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  1. I did just make Final payment, a couple of weeks early. I also made reservations for 2-3 weeks in January out of San Juan. If November- December is cancelled, I’ll roll the FCC to January. If January is also cancelled, I’ll push the FCC further out.
  2. Don't forget Puerto Rico. Star Breeze scheduled to arrive in San Juan Dec 13 2020 (with me aboard), then will be doing a series of 1-2 week Caribbean cruises. Wouldn't San Juan fall under the CDC rules? By the way, my travel agent checked on possible changes in Final Payment deadlines; she was told that the 90 day rule is still in effect except for selected cruises. Stan
  3. So far I have tried the lift-shift option for three cruises. Two accepted, one not accepted. The rejected one did not meet their parameters, no luck on appeal. Oh well. So I took FCC on the April 2020 cancelled cruise, applied it to a booking for October 2021. TN Spartan, my suggestion for how to proceed in your case. First, make a refundable reservation for the cruise you want to take in 2021. Do that sooner than later, lock in the 4 cabins you want. Also, make your Final payment on 2020 booking. Several possibilities after that... What if A? Your 2020 cruise does not get cancelled? Take your 2020 cruise, enjoy! Decide while onboard whether to keep your 2021 booking or to cancel for a refund. or What if B1? Your 2020 cruise does get cancelled by Celebrity? Take the 125% FCC and apply it to your amount due on 2021. or What if B2? Your 2020 cruise does get cancelled by Celebrity? Take the $$$ refund, put it in the bank, and use the funds next year as Final payment approaches for the 2021 cruise. The choice for B1 vs. B2 would depend on how much if at all the prices for next year go up. That extra 25% might be enough to make up any difference... Stan
  4. Slightly off topic - my airfare refund experience... We were scheduled for a 4-16 October cruise from Boston. I had booked tickets on Delta directly, using their miles+$$ option. Yesterday I called to cancel. Worked through the phone response system, got to a queue for talking to a real person, took the option to have them call me back in 24 minutes. About 23 minutes later they called, the rep asked a few questions, verified that I wanted to cancel for both of us, told me the new balance on my Miles account following the “refund.” Done. Took about one minute. Stan
  5. First, I tried to lift/shift to either of two itineraries that were almost but not exactly the same as the cancelled cruise. No go. But second, note that you get 125% FCC of what you have paid, NOT 125% of the cruise fare (unless of course you made final payment.) The way it has been working out, cancellations have been happening after final payment, but still something to keep in mind. One of my August cruises was cancelled before I made Final, so the 125% didn’t amount to much.
  6. I sent an email asking about the situation a few weeks ago. No reply. I haven’t pushed it, have other things to focus on right now, and our cruise isn’t scheduled until 2022. Still not pleased with the change and the total lack of information. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. As Harz99 commented, yes this is consistent. If you cancel with a NRD, normally you would lose the NRD. If you make a change in a reservation with a NRD, (e.g., different ship, different dates) normally you would pay a $100 change fee. Under the changed policies for now, if you cancel or change, you do not lose the NRD, but rather it stays on your account as 100% FCC for use later with no change fee penalty. But let's say you stick with your booking, make final payment, and then Celebrity cancels the cruise. That is the situation where 125% FCC becomes an option. They allow you to claim a 100% refund (including your NRD) or 125% FCC if they cancel. There are variations and I am interested to see how things will play out in my own case. My October 2020 cruise was cancelled well before final payment date because Canadian ports are closed. I had made some initial payments toward that cruise, and then after it was obvious that the cruise would have to be cancelled but before final payment date I made another $2000 payment. I expect a 25% return on my investment, i.e. a FCC of $2500. We'll see. Stan
  8. Cancel-and-rebook has other complications when perks are involved. And there is the NRD potential issue. What should be the most straightforward way to deal with this would be to go to Manage My Reservation, expand the details, elect the option to Edit the 2nd passenger's information, and then add or delete the middle initial (or make whatever other spelling correction is needed to bring the two reservations into synch.) Tried that, the edit was not allowed. Stan
  9. Let's say you are John Q Smith and you are traveling with Mary Smith. You have a cruise cancelled (bummer!) and opt for the 125% FCC. Eventually you receive notification of your FCC certificate numbers. You look at your bookings for next year and decide to apply the FCC to a cruise in October 2021. So, you go online, follow the Celebrity instructions. Get to the form for applying FCC to a current booking, fill in last name, res#, ship name, date of sailing. Up pops up the next page showing you (John Q Smith) and your travel partner (Mary X Smith). You enter your cert # against your name, her cert number against her name, hit Enter. Oops! Very soon (about 5 minutes in my case) you will receive two emails from Celebrity. One is the typical Welcome you get every time you make a payment, with a pdf updated invoice/confirmation attached showing your fare after application of the FCC. But the second item is a Sorry, You Can't Do That note telling you that her cert# can't be used by