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  1. Yes have seen prices go up and then down then up again.
  2. The price of my cruises ( all 5) have either stayed the same or gone up in price as compared to the prior sale. (Which was buy one get one 50% off)
  3. Welcome to the nor'easter. This storm didn't have too much rain, but alot of the typical wind. Pushes big waves into shore line with lots of local flooding. Big news on tv was restaurant was flooded while people wete eating. Had to be evacuated. We have these storms in fall, and spring usually. Little Britain, that is the most awsome picture of Manhattan.
  4. Book aqua shows near begining of cruise. That way if cancelled, you have time to reschedule. Check planner daily, comedy show is small venue book quick. Specialty restaurants, if you book unlimited you have to wait to board for times to book. If you know your doing say a 3 nite book what you can online, rest when you board. You can always change time or venue later on. Although choices will be limited
  5. Having just go thru a cancer scare myself, (thank god everything is benign.) I really feel for you. Very life altering. You stated that even tho you were past final payment, and sounded like you had no insurence royal refunded the bulk of your money. Even tho they didn't have too. Look at the big picture, you wife will be okay. Give her a big hug and kiss.
  6. Had this problem in the past ( tried two diff credit cards). Item then was no longer offered. After that had no problems. Makes me wonder was item on sale? Was it just recently added to cruise planner? If so maybe web site was overcome with too many requests. If you really really want it at that price, call.
  7. Last time on anthem, nov 18...they would not exchange my lanyard. You have to purchase a new one. It is done at a desk in boleros. I believe most ships have movable scanners, but if sitting by the pool and ordering a drink from a waiter, they have to come off. Bring a permanent marker to distinguish them from your roomate.
  8. I believe the prices will level out. It is all based on demand. If they post the over water cabanas at $1600 originally, then slowly drop the price over months to see at what price people start biting at. They will know the max price people will pay. And people will think they got a steal at $999.
  9. First you will not be recognized as emerald til after you complete the cruise. Then after that you can contact crown and anchor and give your preferences. It can no longer be done online. This was my experience when i turned emerald on my april cruise, and my first cruise as emerald is in nov.
  10. Cool view of the cabanas from the water. They are all water front, just staggered so your not ontop if each other. Was worried about getting a back row, but now i see no worries. Maybe more desirable cause of more privacy.
  11. I believe with andrews genie he would be able to make suggestions. The suite life has hidden perks.
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