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  1. There is an “Infinity” pool on the back spa deck on Splendor but no hot tub.
  2. Either way the pier in the city of Barcelona is closed to cruise ships. It was still a walk into town especially if it is rainy or hot. A shuttle is appreciated from either docking location.
  3. Sailing into and out of New York is always an experience!
  4. No scooters in aisles on Splendor. You should be able to charge in your “suite” especially if you have an accessible suite.
  5. We are on Splendor right now and we have caffeine free Diet Coke in our refrigerator. We requested it before the cruise.
  6. So sorry for your husband’s cancer and heart attack. We are on the Splendor right now but will be leaving the ship in Barcelona. Quite a few passengers are continuing on to Rome so hopefully you will get someone posting.
  7. We really enjoyed Earth and Ocean on the Venture. It was perfect when we wanted something quick and light. We were usually content with the smoked chicken salad and the baked Brie. Hope they don’t ever plan to eliminate it on the Expedition ships.
  8. Was this in Greenland? In Greenland several long and arduous hikes were included as part of the landings. You did not have to take the hikes but if you are looking for something strenuous they are available in Greenland.
  9. We are on the Splendor right now. It is freezing inside the ship so the only way to be comfortable at dinner is to wear a sweater or a sports coat. The only sweaters left in the store are “small” or “xxlarge” so you will not find one to purchase on the ship. Pack something warm to wear.
  10. She is not that large. The Elizabeth is 90,000 tons and carries 2000 passengers. She is one of the smaller cruise ships, Vista class. We docked next to the Quantum of the Seas, 250,000 tons and almost 7000 passengers.
  11. Book your own hotel, especially one you would like to try. The Marriott brands let you cancel up to 24 hrs. before your stay and I assume others also allow this. If you like what Regent offers when they get around to it you can cancel the reservation you made.
  12. When you in Kona, since you are overnight, you might want to travel to the top of Mona Kea. It is the tallest mountain on the earth and there are a bunch of observatories up there. You can drive or take a tour to the top, unforgettable views especially at sunset. We went with a guide and were allowed into an observatory.
  13. Be aware, you will have a much different group of passengers on a short cruise. You will have more folks focused on having a great time in a short time. Regular sailing have a more sedate group of passengers.
  14. We only were required to wear the Seabourn boots when we had “wet landings”. This was in Greenland. There were several long hikes, one for 7+ hours in Nuuk. Others were 2 or 3 hours. The Antarctic may be different because of wildlife. We were near Musk Ox and saw one polar bear. We always had a guide with a gun if it was needed for the polar bears.
  15. When you are booked in a Regent hotel is breakfast included? We will be at the Intercontinental in Miami.
  16. We are probably older than you guys and we found the loungers in the Retreat very comfortable. Loved the sofa and the dining room table. The lounges had cushions, didn’t you like them?
  17. The Edition is the most expensive hotel in Reykjavik and it is not in the most convenient location. We were happy with the Apotek, the Borg and the Parliament Hotel. All are conveniently located with good restaurants and shopping in walking distance. They are a very short distance from the pier.
  18. Am I understanding you were allowed to have guests in Luminae for no extra charge?? We were always charged for guests so I will now send an email to the CEO and complain.
  19. This thread should be retitled as stockholder’s benefits OBC has NOT been discontinued!
  20. We were instructed to hang onto the ropes, but this was on a Greenland Expedition. Is it different in other areas?
  21. It makes sense to take large groups, especially revenue generating travel agents on the ships. We have been onboard when they had other large groups and it just took the sky lounge offline for a few hours. We have also had bad experiences with large family groups/reunions. They were very loud in all venues and each one had a special diet. Service suffered. Better if they charter the whole ship but them there would be complaints of cancelled bookings.
  22. We are leaving the end of March on the Grandeur and are in the Intercontinental in Miami.
  23. You need to be able to hold on to the ropes when you are underway. This requires some strength in your hands and arms. Don’t forget waterproof gloves and pants.
  24. Can’t say we would enjoy outdoor dining in the Mediterranean. In recent years it has been way too hot for us and we welcome air conditioning especially while eating.
  25. My first cruise, as a very young child, was on the Ocean Monarch in Dec 1962. There was one restaurant, a buffet was held once during the cruise in the indoor promenade. Believe they also had a midnight buffet in the main restaurant. We then sailed on Canadian Pacific, Increas, Swedish American, and Cunard. Those were great days and there were no kids club so you made your own fun. One memorable activity when we bugged a sailor was sanding the rails. We were each given a piece of paper and a bucket of sand and told to have fun!
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