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  1. The problem in the US is two fold. One is security. Ports are like airports, most of it off limits to everyone except cleared employees. The second is safety. They are busy places with lots of things moving around. And they are typically not insured for visitors.
  2. I was just checking, as now BC will only provide 90 days per year of Ambien. And I use it due to frequent international travel. So I was pricing it through GoodRX. And one local pharmacy $62 for a refill. Another is $8.96. Another prescription would be $265 at one pharmacy, at another $21.36. So it may be possible to use GoodRX or similar, and just buy a month of two of your meds. Might not work for all of them, but might help out some. Of course, your doctor would need to provide additional prescriptions.
  3. There are a lot of people like that. And there are a lot of people who will not accept any debt and only work, and plan on having fun when they retire. My FIL was like that. Ran a country store, worked 6.5 days a week. NEVER took a vacation. NEVER took time off. When he retired, his wife was not doing well, so he had to stay home and take care of her. When she got bad enough she had to be in a nursing home, 2 weeks later, he fell and broke his hip. Next morning, they got him up for PT, to had a clot break loose, and had a stroke. He never got to do ANY of his plans. You have got to have a balance in life.
  4. In many areas, and not just 3rd world, larger cities and town do not treat waste water before it goes into the ocean. A few miles from the city or town, the water it typically fine. The open ocean is a different situation.
  5. SRF

    greek islands

    When we were on Mykonos (for a week), we asked, and were told last two weeks of September. Still nice weather, warm water, and most places are still open. First of Oct, many places shut down for the off season. And a LOT less tourists. Season "starts" beginning of April, but probably half the places were not yet open. Very few tourists. But the water is COLD. The weather is quite nice. One day, we went to Fokos Beach, and had the entire beach to ourselves.
  6. Also, if MSC has a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter), post it there. It gets more attention there.
  7. SRF

    Real ID

    I always smile, ask how their day is going and get a smile and thank you most times.
  8. SRF

    Real ID

    I smile and say thank you, and talk to the Target (and other) cashiers all the time. And they smile and speak to me. Amazing how, if you treat people like human beings, you get treated that way back.
  9. SRF

    Real ID

    It would take several people. The documents are checked at the check in counter. Then when you present it to the person who really examines them. Then they are scanned into the system. So there are records of who scanned and said they were all right. And I am sure there is an additional audit process. So it would have to be at least two at the given DMV, then any number of auditors.
  10. I have never had a pre-authorization on a credit card take days to go away. As soon as the same vendor charges the card, the pre-auth goes away. The problem is with DEBIT cards and way that holds work. With a debit card, it can seem that the card is charged twice. Because of the way that holds work. This seems to be what happened to the OP, as he got a statement from RCI, took that to the bank, and they released the hold.
  11. It depends. How many in your party? What are you looking for? How much are they selling for? What is your personal spending ability? On an upcoming cruise, the South Beach cabanas are $1699. A bit steep for me for 2 people.
  12. Other versions - https://www.chex.com/recipes/?chex-mix The Hot and Spicy seems to be the same as the commercial Bold version
  13. Last cruise we booked 3 night dining on board. It was offered for $65 less 15% discount. Pre-cruise was $79. So onboard was cheaper. Also, if you book pre-cruise, they make your first night on board reservation at a restaurant of their choice. You have to deal with changing. On board, you can book whenever you want.
  14. Last time we were there (Aug 2018), you paid and got a wrist band that locked and unlocked. It was not keyed to any specific locker. Pick one, lock it, then your band would unlock it. Then you could move to a different open one, in any area.
  15. That is NOT true. You get a pin on your next cruise. 😄 We sail in suites, so even making Diamond does little.
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