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  1. People are not allowed to enter and sent back on the next flight if they can not prove that they have 14 days of lodging arranged. Some that are violating the quarantine are also being expelled. https://www.travelmole.com/news_feature.php?news_id=2042454&region=3
  2. I would strongly recommend the 2BR in the Haven. While you would have beautiful private aft views, being a few steps from the panoramic forward views from the Horizons lounge and up a deck to the forward sundeck would be spectacular. And the kids would be steps away from the Haven pool and courtyard. It makes a big difference with small kids on an Alaskan cruise. The rooms are similar,,, but if you start to want space, it is a few steps in to the Haven lounge and all of the Alaskan beauty (even at night). And the 27 year old could crash on the living room sofa if the soon-to-be-weds want some private time. We sail Alaska yearly (except for this year 😞 ). We spend hours a day on our balcony watching the sea life (whales and dolphins and seals). And we have sailed in forward facing suites on small ships which was magical. Other than the first and last day (when you are in open ocean), you are in protected, very calm, waters most of the time.
  3. We would pick an aft balcony. The 180+ degree views are spectacular. And the balcony is a more private than the large balcony room (where you are out in the open and everyone looks down on your balcony).
  4. I am not sure why this would drive "when we cruise again". Like any business, cruise lines will open as soon as they can, complying with government regulations, and adapting their operations to minimize risk. For some cruise lines, the mega ships operate most efficiently and provides the best ability to maximize social distancing. Smaller ships force guests into a limited numbers of public spaces.
  5. In a recent interview, the NCLH CEO reported that booking loads for 2021 were about the same as 2020. So, the demand for cruise continues to be high and there is no need to lower prices.
  6. Harvest Caye and most of the new ships are collateral for financing. wrt layoffs, like the 10's of thousands of crew members currently out of work, shedding the 300 staff members on HC is also a necessary step. It would also, potentially, allow the cruise line to rehire fewer, cheaper labor once the cruises start up again.
  7. Alaska is our favorite cruise destination and we sail yearly (well.... not this year). And... Alaska is one of the most expensive cruise markets. While we travel in suites a lot, we make a conscious decision the "rough it" on Alaskan cruises and book a regular balcony. We spend hours each day on our balcony watching the sea life (whales, seals, dolphin). And then full days in ports. Not much time to enjoy the comforts of a suite.
  8. So, it is hard to exactly interpret the news articles. In the US, there would be a difference between furloughs and layoffs. The former would be that continue your employment with the company, but not report to work until you are needed. The latter (layoff) is a termination of employment. The cruise line would then hire fewer, cheaper labor when they reopen. Consider the 10's of thousands of crew who are also out of a job. With limited cruises upon reopening, they will be out of work for a long time.
  9. So,,, you know that "agents" are minimum wage call center people who make money by selling cruises. The more they make themselves sound good by making up stuff, the higher the probability that they instill confidence in some gullible customer in them and buy a cruise from them. "I know all of the reopening plans,,, but I am not at liberty to tell you want they are at this time... because they have not be decided yet.... But trust me, I am included in all of the CEO meetings...."
  10. Cloth masks/surgical masks make sure YOU don't spread YOUR germs to someone else. Cloth masks do NOT protect you from getting the virus. If you have a cloth mask on and are near the virus, you will catch the bug. Only N95 respirators will protect you.
  11. So, this is good news. It means that the cruise line has received approval of their reopening plans from the US Government. And they are deciding the details on how to implement those plans. They will decide which ships to open and when. And the itineraries. Then there will be the mass cancellation of cruises that don't meet their reopening plans (and much hate and discontent on CC).
  12. HI is in the process of extending the quarantine into July now. And they enforce their quarantine (you go into your hotel and you can not leave the room for 14 days). Unlike VA which just ordered that everyone must wear masks when in public places starting on Friday,,,, but will not enforce it, HI will arrest people who break quarantine and deport them.
  13. There aren't any ships to bring water on to.
  14. There is no form. The online webpage will take your reservation number and date of sailing and acknowledge your refund request.
  15. We will sail again when the CDC quits cancelling our cruises. Face masks in one pocket and hand sanitizer in the other.
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