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  1. Most certainly. But the original post asserted that Quantas is going to require vaccinations to fly [or cruise] specifically omitted the original quote that "vaccines had to be available". The post was typical of the mainstream media that takes a quote, totally out of context, to imply something it was never meant to say. Fake news.
  2. TheirTimeDining. All individual tables, socially distant, where you are required to have a reservation that starts at 3:00 pm and ends at 1:00 to feed all onboard.
  3. But, if everyone else forgoes the vaccine, then the world continues in perpetual lockdown and masks and keeping you from getting back closer to "normal". Right??? Is that really what you want?
  4. NYC-based Caribbean cruises are provisioned in Port Canaveral. So, while the passengers sail R/T NY, the fresh food get put on once you reach Florida (i.e., wait until after Florida to eat the sushi,,, the stuff on the ship when you board has been sailing for nearly a week). In fact, a lot of other NYC-based cruises get their bulk provisions trucked up from Florida (fresh stuff is provisioned locally). NCL has a lot of buying power by provisioning all of their Florida and east-coast ships from a central facility buying in massive bulk. And it is much cheaper to truck food from Florida than buy
  5. You kinda left out the important part about "when vaccines are available". That's billions of doses, not the 10's of millions in the near term. "When vaccines are available" is nowhere in the foreseeable future.
  6. Because Americans are not the only passengers on a ship. Because the United States is not the only country visited by cruise ships. A non-trivial % of passengers on a cruise ship are *not* from the Untied States. And, more importantly, the non-Americans are the passengers coveted by the cruise lines because they spend a lot more per person that the [cheap] Americans. People throw around big numbers like 100,000,000 doses of the vaccine. That's 15% of the population of the United States (mostly front line workers and critically ill people) and less than 0.6% of the world. And those
  7. There will never be a time that there is enough vaccine for people to "pick" which one they want.
  8. Cruising with a 2 year old (or 4 year old) is fine. As long as you fully understand that other passengers don't want to be cruising with a 2 year old. That is, if the kid starts to fuss, becomes disruptive, or starts to run around, it is incumbent on you to remove the kid from public areas until they settle down.
  9. So it is like MyTime Dining. You eat when you are hungry and when it best fits your schedule. It works well in Alaska where your port times are different from day to day. If you are on a big ship out of Seattle (Bliss, Encore), There are three main dining rooms serving the same menu nightly. There is a 24-hour dining room with a separate menu. And the buffet. If you are on the Sun from Seattle or Jewel from/to Vancouver, there are two main dining rooms and a 24-hour dining room, an Asian dining room, and the buffet. On the Bliss and Encore, shorts are all
  10. I am a diabetic. When I am on a cruise, I do not go out of my way to make sure 100% of my food meets a diabetic criteria. I order regular menu items and make decisions on what and how much to each. E.g., if there is a big pile of mash potatoes on the plate,,,, maybe a few bites. I'll order an NSA ice cream and maybe seek a taste from my husband's dessert. And if there is something "good" (i.e., "bad") that I want, I will tweak my meds to accommodate.
  11. We talked to a couple of executive chefs on ships right after this was done. They said that the smoked salmon was removed from the buffet to try and get more people, who really wanted it, to use the MDR and reduce the crowds in the buffet. It was explicitly *not* done as a cost cutting measure. And they noted a significant up-tick in salmon orders in the MDR after the change, so it had some effect.
  12. Everyone will be mandated to wear masks and lockdown, shutting down the country, starting January 22.
  13. March 2018 May 2019 (After RIF of Dreamwork Characters)
  14. The operative word is that “you” cancelled without thought of the consequences.
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