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  1. You get a complimentary breakfast and lunch in the Suites Dining room. The menus are similar, but not exactly the same, as the Haven menus on the big ships. You are on your own for dinner. You can also order room service from any restaurant. For example, there are breakfast cards in your suite with checkboxes. Ignore the check boxes and wire down anything you want from the suites dining room or MDR. Eggs over easy, egg white omelet with spinach and mushrooms, bacon, ham, sausage, filet steak, hash browns, breakfast potatoes, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh fruits, fresh breads an
  2. For those of us who are getting [a little] older and a little less mobile, the shower is the reason we only book mini/club suites now. It's worth every penny.
  3. We would watch the movie Contagion, released in 2011, which was about COVID, with The Last Cruise and Titanic as a triple feature. It is astounding how close the fictional 2011 movie was to the real life COVID pandemic.
  4. There are only Have suites on the Epic. All Haven guests have access to the Haven restaurant which is very large compared to the Breakaway class ships. The Epic also has a very large outside dining room for meals and snacks. Haven guests also have access the 2 deck The Posh Club (which is the Vibe on the Epic). And a small private Gym overlooking the courtyard
  5. In 2019, they delivered a cake to our stateroom. (It's basically a whole dessert cake from the MDR or buffet with a birthday wish on top). But,,, they didn't deliver any plates or utensils, so that was a quick trip up to buffet to get partyware. Or you can buy a package. We normally decorate our cabin on every cruise (there is always an excuse). It is a quick stop at the local Dollar store for the season-appropriate On one cruise, we had birthday decorations up and our room steward treated us to a cake he made himself.
  6. Even though I booked two cruises, my PCC still, annoyingly, cole calls me and emails me a couple of times a week.
  7. NCL does not allow drinks to be brought on board. Drinks found at security checks will be thrown out.
  8. NCL does not allow drinks to be brought on board. Drinks found at security checks will be thrown out.
  9. It is also a 11 year old data point. NCL continues to be come more casual over time.
  10. Hard to fit because everyone’s circumstances are different. We are flying in early and vacationing in Nassau before the cruise. We are waiting for final direction from RCCL on what is required to board so that we can make arrangements in Nassau for testing if that is needed.
  11. Maybe it is because two years ago, there wasn’t a pandemic??? You need a health visa to get into the country. Maybe a week long visa (costs more) since it will need to be valid when you exit. We are on the Adventure in June and waiting for final directions from the cruise line.
  12. I used all three plus a cruise next certificate on my rebooking.
  13. They are conservatory balconies. They have windows that slide open. Air conditioned sunshine (separate AC controls). They are the best rooms on the ship. Spectacular 180+ degree views. If we want full sunshine, we go to the Posh Club (Epic Vibe) which is included with the Haven rooms.
  14. Shorts and a polo shirt are allowed in all restaurants for all meals except Le Bistro and Ocean Blue/Bayamo (except if you are on the Epic where it is Le Bistro and and the Manhattan Room). Casual is what NCL is all about.
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