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  1. Not cruise related, but I was in Phnom Pehn Cambodia for work. The person I was working with me, contacted me the week before and asked it I would be interested in dinner with her and her husband that day I arrive. I said sure. So they picked up me for dinner, and there was another woman in the car. My contact asked if I minded if her boss came along. And I said no problem. When we got to dinner, the boss and I started the where are you from game. She said Maryland. I said, where, I live in MD. She named a nearby town, about 8 - 10 miles away, on the water. I said we had kept our sailboat in that town. She asked which marina. I told her, and she said she worked there in High School. I told her the boat's name and slip, and she remembered it. Then she mentioned an incident she had, and I realized I remembered her two. Nothing like finding someone from 12 years before half way around the world.
  2. I met a cruising couple that live near me before a cruise. We got along well. Saw them in the cruise, and have kept in touch.
  3. For our March 2021 cruise, no beverage packages, but some limited (3 or 4 per port) excursions already up and available. I am not worried, I have 3 cruises booked between now and then to deal with. 😄
  4. Wuhan is a city of 11.8 million people. Less than 1000 cases so far. AFAIK, all the cases in other countries are from people who were in Wuhan recently. Just some things to think about.
  5. I have run into multi generation RCI crew. Grandfather or grandmother or both, were and may be are crew. Father/mother are crew. And several kids are crew. That does not happen if they are not being paid fairly well to THIER standards. Realize that in many countries, monthly salaries are in the low 3 digits. As in less than $500 per month. And in some, less than that PER YEAR for a family.
  6. Very few chargers alone are surge protected. It is more a problem with extension cords with multi outlets. And some mulit outlet adapters.
  7. I would not say it is common. But it does happen. From - https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=760:
  8. And for EXTRA CREDIT, which windows are open and which are not?
  9. That is in the case of a person against person issue, without death involved. You punch me, I decline to press charges, no trial. You kill me, you go to trial.
  10. It should not matter. As long as the actually spelling is correct. I am a Junior, and some reservations systems used to not have a suffix field, and their name fields would not accept a space. So my last name became Jonesjr (example, my last name is not Jones 🙂 ). Or course my passport and DL show the name the normal way, Jones Jr.
  11. FYI, these is no "US Department if Immigration." There used to be the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), but when Department of Homeland Security was formed, it was taken in and split between Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  12. There is a small world thread floating about CC somewhere.
  13. Check other threads. If you leave auto grats in place, and tip extra in cash, the worker gets to keep it. If you remove auto grats, they have to turn them in, and they go into the pool with the auto grats.
  14. Different standards. Criminal - Beyond All Reasonable Doubt Civil - Preponderance of the Evidence. 100% versus 51%
  15. HOW do you know that??????? Most have stated that it is a POSSIBILITY. Not that it was definite thing. You find it hard to believe, because you are a reasonable person. There ARE some very bad people in the world.
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