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  1. I have folders also. Started keeping them a few years ago because we were starting to duplicate cruise ships and wanted something to compare it to. Also, keep e-mails and such on reservations in dropbox. Can access it anywhere.
  2. The most that we have done is 2 in one year. One with kids one without. DH is union so trying to get a good week is not always easy.
  3. We loved the Riverside and are staying again next month
  4. Dear Lord. They should leave well enough alone. Hate when the mess with reservations. Hopefully it can be resolved.
  5. As usual BH. Thank you for the information. I think the last time there I had a lobster roll. Was pretty causal place. This was three years ago.
  6. We've done many cruises in September because of our anniversary. At least three on NCL in September. Just so bummed about this.
  7. It's only a little over a year out. I would think they would know that. Good thinking about the pcc. Thanks for the quick response.
  8. Thank you for the quick response. Much appreciated. Can not wait to be back there in 45 days!
  9. Are they both operating? Someone was saying, I think on trip advisor, that one of them closed.
  10. We have our 30th anniversary coming up next year. Started looking for a Norwegian cruise for next September as that is our anniversary month. No ships are in the Caribbean? We have sailed in September prior years on Norwegian. All over in Europe still?
  11. Not sure about irons/boards, but I did bring my own blow dryer and flat iron.
  12. All good to know. We left Miami last year ( September) and stuck on a shuttle. What a night mare. We are grabbing a cab this time as we have an 11:20 flight. Thanks all for this information.
  13. Ours Allure was changed also and we never received the opportunity to change/switch ships. Not we are going to SJ. Only 6 weeks out with unrest still. And I know everyone can say it will be over, however, now the citizens are asking for the new gov. to be resign. So there are not known outcomes of this situation. Really bummed we are not doing St. T.
  14. You are my hero/heroin. We usually take later flights, but this became available. So I jumped on it.
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