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  1. Novice here, I'm thinking during the day we'll ask a buffet attendant what special dinner offerings they will have? When we know we will go to WJ do we let the MDR know we aren't coming?
  2. Another way of thinking, you cancelled Christmas yourself. Becoming upset when your exact expectations were not met, instead of being happy to be on a cruise on Christmas (!)
  3. Since everyone is jumping in, in general and in my opinion, parents are allowing poor behavior in their children, but it is very impolite to voice one's criticism of others' parenting. About the mirror, I would guess it wouldn't be that expensive if they do charge you.
  4. Was looking forward to reading a full review, but assume in retrospect you had a good time.
  5. In 1973, they advertised in the Sunday newspaper $97.50 for a 3-night cruise, my parents allowed me to go with my best friend's crazy Mom, they made me do extra yard work to pay for it. Friend's Mom paid for a nicer cabin on the sun deck, not to be in "steerage" as she called it. It was a very impressive ship, with crushed velvet footstools, plush carpet and flocked wallpaper. My friend and I were all over the ship while his Mom was drunk in our stateroom most of the time. We played the slots, watched The Doberman Gang movie in the cinema, and I ordered myself a Grasshopper from a bar that was set up on an outside deck, the only drink that sounded good to me at 13 years old. Rules have changed but back then when you were in international waters, they would serve a minor. I remember how impressive the dining room was to have the same two waiters who gave us so much attention and the food was very fancy and good. I haven't cruised since but I chose Rhapsody of the Seas transatlantic for my 60th birthday because it seems like the closest thing to Emerald Seas.
  6. Is it really that bad? I am a new cruiser.
  7. Hmmm this pin is understated and has the word "please" which I like, simply gesture towards it when approached. Made In USA! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NXMR6TC?tag=channel-b2b-us-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1
  8. Thanks for mentioning this, we'll tip the maître 'd with the request that we don't care for interruptions while we dine.
  9. I do share the OP's rant/complaint that it is frustrating when you can't communicate. I speak English. @klfrodo what is "bubba?"
  10. So many times people write unfavorable reviews about issues that could easily be addressed if they would simply speak up!
  11. Wow thank you Twangster, your contributions really enhance this site. For me, having Prime content to access is more than enough, in the event that we want to look at some TV.
  12. FWIW I found this tutorial, an alternative to streaming you can watch content stored on an I-pad. It looks pretty easy...I am thinking on a long cruise, let's say I'm not feeling well one day, I could watch something of my choosing. The short tutorial is on YouTube on a channel called MysteryShadow1969 on his Cruise Tips playlist.
  13. Thank you for sharing your advice. I am sure a magnetic hook can be used safely for hanging, just like you see on Royal's website where they sell you birthday banners. Like so many others here, I agree duct tape is so versatile. My sister used it on her wedding gown when her bra cups wouldn't stick like they were supposed to! We are from the South, say what you will about us!
  14. A very wise decision in my opinion when you consider all the reasons and I applaud RC for it.
  15. Interested to hear about the unusual number of children(?) Hope all cruisers affected by the nasty respiratory bug that was going around are recovering. That has prompted me to get various prescriptions to carry aboard. Realizing that our crossing in April may have a few bumps. Thank you.
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