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  1. you can blasé about some things Auscruiser but not the Titanic, its over 100 feet longer than the Mauritania and far more luxurious
  2. have replied to you on the other thread where you asked these questions Hilux... R
  3. Had this state-room for the last half of the South American Cruise this year, it is pretty amazing but please don't tell everyone, I would love to have it again. It was bigger than one of the Q's I saw this trip and it has a good layout, much better than the normal p's which i find to be narrow and badly configured. Best advantage to me is the forward facing window which i spent quite a bit of time staring out of, and it was a great stateroom to have a party in. You can find pics on my blog https://butarewethereyet.blogspot.com under the Fort Lauderdale entry. Happy to answer any other questions...regards Roscoe
  4. thanks hattie, im now ensconced in a hotel at heathrow with fingers crossed for today flight. Ive updated blog and will probably continue on it while im waiting for my next step which is hopefully to Doha then onto NZ. I heard there were about 300 getting off yesterday and the majority were waiting to get off on the 28th. Neil has a full program for the entertainment and the ships company said that things would continue as normal as if the ship was still at sea, I did note however that the shops were shut...because of course it is in port. If you were on the starboard side though you got a lovely view of Cowes so i guess you could convince yourself you were still at sea. Those left onboard can be forgiven for staying as long as possible cos its dangerous out here! Im Still a fan of Cunard, they really went the extra mile and it shows the ships attention to detail that have meant all three ships have made land with their reputations intact. I hope they are able to weather this storm as I hope we all are.
  5. thanks guys Ive had some nice comments on the blog, we re currently sailing up the solent towards southampton. My last chance is a flight tomorrow back to nz but there are lots of variables that could get in the way. Up to $20 k in flights already that have been cancelled and airlines are only giving credits. So guess the next flight trip to a cruisee will be way up the front.! good luck to everyone to save safe. regards Roscoe
  6. 1100 still here and the atmosphere had changed but its bouncing back now.... parties have started......i tried to beat my record of attendees tonight....but you'll have to read about it ..lol
  7. Im only reading this quickly as we have only just got internet back and will read it more throughly off line but in my mind Cunard has done a brilliant job of looking after us here on the Queen Victoria and should be commended. One thing in particular that is noticeable is that the crew on board have unreliable futures and yet they still come out from behind the green door each morning smiling and giving us the best service they can. Cunard has to juggle a fine line between their shareholders and maintaining their customer base in a very different world and I think them for looking after us here.
  8. thanks Daisybel, Im not sure which one you mean but have just moved again in Fort Lauderdale into the 5002 which is at the front of the ship. jsut updated blog again our internet has been intermittent but seems to be back to normal
  9. Damn I love those piscos!! We drank the last four shots that we found in the commodore club ages ago!
  10. hi just an update that will be announced onboard later, we are arriving in southampton on the 26th, we can stay onboard till the 27 and then disembark. I think we onboard got off lightly. Thos getting off in hamburg will now be flown there instead of getting the ship there. Thankyou for your concern, staying on board is the best decision for me, I can get home to NZ easier from England than America, al my travel plans are still in place and I have good insurance which will kick in if I need it. I have updated the blog, please remember that I write a bit tongue in cheek and it is not intended to be disrespectful. We are in an an interesting time and for me, this has just been part of the adventure, I am aware that some people have had a rough time and are disappointed by what has happened and I hope that they all get home safely and all intact. Best wishes to everyone, I have booked for next year, I wanted to show support for the Ship her crew and Cunard. here's to the next cruise. Roscoe
  11. lololol thanks Hattie, those posts really made me laugh and your response was apt..... come on guys get a grip...this is unprecedented, in my mind Cunard has responded appropriately and is doing Im sure all it can to resolve any issues that it has to deal with. Patience is a virtue and Im sure in the end it will all come out in the wash. I wish all those in Perth the best for getting home safely, its a great city, I hope you can all make the best of the situation and are home before too long.
  12. already aware of that thanks, they made us all aware of that before decisions were made. From all account of what has been happening at US airports most passengers who were able to make that decision based it on that the immigration procedures should have settled down by then...we are talking about america..
  13. damn and no word from them about a boat building competition....to be honest the sports team has a bit too be desired... a lot of americans I know are staying on board and figure they will fly back from the uk but which time things should have settled at the airports ...the scenes from which leave a lot to be desired. We will still be arriving inSouthampton not he 28th at this stage, this next part of the voyage I was told tonight by a senior officer will be treated as part of the voyage and no different than it was meant to be other than we will miss ponta delgado's. Hopefully that means that we will have the welcome on board party, the senior officers party and the world cruise party as quite a few of us had this part booked separately anyway and of course now half the ship has booked as new cruisers anyway. The world cruise party tonight was terrific, the caviar was out, no sign of the world cruise cake this year, questions will be asked when I see head chef.... I know that the corinthia suite is available, thinking of swopping over to it...... the sales office is frantic....they are working really hard. Feeling on board is of relief that the tension has been released and we know what is happening although the crews future is in the air. Fingers crossed that things will work out for everyone involved, Cunard have really done a great job compared to other stories foremother lines I feel.
  14. Onboard and Captain has just announced and confirmed that we will still call at Fort Lauderdale but only those who were due to disembark will be allowed off and as soon as they have refueled and reprovisioned we will depart straight for Southampton. No one not disembarking will be allowed off. We will not be calling into the Azores. This is a relief for a lot of us not being dumped in America as was one concern and Im sure it was a difficult job to date trying to sort the situation especially with the QM and Qe virtually going out of service in teh last few days and cancelling their cruises. Cunard has taken a sensible decision in my opinion, I have a friend on A celebrity ship following a week behind us that has been told they are being dumped in San Diego and they have to get themselves home, they had a further 6 weeks cruise booked in front of them. Well done Cunard on be half of the QV.... regards Roscoe
  15. thanks, there is nothing that we can do and we are in the lap of the Gods so might as well appreciate that we are probably in one of the safest places around at the moment. Im happy not to be in the states and getting of in FL, World Cruise party tonight for those who have done the full circuit so I will enjoy that in case it is the last party they have, the ship will be concerned at getting us back to the uk virus free and her reputation intact which I am more than happy for. I have booked for next year - I want to show my support for the ship and crew. They work hard and this is worse for them as we can all go back to our homes and jobs this will seriously impact them and the industry in general. The virus will pass and life will continue although maybe not as before....
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