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  1. Why? Once the vaccine is available, it is up to YOU to decide if you want to risk not having it or taking it. Just like they do not require Polio, Hep (A or B), measles, etc to travel. Yellow fever is required by countries without Yellow Fever trying to keep it out. There is no country without COVID, so no reason to try to keep it out. As for the availability, Astra Zenica reported a couple of months ago, they are planning on having 300 million doses ready in the US by September.
  2. It is also not as simple as just putting a HEPA filter into the duct. The higher the level of filtration, the higher the pressure drop and flow drop. So the system may only be able to move 1/2 to 1/3 the air it did before. Which means, the AC does not work well, so the entire ship is very hot and humid. Also, high back pressures can cause issues with the fans and motors. Systems need to be designed from scratch for HEPA filtration. And again, it does not help when in a the MDR or theater and you are close to people.
  3. The same with the face coverings that people are wearing. They do NOT protect the person wearing them. They are to protect infected people from infecting others. And the issue with caught particles is the same with any of the face coverings/masks.
  4. Partly by deceptive advertising practices. They actually caused a law to be passed to stop them. They started by only advertising the airfare, and not the actual cost of the ticket. And all their fares were advertised as one way. People thought they were so cheap because of this, and fly them without comparing prices. There is a reason they will not allow their fares to be listed on the fare comparison sites. A couple of years ago, a friend was looking at flying from San Diego to Minneapolis for a gathering. She was looking at SW, since they are cheap. When she told me the fare, I checked Delta and found that Delta was over $200 cheaper. And had non-stop flights, instead of having to change planes. Years ago I loved the billboard outside BWI about flights to Nashville for $79.95. One way. Plus fees and taxes. Actual price was around $240 or more round trip. I would just shake my head when heading to my Delta flight, at $135 per person round trip (actual cost) and being upgraded to First class. 😄
  5. There are several factors. If you are traveling from the US to CDG and then to another Schengen destination, then you must clear immigration in Paris. So that will add a delay. You will not need to collect your bags like in the US. If you are connecting to a non-Schengen destination, you will not have to clear immigration, so it a much quicker connection. In Paris, you may have to change terminals, which increases the time needed. Amsterdam, you do not need to change physical terminals, but the walk from one gate to another gate may take some time. If you are mobility challenged, let the airline know so they can provide transport. I try to leave a minimum of 2 hours connecting time in Paris. I will accept shorter in Amsterdam.
  6. REALLY? How many times have you connected? And the part in Red, do you know that the official minimum connecting time for Charles de Gaulle is 45 minutes. Yes, they WILL book you with a 45 minute connecting time. Unless you have special status, you will typically spend more than 45 minutes in the line for immigration
  7. Nope, but my Mother was from there, and most of my living close relatives are there. I get out there every few years. If not spam, the Portagee sausage for breakfast HMM, I may have to fix one of the two for lunch. 😄
  8. Oh yes, spam musubi. YUMMY I also do spam, eggs, and rice for breakfast.
  9. I really wonder about a source that lists "Overhead" and includes salaries, fuel, and food.
  10. If 75% of the population gets the vaccine, then it is likely we will attain herd immunity, when added to the natural immunity from those how got it. And if 75% of the cruising population gets the vaccine, and 100% of the crew (the cruise lines will likely require crew to get it), then it doesn't matter if someone boards who could transmit. That is the whole point of herd immunity. The probability that someone who is transmitting it meeting someone susceptible is very low. So maybe one or two might get it, but it does not run out of control.
  11. This method is very interesting. And showing some real promise. It and a couple of others were scheduled to start Phase 3 testing last week.
  12. There are a few out there using some newer methods of producing the vaccine, so not quite a tweek. But many of them are the same basic vaccine production done for many other vaccines.
  13. You are incorrect. Herd immunity IS the goal. A vaccine allows you to reach herd immunity without the health care costs of everyone getting sick and reduces the number of die to reach it. A vaccine works by making enough people immune to make the person to person transmission rare, ie herd immunity.
  14. Astra Zenica has already stated in a press release that they will have about 300 million doses available in the US by September.
  15. Positive antibody test does not guarantee immunity. That is one of the major questions about this virus. They have not proven that having antibodies actually means you are immune. Or even if it does, what level of antibodies is needed to get immunity. If having antibodies does not mean immunity, the world is in for a rough ride.
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