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  1. August 2018. But, we have been there many times on other ships. Our live post is below. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2574164-norwegian-getaway-western-caribbean/
  2. Good Luck! There is no specific evidence that status matters, so your bid may be the winner! The challenge is that there are only a few spa rooms. For example, if you were bidding from an ocean view to a balcony, there are over 1000 balcony cabins and some will be vacant. There are less than 30 spa balconies and 20 spa minis, so there is a very small number of rooms with a lot of people bidding on them. Just like bidding on a Haven room (only about 80 of those on the ship with 1400 balcony and mini cabins eligible to bid on them).
  3. If you wander off into fancy martinis, some will exceed the $15 paid by the package and you'll pay the difference plus gratuity on the difference.
  4. I would just go with the basic cruise without all the additional perks (i.e., take the ones that are free). If you want a drink, pay by the drink. That way you avoid the inflated gratuity on the beverage package and dining package.
  5. We have been on the Epic 7 times and don't have any problem with it. It is more of a European boutique design. We have had a bunch of [expensive] hotels that are similar (but bigger).
  6. Punta Longosta Much better than the international terminal used by RCCL and Carnival
  7. The exchange rate on the ship is horrible. AAA if you buy >$1000 is one of the best rates. Better than Your local bank. (Not the AAA little travel packs). While ATMs may provide the best rate, you need to check with your bank about foreign transaction fees. And you don’t want to be dependent on chasing around trying to get to an ATM in every port to get to your 4K goal.
  8. We have used the Suites check-in and boarded with the “regular” Suites when booked in a JS. We just do what the port agents tell us to do.
  9. Read the post. NCL offers a 75% or 90% future cruise credit if you buy insurance through them [NCL]. And your insurance claim is denied.
  10. Here’s what required: https://www.ncl.com/faqs/what-about-documentation-visas-and-passports
  11. This is old news. NCL is one of the last cruise lines to offer this type of service. We are platinum plus and really don’t care.
  12. At some point, it is [almost] cheaper to put the kid in his own room (which he would greatly prefer) and get the drinks perk.
  13. Yes. No “sales”. Unlike Royal who sends out an “sale ending soon” advertisement email two times a day from the minute you book to the minute you sail, NCL is simple, there is a price which you pay or not.
  14. You need to check carefully. The Free at Sea promotions are typically not offered to Guarantee cabins.
  15. Insurance and the credit are two completely separate things. Insurance is offered by an insurance company with typical policy restrictions and limits. The cancel for any reason credit is offered by the cruise line in the event that the insurance company declines your claim. NCL offers a 75% or 90% future cruise credit if you buy insurance through them. And your insurance claim is denied. So, if I decide to cancel because we could not get a dog kennel arranged, we file a claim with the insurance company. If they turn us down for a non-covered loss, NCL would give is a 75% or 90% future cruise credit on the cruise fare penalty. (Port fees and taxes are automatically refunded in full for every cancellation).
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