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  1. Some of us live to eat. Two or three strips of bacon will never happen for me. That’s not to say I am greedy or selfish. I would never take all the bacon, on a cruise they know that people will eat more and they won’t run out. If anyone disapproves, they are perfectly entitled but to me it is none of their business.
  2. Or jogging, or bicycle-riding. They are perfectly entitled to do so, but I would like to hear their reasoning.
  3. Honest question as I don't keep up, why does the percentage comparison matter, isn't the sheer number of cases in India more threatening?
  4. Getting even more disgruntled waiting for a refund...or be patient and have a good time celebrating the return to cruising.
  5. Ordering liquor at the bar when I was 13 (1973) no questions asked. Felt so grown up.
  6. Journalism has earned it's bad reputation, but there are some of us especially those who were schooled a long time ago, who have scruples about factual reporting. 😊
  7. Overall mood in SC and the Low Country seems positive. In Jan, daily cases spiked in Jan but now fewer than 500/day. Vaccines available to age 16 and up and easy to obtain. The resort where I work is packed and traffic is the worst I have ever seen. Small supermarket has a line of people waiting to get inside. The biggest group seems to be New Yorkers. They ask questions of restaurant servers, then interrupt us when we answer. Asking me what I know about different areas to buy real estate. Very hot market here and vast tracks being cleared for subdivisions. A few friends have moved to NC but i
  8. If our April 2022 Transatlantic is cancelled. I will have tried for three years to fulfill my dream of crossing an ocean by ship, I've started to lose interest.
  9. Just my thoughts as I haven't been on either ship. Vision would give you a more genteel experience seeing Bermuda vs. dirty Nassau and the expense of airfare there making it more exclusive. The sea days in a smaller ship where you such good outward views and maybe rougher waters sounds like a more of an "adventure" to me.
  10. Casinos not my cup of tea so I don't care. It does seem like cigarette smoke today smells worse than years ago, maybe from the additives they put in them, or because our noses aren't conditioned to them anymore, or both. As long as I can avoid smoke and keep it off my clothes, I am sympathetic to smokers, I used to be one, kinda miss it sometimes. Maybe offer some sailings with smoking allowed in the casino, and others not.
  11. Makes no difference to me. I elected to be vaccinated, others will elect not to be. Thank God we have freedom of choice in this matter. Everywhere I go in my daily life, there will be people not vaccinated. I can't go around worrying.
  12. Yes. I said "no" about 100 pages back but I changed my mind, one reason being every doctor I have talked to has gotten the vaccine and I figure they are not going to take anything that might harm them. And, I want to get this thing handled and get on with life. I respect the individual decisions of others.
  13. I called in January about our April 2021 14-day (RCI had not cancelled it) and said we all know the CDC isn't allowing cruises over 7 days, and so many countries are still restricted; the phone rep offered to do Lift and Shift, which we ended up doing and the fare ended up being less. Worth a try to ask...
  14. We'll be waiting to see what transatlantic options there will be...not many it would seem.
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