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  1. To be followed soon with Christmas. I am not ready. I am still in summer mode. I guess they don't have storage for the big skeletons so.just leave them up. A new trend would be holiday appropriate clothing and accessories for them. A leprechaun outfit for St Patrick's day for instance. Lol. If I were younger and more motivated I could have a thriving business in giant skeleton stuff.
  2. It was a Royal Caribbean excursion. We couldn't find many private excursions with enough reviews to feel comfortable going private so pretty much stuck with ship's excursions.
  3. I take documents, ID, cash, credit card, and insurance cards Jewelry Phone The above are in a small back pack tablet, charger Sunglasses Swimsuit, cover up Knitting Book These items are in a small soft sided case. We get the key so the small case goes to the drop off zone while the backpack stays with me. My husband also has a backpack with his carry on items that he drops off, just taking his phone with him.
  4. Thankfully my Dr. thinks lithotripsy (sp) will do the trick. It was only caught because of the imaging done when I had the small stone pass. That one hurt. I will think about the library as a possibility. Thank you.
  5. Our Norway cruise was one of our favorites. It started in Copenhagen and went to Flam, Alesund, Geiranger and Bergen. My thoughts and only mine. Flam - pretty. We took the railroad up so far, stopped and had a snack and drink at a lodge type place. Then we walked down to another stop and caught a train back. We had a guide who was not that good but the scenery and waterfalls were beautiful. Alesund - second favorite port. We took a bus trip on the Path of the Trolls. We saw so many things and it was a lot of fun. Geiranger - Awesome not to be missed. Get up super early to watch the sail in. Walk up beside the waterfall. Super cute shops. We took a short trip up into the mountains to a sheep farm where she made cheese. Bergen - meh. Just a big city.
  6. That is weird. We don't really drink wine. Once in awhile my husband might but not enough to bring bottles with us. We even have trouble using all our free vouchers and end up getting coffees. I will be checking out the yarn store however.
  7. Thank you everyone for your information, it is so helpful. I think we will cab it from and to the airport. I will have the uber app set up on my phone. The day in Boston we will uber to a place in Boston to explore for the day (need to verify where with the hubs). We can uber back when we are done to the hotel and then go check out the restaurants and brewery. I think we will be able to walk to the ship the next morning. Big fun.
  8. Thank you. The prep sounds the worst and not that bad. He said it should pulverize the stone into such small pieces I won't even know when it passes. I hope. Lol. I am still not clear on how it just breaks up the stone and not the kidney.
  9. We manage our luggage pretty well. They wheel really well. Less then a mile and not in the heat is probably doable. I will check with my husband and decide.
  10. The hotel is the Hampton Inn Seaport District. We will have 3 large suitcases plus carry on. I am a proud over packer. Lol. We have a free day before the cruise. We already walked the freedom trail last cruise to Boston. We want to walk around this time but not sure exactly where yet.
  11. I think we just need transportation to the hotel and then to the airport the last morning. I think the hotel has a shuttle to the port. I am going to call them next week to verify.
  12. We have never used Uber or Lyft. We cruise out of Boston in September and will need a ride to the hotel and maybe to the port. How do those work? Why not just take a cab? On another note my procedure is a week from Thursday and I should be all good by the next Monday. I have a little trip with a friend in early August so Amelia Island will be later in August. Then the big trip in September. I still need to get busy with the cruise planner for February.
  13. We have a Greenland cruise later this year on a different cruise line. We have a RIB boat booked in Nanortalik and will walk around in Qaqortoq. We also have priority tender passes so hope that helps getting onshore. In Nuuk we have a fjord trip booked. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can make all ports.
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