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  1. 4 or 5 day cruises from miami will skew younger than 7 days out of san juan or things like that. The only people of any age I've seen not having a good time are the older people who are so used to cruising on the more traditional lines that they hate anything that's different about Virgin. Seems some just see "no kids" and think its going to be a red themed Holland America
  2. on mine were in citavecchia for 15 hours. I’d say that leaves plenty of time to actually spend in Rome
  3. I stayed at praktik essens a couple years ago and really enjoyed it
  4. He was a dick to the virgin employees and acted like a key west policeman has bigger fish to fry
  5. How you don’t get the difference between allowed to and should is beyond me. Luckily virgin gets it even if you don’t
  6. what a condescending comment lol. I’m very well traveled but nobody books a european cruise to spend a bunch of time on the ship, you can do that for a lot cheaper in the Caribbean. Virgin’s email cited nothing about safety, it cited “recent sailor feedback”
  7. They canceled Toulon on mine as well so good luck with that
  8. You’re right in one scenario the ship is moving and the other the ship is not moving 🙄
  9. They can make more time at sea by not getting off the ship
  10. I mean mine is in 4 months but this is gonna take enjoyment from it. I’m on this cruise to see European ports not spend time on a ship that has an identical one sailing 4 hours from me
  11. They said that but that reasoning wouldn’t make any sense unless it was replaced with a different port
  12. but do you win an awesome plastic ship on a stick or a cool royal caribbean pencil? 😆
  13. Yeah my last RCCL cruise this past February had way, way more kids than I expected and I wasn't alone. Somebody else commented about it in the facebook group for the cruise and some lady was going off on everybody saying they should know that kids in New England have a break in February as if that's common knowledge to the rest of the country and those without kids
  14. Silent discos are all over the place but it would make scarlet night so boring
  15. Interested to hear more about the embarkation process in San Juan. I'm going on VL in a few weeks but I've only departed from Florida ports
  16. Not a single one of those ingredients is in an old fashioned
  17. The reality is that there are so many people on these ships that most don't have any idea what the true demographics are, only their anecdotal experiences
  18. Travel agents are crawling all over these travel sites and will tell you that a TA is a must, but the one time I added a travel agent to my booking for a little bit of bar tab I severely regretted it. Cruises are probably the easiest type of trip to book without a TA
  19. Viejo San Juan is one of the best places for things to do walking distance from a cruise port. Tons of bars/restaurants/shops plus two forts run by the national parks service
  20. I'm on this itinerary also and like another person said I don't think Virgin has hit these ports before, but I've noticed from googling some of the excursion names that some of them are also available on other lines so that can be helpful
  21. Jimmy Buffet is from Alabama lol not the Caribbean
  22. I just got off Symphony and found it to be middle of the road in terms of elevator speed but I also frequently took the stairs out of impatience
  23. “Let’s not comment” 😂😂😂
  24. I always just leave the automatic tips but the real question is why do cruise lines think employees who don’t directly interact with guests are tipped positions
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