a passenger with a different name. I.e., Mary Smith's cert cannot be used for Mary X Smith's fare. The names gotta match. I called and left a message for my Celebrity Vacation Planner to ask him to do away with the middle initial on the second reservation, the change soon showed up online in Manage Your Reservation, but later I still couldn't link her FCC to the 2021 reservation. Tried several times. Eventually I forwarded one of the Sorry, You Can't Do That notes to my CVP, he went through his supervisor, problem resolved, new Confirmation issued showing 2021 cruise now almost totally paid for. So the system works, but it is good to remember that automated processes can be quite literal minded (simple minded) when it comes to application of company rules such as e.g. "the FCC from one passenger can only be used by that same passenger..." And so Mary Smith and Mary X Smith are "different" persons with different names. Stan
  10. You have obviously thought this through, I’ll just add a few comments. I suspect you seldom wear two dress shirts or two ties at once. One of each is plenty. The shirt is easily washed in the sink as needed, if the tie gets stained, buy a new one In gaudy Island colors and celebrate your voyage. In general, 3-4 days of clothes are plenty for a 2-3 week trip. Ten minutes at night to do a laundry in the sink, an easy routine to get into. In lieu of, or in addition to, packing cubes, use 2.5 gallon ziploc freezer bags. They take less room, when rolled up and zipped all the air is out, the clothes inside take ever so little room. And surprisingly the clothes don’t get wrinkled much. I have mostly stopped wearing a jacket at dinner, packing one might mean I would need to go from a 23” to a 26-27” suitcase. When I do take one, I don’t pack it, I wear it on the plane, in the taxi, etc. Doable with a light weight tropical suit. The ships we’ve been on have 4-5-6” or so clearance under the beds. Enough to easily accommodate an opened hard shell suitcase. Maybe even a closed one, but I leave mine open and use it as backup but readily accessible storage to supplement the provided drawers. One detail of your plan bothers me. Rolling duffel bags. Probably not something you will check with the porter at the pier. So you are hauling four duffles up the escalators and ramps and into the small elevators filled with dozens of others doing the same thing... I suggest hard shell (expanding) bags that can be checked. Stress-free beginnings to the cruise can be a real positive intro to a grand adventure. Luggage hassles and other nuisances can be a real downer. My mother first traveled internationally in 1948, at the age of 27. She was a small town farm girl, doing a transatlantic voyage with my brother and me to meet up with my Dad then working in Northern Greece. She logged many road, sea and air miles and many countries over the next 50+ years. Her enduring packing advice: pack what you think you need. Then unpack, take it all out, leave half behind, instead take twice as much money. If you need something, buy it. If you don’t need it, be grateful that you are not lugging it along. Stan
  11. I haven’t received a voucher yet for our cancelled Apr 17 cruise. I have received many refunds of this and that, i suppose it adds up but haven’t checked lately. But I got curious about my 125% FCC, so I called Celebrity this last Sunday. The lady had to put me on hold for 8-10 minutes while she figured out my account. She then told me how much FCC I was due, I asked for the certificate numbers, she gave me those. I later went online, applied our FCC to a November 2021 cruise I had already booked, quickly got an updated invoice showing zero $ cruise fare. So, the system works, slowly, and might need patience and a bit of prodding now and then, but as long as Celebrity holds onto the M-class ships and sails interesting places, we will be aboard. Stan
  12. We did get an email notice that said there was a change and more information would come. That was two weeks ago, no additional information. I looked at the deck plans, our cabin in the new booking is about one-half the size. I have not contacted them (our booking is via the .NO site, so I assume we need to call Norway to query/complain) but am quite miffed at the change and the lack of information. Oh, and they said, with no details, that they were also changing our itinerary. I booked this trip based on itinerary and ship. Bah. Stan
  13. Not to argue, but just to give an alternate perspective... I was booked for an April transatlantic that was cancelled. Let’s say I had done that cruise a month earlier and had returned home before the shutdowns happened. So, that money for that cruise Etc. Would have been spent. Gone. If I have financial issues in May or June, I can’t really go to Celebrity to ask for money back. As it is, the Cruise didn’t happen, I am eventually due money back, but meanwhile my issues are just the same as if I had been on a cruise. Money is spent, gone, time to adjust and make do and move on, and when I do get something sometime as a refund from hotels or cars or excursions or cruise line, it will be a welcome extra.
  14. I am fine with what they have done. They have been coping with impossible conditions and doing what they can. I would need to check my notes, I have had some refunds, probably not all, I can wait. I think that if More people would have patience and not constantly call and email and demand status updates, if more would let them get on with the job, it would be smoother. I am pleased to see the standard flow of ads and specials, it is nice to know that Celebrity, like me, is looking ahead...
  15. 9-11 rules on money transfers. $10,000 or more is flagged for review.
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