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  1. Actually I would prefer that they NOT use Starbucks beans. 😄
  2. I would say, around the world on Queen Mary, in the one of the aft facing two floor suites, complete with butler. Depends on your income if it is affordable. It must be for some people. I think, last time I checked, it as only $155,000 per person.
  3. Really???? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/cruise-ship-port-arrival-time Why?
  4. That is the part that comes into play. But a government photo ID (DL) with the same birth date, and a similar enough name, might be enough. Such as taking your maiden name as your middle name. So your first, maiden last, and birthday all are the same. BUT..... 😄 Like the Scouts say, Be Prepared
  5. Shop around. I have found virtually the same tour, booked directly was actually a few dollars MORE than the RCI price. Not often, but it can happen.
  6. Wrong. Grand Suites and above are ONLY non-refundable. Jr suites and lower categories are available both ways.
  7. When we cruised with my parents, my Dad had one of the walkers with a seat. They offered wheelchair boarding, so we did. Once on board, he used his walker. Many do rent scooters.
  8. No thanks. I don't have one in my home, and don't want one in my room when on vacation. Even without all the stories of screwups
  9. www.visahq.com It takes you country of citizenship and your destination and tells you if you need a visa. If there is an exemption for cruise passengers (many times to typical cruise countries) it will show to the left. But to be SURE, contact the Embassy or Consulate of each country you will be visiting.
  10. Hmm, when we had a PO Box for our company, anyone with key could get the mail. If there was too much for the box, they would leave a slip in the box. If you had the slip (meaning you had a key to the box) they would give you the mail. And there was no need to have someone else pick it up, they just held the box mail.
  11. That is what I would do. Just forward to the box while traveling, remove forward when you are home.
  12. If you ask in the section for your cruise line, people may have cruise newsletters from a similar cruise. However, many details will change from cruise to cruise, and especially from cruise director to cruise director. So they are only a guide to types of things there are.
  13. See, I do this all the time. You get the perks from the cruise line and perks from the TA. Although some TAs will give you a bit less for doing it this way. Mine does not change whether I book direct or through the TA. You have a certain amount of time after making the booking to transfer it.
  14. No Pre-Chek, because TSA does not do boarding security. CBP does do immigration, so some ports do have Global Entry.
  15. On board, the bars operate like a bar on land, that order from a supplier. So one bar might be out of something, because they did not order what they needed. And it seems that they cannot just call and get it immediately. They have to order through their system, and comes at a specific time. More likely, he misunderstood his supervisor about the whole ship being out when he was told that the bar was out.. Although, two years ago, it seems Grandeur sailed with two partial bottles of cachaca. Used to make cairpirihnas. First the pool bar ran out. I had seen a bottle in the Viking Crown bar, and eventually (next day), it was brought to the pool. When that ran out, that was IT. I was amazed as both cachaca and caipirihns are listed in the printed menu. And strangely, they did not even grab a couple of bottles or a case when we were in port.
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