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  1. The one thing that I miss on Oceania, that is available on the mainstream lines, is the ability to have a "nightcap" snack after attending late shows...say some herbal tea, with a slice of cake or pie before retiring. I can get the tea in Horizon, but not any sweets. On the Insignia, Barista removes snacks at dinner time. I am hoping that the Barista on Vista offers them 24h, or at least until late night...
  2. Agreed…I noticed the reference to maybe expanding future new builds by a modest “5,6, or 7%”. And keeping the present space and staff to passenger ratio…🙂
  3. Astoria, Oregon port provides a free shuttle to downtown shopping district and on to the Maritime Museum. More fun is the nearby trolley car which runs all the way from the port area to 39th Street, stopping at every block, and narrated the whole way. Fare is only a dollar donation.
  4. I’m going to save that quote for the release of the 2026 itinerary…😉
  5. While I haven’t heard of any specific retirement dates for R class ships from “O” insiders, I did hear that they will not receive any more extensive drydockings from Oceania…only what is necessary to keep them going until sold/retired…
  6. IIRC, those two ships are U S built, hence could be re-registered as US, as I believe they originally were. Then they could do all sorts of coastal cruises along the Intracoastal Waterway to lots of ports that large ships can’t access, and no need to do closed loops or visits to near foreign ports. After the Great Lakes, they could do a series of New England, then reposition to Mid-Atlantic, and eventually around Florida to the Gulf Coast, to “follow the sun”. If they can make it on the rivers with US crews, they should be able to on coastal cruises as well. They could sail to New Orleans, and offer combination cruises with their riverboats. A little imagination in their marketing department is all that is required…🤔
  7. I don’t think so…why would they want to give up a niche in the cruise market? Would they elevate Oceania to Regent’s level, drop Regent to Oceania’s level, or bring them to somewhere between the two?
  8. I won’t take your bet, as nothing is ever for certain, and lots could happen…😉 As for filling the ship, other cruise lines have been doing that for years, with much larger ships, albeit usually on somewhat shorter ATW itineraries…
  9. Heard from an ‘O’ insider that for the 2026 ATW cruise, it will be on the Vista. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. I am not sure how that will impact itineraries or ports used.
  10. https://sewardcitytours.com/free-shuttle
  11. Seward, Alaska has a free shuttle making a loop from the cruise port to the ARR station, and various places around town…
  12. I hope our OCA was wrong, and you are correct, but since there will be an almost 2 year overlap of the old O Life and new Simply More programs, I would imagine they will differentiate the two, according to what you have. Some time in 2025, everyone will have the same. At least until they decide to make more changes…😉 By the way, ours is only 12 days, so no need for pro rating fares…
  13. Perhaps I should ask this on the Azamara forum, but I will try here… I recall when Azamara was spun off from Celebrity, to expand parent RCCL’s market coverage. But why did they end up divesting it? Subsequently, they acquired Silversea, but they are more like Regent’s niche.
  14. Got the answer later today from the O Club Ambassador… On the free cruise, one cannot receive O Life, or even Simply More perks, even though the latter is now included for full fare paying passengers…
  15. Interesting…I am in the same situation. My milestone cruise is already booked for this December, and wonder if It would make any difference in the total cost if I changed it from “cruise only” to “simply more” (if that’s even allowable on a free cruise)? The difference might be in the not included port taxes and fees, if those went up along with the fare increase.🤔
  16. So…they’ve known this since at least March 28th, and still (July 1st), they have not officially notified me… Doesn’t instil much confidence in the viability of this company…🤔🙄.
  17. Granted that Oceania holds a unique niche that measures “just right”, on most things for most of the people on this board. But if it is just food you are comparing, the lower fares would allow you to select a specialty restaurant on the lower priced lines every night. IMHO, NCL’s “Cagney’s Steakhouse” is at least as good as Polo…🤷‍♂️
  18. Or, you can switch to a cruise line with lower fares, and “a la carte” pricing, paying extra only for those things of value to you, and not “subsidising” those that are not…
  19. We have had two different CD’s on our ATW cruise, and both (with humour), emphasise that using electronic devices will not be tolerated. So far, it has not been a problem, and all of the players (as many as 21 teams of up to 8!), seem to really enjoy it…
  20. What I am disappointed in, is that after promptly answering your inquiry, I have heard nothing further from you. Further, my travel agent reached out to your office, and after almost a week, also has not received a reply to his inquiry…🙁
  21. I can’t fairly judge, as I haven’t been on Regent yet. I can only compare the online brochures where the lowest to highest cabins on each line are shown. Regent doesn’t have anything less than a large balcony (no insides or ocean views), and their largest and most lavish suites are simply “over the top”. It puzzles me that that their service doesn’t seem to measure up to your expectations…but again, I haven’t been aboard Regent, and do have to agree with you that Oceania’s stewards are excellent.🙂
  22. Ray did most of the ceremony, but the Captain made the final official pronouncement.🙂
  23. There’s no need for that…Oceania’s grilled hot dogs are just fine, as they are…😉
  24. On the Vista Dec 18 - 30? Betsy and I are on that one…hope you join us! Betsy says, hi!
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