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  1. LauraS was quoting someone else, but same comment, I am sure that the same reply applies. A year or two ago I was following a discussion on the Photo board, topic was what gear to take on a cruise to such-and-such a destination. One CC member listed out the shelves of gear he has and which items he travels with. Hmm, I thought. So he has these multiple thousands of dollars worth of gear, most of that is at home in an empty house when he travels, we know at least when he cruises, someone could go help themselves... I took about 10 minutes and I was able to find his real name, his ad
  2. I do hope anybody zooming, particularly for social/family stuff, is using Celebrity’s poolside backdrop or the martini bar...
  3. mmeg29 - I don't think we are seeing a mutated strain of virus, but rather a backsliding population. Too many being too careless. And then there are those who care less. A friend had a local appliance shop send guys out to do annual furnace maintenance. They didn't wear masks. She said nothing, kept her distance from them. But later she got more and more irritated at herself and the company, and went to their store. Spoke to the clerk (who was maskless), got the manager to come out. Also without a mask on. She started by complimenting the work accomplished, and then asked why he wasn't wearing
  4. We are booked for our first Windstar Cruise(s) January 16 2021 from San Juan, returning to and departing from San Juan Jan 23, returning to and departing from San Juan Jan 30, returning to San Juan and disembarking Feb 6. The first two weeks are booked as one two-week voyage, and then the third week is booked as a single week. A. As I understand the CDC guidelines, you may only be doing one-week cruises. Would this impact our two-week + one-week = three-week trip? B. If you will be requiring testing/screening before each embarkation, how will that be handled for those like us who emb
  5. As my Grandma used to say: God willing and the creek don't rise... We are booked for our first Windstar. January, 2021. Three weeks total, booked as a two-week trip followed by a one-week trip. The FAQs say: --- When does my status get updated and my benefits go into effect?Your Yacht Club status is updated as of October 5, and going forward, the day after you complete your qualifying cruise. --- I am mildly curious to know whether the points I earn on the first week or the first two weeks will give me any benefits during that third week. We had a similar situation on
  6. 1. Waterline. In the drawing we see the whole height from keel to mast top. The actual ship in the water appears shorter because we don't see all the way down. 2. As you pointed out, more open deck atop, so that area is less visible and doesn't contribute to an impression of height. 3. Same is true in the stern. Artist's rendition makes that area look closed in, photo makes it seem open, almost as though it weren't there, thus reducing the height visually. 4. I saw the brief video of the ship headed out on it's first sea trial. My only thought was "I want to be there!"
  7. We were scheduled for a cruise starting 11-20-2020. That was cancelled when Windstar announced a general shutdown through the rest of the year. Today we heard from our TA, she sent a copy of the FCC notice she received on our booking. Don’t know how long a Refund would have taken, but the FCC turnaround was quite swift. And they applied the 125% calculation to everything we had paid, no exclusion for taxes etc. Unlike other companies.
  8. Thanks for the info! I have not used the shareholder perk but plan to. From what I saw on the website I had assumed that one needed to apply close to the sail date. And after all, what if they give me credit now, and then I sell the stock? Anyway, I’ll file the request for a few 2021 cruises and see what happens...
  9. Deck 3 or 4 depending. Depending on proportion of Select vs. Fixed. Wine service always has been good with Fixed, we’ve never done select. With Fixed we would often have the Sommalier waiting with open bottle of our preferred tipple.
  10. As one who has always traveled Concierge on Celebrity, I value that MDR lunch. The alternative is to join the mass feeding in the Oceanview, never pleasant, an even worse idea in today’s Social Distancing environment. The issue is not clean ship vs. lunch, the issue is that we are offered a perk, and so the assigned check in should allow us time to use that perk. The airline can figure out that their revised schedule has us arriving in ATL 30 minutes after our connecting flight leaves. Celebrity should be able to figure out when to board us so as to allow us time to enjoy the promised lunch.
  11. You mention the train from Venice to Rome. Trains! A European reality that must be experienced! I remember a train north out of Cardiff on a Saturday afternoon, in a compartment with a drunk Welshman who spent the entire three hour journey ranting about the British, with occasional breaks to ask “You are not Bloody Brits are you!?!” The high speed train from Madrid to Barcelona, watching the speed indicator at the front of the compartment approaching 300/kph. But the real gem was the early morning train from Stockholm to Oslo. We had a stop about an hour into the trip, small town. Five couples
  12. I totally agree. What you can see from a cruise stop is at best a sampler. I have nothing against the big cities, I've spent a week in Rome, 10 days in Naples, 2 weeks ± in/around Venice, 4 days in Florence (followed by a leisurely drive down to Civitavecchia for a cruise), 7-10 days in Paris, etc. I wouldn't recommend that anybody go to New York City or Miami or D.C. or San Francisco for a quick stop any more than I would recommend the big cities in Europe as a quick drive through. But the first timer needs to start somewhere! Reading travel books, and travel guide books, is one way to get a
  13. I greatly appreciate your occasional posting here, particularly the insights you have provided about the recent COVID-19 drama on Hurtigruten. I selfishly hope the situation will evolve in a way that allows me and my friends to take a planned trip on Hurtigruten in 2022, and I look forward to more of your reporting. I don’t believe the cruise industry nor any company within the industry is “evil”, but clearly every company has decision makers setting policy and directing operations, and some such individuals are motivated more by greed than by concern for clients. That sort of business mode
  14. You want to “do” Europe. Why? Seriously, why do you want to go there? Think ahead to the time you are back home with friends/family/workplace colleagues and you are talking about your Europe trip. Do you think you’ll be happiest, most pleased to share, your memories and stories of the people you met? The sidewalk cafes? The museums? The architecture? The topless beaches? The farmhouses? The street markets? The rip-off fashion-bag-clone sales deals at every corner? The ancient sites and sights? You really can’t do Europe any more than you can do any country within Europe or any State in the U.S
  15. I had booked a b2b for Jan-Feb 2020, but I had already switched that reservation to something else long before COVID just because of airfare cost. We have had some time in Australia adjunct to work trips. So my notion was to fly to NZ, a few days there for initial exploration and time-zone adjustments, then cruise to Australia and then back, stay another 7-10 days in NZ before flying home. The b2b, among other advantages, would have had two shots at good weather for the sail-by days in southern NZ. Plus of course some good sea days which we enjoy. I hope to revisit this plan in another ye
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