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  1. It depends on what country issued your passport. Although most times, cruise passengers are exempt. You really need to contact the Embassy of the each country you are visiting to ask them. Except for Schengen zone, which is much of EU. There are unified rules for all Schengen countries.
  2. The nice thing when I fly UA is, I am Million Miler, which gives me lifetime Gold, which gives me free Economy Plus, from booking. 🙂 And I have to thank the merger for making Million Miler.
  3. But they kept the CO reservation system (and the change over was HORRIBLE). And the CO FF numbers. So maybe on the pilot side UA took over. On the passenger side, mainly CO. Funny thing is, I flew with some guys who hired on with People's Express in the early days to get an airline job. They are now United pilots. 😄 But a friend of mine, started his airline career on DC-3s. With North Central, that merged into Republic, that merged into NorthWest. He from from DC-3s to 747s. 😄
  4. No a good one is memorable. I can remember Evangeline. But I remember nothing about the last one, other than he was male.
  5. We prefer a sea day for a nice breakfast on the balcony, watching the sea go by.
  6. I started another thread on this topic. For our July 2020 (yes, a YEAR away), they are showing $1299 for Chill Island and Oasis cabanas. CRAZY I see, my thread got merged with this one.
  7. If you are sailing on HAL, why are you asking the RCI section????
  8. Towels are available at the pool station on the pool deck. They scan your SeaPass card for the towels. If you do not return them, they charge you $25 per towel. Only bath towels in the room. Pool towels are blue. Bath towels are white.
  9. Yes, the CRUISE LINE does. The countries do not.
  10. Yes, funny thing, also on Grandeur. She was our steward the next year and virtually the same cruise, in the same cabin (so far 3 cruises in that cabin, and 2 more booked). She saw us coming down the hall and ran to give us hugs on the second cruise. Unfortunately, she was not on our 3rd cruise, and had said before, that after the contract she was on for our 2nd cruise, she was not coming back. We hope she changed her mind. The steward for the 3rd cruise was OK, but in comparison to Evangeline, not that great.
  11. I agree that MOST do. But of course, when you need it to, it will not. Pesky guy named Murphy. 😄
  12. In your case, I would tell them. But many US credit card companies say THEY NOT NEED TO BE TOLD. And they will not shut off your card for use in another country, unless that use seems odd (say buying pet supplies in another country, when you don't buy pet supplies). But some people here, still feel more comfortable telling the company that tells them to not tell them. 🙂
  13. Interesting, as I bank with USAA. But I don't use my debit card that much overseas. Not as bad as the one I posted. They turned off my WORK TRAVEL CARD as I paid a hotel bill in one county in the morning and tried to check into a hotel in another country that evening. AIRPLANES allow that. 😄
  14. I may or may not tip the porters. They are union longshoremen and make as much or more money that I do. Some people don't believe this, and are free to tip. But it has been verified by Cheng75, who has worked cruise ships as a Chief Engineer. To be clear, I am talking about those that take your bags and put them on the carts when you arrive. And they move the carts to the security screening, then onto the ship. Once on the ship, the crew distributes the bags to the cabins, NOT the porters. The porters who will take you bags from the luggage area when you disembark are different. They are porters and should be tipped.
  15. Funny, I am a Million Miler on United. And used to fly Continental a lot, but racked up my miles on them to my Delta or United account. But the former United people I talk to, talk about how much Continental took over things. 🙂 I was a fan of both airlines. Both treated customers, especially Elite ones, well. But, like every airline "merger", two great airlines get together and become idiots. 😞 I was hoping the US Air/American one would take two bad airlines and make a good one, but nope, they just stayed bad. Maybe worse. I met an AA FA recently, and she will not even fly her own airline, except to work
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