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  1. The things I make well, I make VERY well. But, in most cases, I prefer to have someone else make it, clean up after, serve it, and deal with the dirty dishes.
  2. I can't take Phenylephrine, due to a reaction. I am fine for a day or two, but why bother. I am NOT a fan of acetaminophren. Highly hepatotoxic (liver). A couple of extra strength, and a drink or two, you can end up with terminally damaged liver.
  3. My TA provides OBC. The amount is directly related to the final cruise fare. So if the cruise fare goes down, I get that savings, but I get less OBC. 🙂
  4. Sort of Southern. 😄 YES, when a Southern says, Bless your heart, LOOK OUT. 😄
  5. Actually, just pointing out that I typically carry 3 IDs that would allow me to board a domestic flight.
  6. I have used my passport for ID domestically also. It is a Government issued ID. 🙂 But, most times, for domestic only, I just use my DL. I have not, but my ex has used her Gov ID. One agent got bent out of shape that her reservation did not match her DL (she did not use her first name). And her work had made the travel arrangements, so did not use her first name. So she pulled out her Gov ID, which did not have her first name. Agent blustered that TSA would not accept that. We just smiled. Ex worked at DHS headquarters. I don't think any TSA agent would try to say a DHS ID was not acceptable. 😄
  7. Where in the south? Or you would make a sweet comment, such as, "Isn't that DARLING." With a BIG insincere smile. My ex was famous for saying that the time to watch out was when she started smiling and being EXCESSIVELY nice. 😄
  8. He has never said that he is a gentleman. 😄
  9. Bottom line, denied boarding, for what ever reason, you have to file a claim with your insurance. No insurance? No claim. Look up the stories about people denied boarding for not having their documents. Or not having a state issued birth certificate.
  10. It is not necessarily your time in port. Will you just arrive in port? Or will you do a partial transit of the canal?
  11. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Panama.html "VACCINATIONS: Yellow fever for passengers entering from countries with endemic yellow fever"
  12. Hmm, I would check with the cruise line about taking a non-direct relative minor out of the country. I thought that a passport was required.
  13. Yes, as everyone has stated, I agree that passports are smart when traveling. But NOT required for your cruise. Your choice. Personally, I have not been without a passport since 1978.
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