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  1. Still a hard "no," in today's climate of greed and corruption I am highly skeptical. Too bad about the condescending tone some people use, but that is easy to ignore.
  2. No. From what I understand the vaccine will be very different, it permanently alters your genetic makeup in some way. I don't feel one can trust those involved these days compared to the days when the polio vaccine was developed.
  3. Nothing against anyone who feels differently, but the human rights practices in Dubai keep me away.
  4. Rhapsody T/A April 2021 drink package is $40/day, don't know if it's smart to fork over $1300+ considering the unsettled state of things and the tremendous excess capacity the company surely will be dealing with...
  5. On this theme, I stumbled across a 1936 drama "Dodsworth" based on Sinclair Lewis' novel, great acting and beautiful production, though many scenes are movie sets, there is footage of the Queen Mary and the Rex, and you see all the trappings of first-class travel from the Golden Age.
  6. Maybe they want to make some news about themselves right now that doesn't have to do with Covid.
  7. Don't take this as an attack, just a reminder that with the pandemic continuing to have great impacts on so many things, customer service may not be as good as before. I am in customer service myself, believe me there are many challenges you wouldn't think of.
  8. No. A mask along with all the other precautions is sufficient for me. I don't go into crowds, or have sustained close contact with the public, as some jobs require, where the extra protection of a shield would be desirable.
  9. Same here, the rep was the sweetest young lady, for a price drop very straightforward.
  10. ....and now, curfews keeping law-abiding citizens confined to their homes.
  11. To each his own...at my age I just want to relax and disconnect. A few hours in this or that port, how enriching is it really?
  12. I don't bring "wads of small bills" when traveling, instead go to my bank and get packs of new bills, they stay neat and it is nicer to give someone clean, crisp money. One small annoyance the notes do tend to stick together.
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