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  1. I read somewhere, that if you sawed the roof off of a new Mini, and removed all the interior bits, an original Mini would fit into the passenger compartment. Same with the old and new Fiat 500.
  2. Hmm, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is an amusement park that opening 1843. yes, EIGHTEEN forty three.
  3. Unless it is part of the terms on conditions in your cruise contract. SOME cruise lines require a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity. Not a requirement of the ports, but of the CRUISE LINE.
  4. No, if the airline boards you and you do not meet the stated entry requirements, they are responsible for getting you out of the country that does not let you in. So the airline does not check for a visa, and you need one, and do not have it, the airline is on the hook. If there is some other reason you are not allowed to enter, then you are on your own.
  5. That might be an issue as many consular sections are US Embassies are still shut down
  6. The FDA approved advanced production, before testing is completed. Astra Zenica stated months ago that they would have 300 million doses available by the end of September. So it approved in October, it will be available to everyone who wants it, as soon as they can ship it.
  7. Except this one is not PLAYING First. Only AT First.
  8. Pneumonia is not pneumonia. That is why there are two current vaccines. One protects against 13 (Prevnar 13, 13, get it. 🙂 ) varieties of causative agents. And Pneunovax 23, which protects against 23 varieties. And the two are needed to protect against all possible strains.
  9. But then everything will have the current name, so NO chance of needing the ID to match and have the wrong ID at the time.
  10. What I don't understand is, they drive on the left, but take the right hand escalator.
  11. I have never understood why women expect men to remember to put the seat down. But they cannot remember to CHECK before they sit??????
  12. Sorry, the engineer in me looks at this and says that they are in the WRONG ORDER Roy G Biv. 😄
  13. You do not have just a virus in the air. You have a virus particle in a droplet.
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