about our trip to Lucca is online now. No need to read my German text, there are lots of photos to enjoy! steamboats
  8. First day onboard - featuring our dinner in Pacific Rim and the new show Crossroads. steamboats
  9. Last general entry is covering the suites which were open for viewing. All suite categories are covered (o.k. we left our the Concierge Suite as this was the category we were staying in). So tomorrow starts the day by day review of our short trip (and all those food and cocktail photos 😉 ). steamboats
  10. @notamermaid I´d be available too on March 23rd 🤣. But I fear they are looking for someone from the UK. steamboats
  11. As far as I remember taxis are available from the cruise terminal building as well as shared vans / mini busses. steamboats
  12. Yes, there´s a free port shuttle at the pier or tender stop and it goes to the cruise terminal building. It´s just inside the port area. steamboats
  13. Today´s entry covers our Concierge Suite with many details plus my humble try of a video walking through the suite. steamboats
  14. We had some hail and thunderstorms this night at 2 am (which woke me up). Currently we still have some nice wind gusts with rain and snow. steamboats
  15. Today´s part 4 is covering the bars and lounges and a little bit of entertainment. The Culinary Arts Kitchen and more photos of the two shows will be featured later when I cover the trip. steamboats
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