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  1. If you want beach and nice resort, consider staying at La Concha Renaissance. The question will be if you are spending time exploring Old San Juan, will you really have time to hang on the beach if only there for a day? If you fly in 2 days early, you'll most likely be in late afternoon on the first day, you then have a full day to enjoy OSJ the following day, and then to the ship on the 3rd day. We love cruising around OSJ exploring, shopping, and bar hopping. We prefer to stay in that area. The food and nightlife are excellent. Therefore, we tend to stay in the heart of it. But if you want beach, the La Concha is very nice. Vanderbilt is ultra nice. Other beach options, the regular Marriott, Intercontinental. There are some smaller boutique hotels available as well.
  2. We did a 2 tank dive with Prodivers in mid Feb. Very easy walk to the marina and right to the boat. They had all our rental gear on board. We did a reef dive with lots of reef sharks and then did a wreck dive. No current. We just had shorty wetsuits and were fine in Feb. We met them at 8:45 and were back to the ship by about 1:15.
  3. I've been hoping to see him for 10 years. Just missed him by ten minutes a few weeks ago when my friend snapped the pic above. Maybe next time.
  4. We showed up about 1045 and was on board by 1130 a few weeks ago. Waiting in a line a while before they opened the doors.
  5. This place has grown quite a bit since we were last there. Their drink and food prices seem to fluctuate based upon how many ships are in port. We all did reservations and most of us had confirmation emails, but when we arrived, they still didn't have any records of it. So I think their computer system is having some issues. They had plenty of chairs. We left port about 9:30am. Next trip to St. Kitts, we'll be looking for another option. We have been to shipwreck bar in the past, but it's been hit by 2 hurricanes since our last trip and is in horrible condition now.
  6. Clubber

    Beach Limerz?

    I took about 30 of us to Beach Limerz last week. Great little beach bar. Sand was great. No significant dropoff at the beach. There was a nice little surf action but not dangerous. We had a great time. Most of us did their paygo option. Royal Caribbean will be building their Royal Beach Club down the beach soon. This lovely quiet beach is going to change in the future.
  7. Unlike past cruises out of San Juan, there was no custom forms in our stateroom at all. So I opened up my mobile passport and filled it out yesterday getting off the Celebrity Summit. San Juan Port was an option so I filled it out like I do when flying. When I got to emigration/customs, they just looked at my passport and sent us through. No kiosks anywhere, they did not make us fill out any forms at all, nothing. He said "have a nice day" and that was it. Took about 10 seconds.
  8. If you are in San Juan just for the day, you should be docked in Old San Juan across from the OSJ Sheraton.
  9. The elevators are relatively new. No problems with them last week. Great little bar there. It's an old building so expect small rooms and bathrooms in most of the rooms. We never had any power issues. Our AC was great. We had plenty of hot water.
  10. Yes, you can leave and come back. Usually, they have a policy on when they want you back on board.
  11. We just did this a week ago. Ferry Cost $1 roundtrip for those under 65, 50 cents 65-74 and free 75 and older if I recall correctly. There is a sign posted at the ticket counter. ferry On time: ??? I don't know but it was for us. If you take the 1pm, no problem hitting the 2pm tour, but I would buy your tickets online ahead of time if you want to guarantee your time. The earliest tour for us after we arrived was full so we had to wait another 45 minutes for the next available. We just did the historical tour which took about an hour. You don't tour the factory, just a visitor center to learn about the history of Bacardi and get one drink included with your tour. We bought a 2nd drink. The historic tour is $15, regular drinks $8, and premium $12. They do make great drinks at the visitor center. The tasting tours were much more expensive and longer. I think the tasting tours were $50 and 65. The do have senior discounts if you want to save a couple bucks. We didn't have time to do the tasting tour so we just did the historical tour. If you are worried about too much to drink, you don't have to finish your drinks or spit it out. Taxi: There is a group taxi that will be waiting for you when you get off the ferry. Same on return. $3 each way. Takes about 10 minutes to get to Bacardi. I think we spent about 3 hours from the time the ferry left OSJ until we returned back to Old San Juan which included about a 45 minutes extra wait for the next available tour, so if you book online, you can save some waiting time.
  12. Clubber

    La Perla

    Been in La Factoria a few times. Was just there last week. Easy to move around on a Thursday night. Packed by 10:30pm on a Friday night. Can be difficult to get drinks there when packed. Usually, easier to get drinks at the lowest bar on the side street entrance. Lots of great little cheap bars next door. Fun area on San Sebastian St. but gets crazy after 11pm on the weekend.
  13. Still at it. Approached a friend of mine. He snapped this picture for me
  14. I've stayed at the Milano. It was old, but clean. Worth the price for a single night. Great rooftop bar/restaurant. Staying at the Casablanca on the next trip.
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