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  1. if you are talking about the guy whop kept ordering the pisco sours....yes...im pretty sure i'll be back tonight....though a little more reticent those things are potent!!! Say hi next time!
  2. oh great thanks for that, boarding a plnae for snatiago in a few hours! forewarned is forearmed.... just as a followup , came through the airport yesterday, although a lot of construction going on, the airport is well organised and lots of trolleys everywhere. Everyone got the virus check but all good...
  3. thank you ......safely ensconced in the Hotel, the bar-man/woman now apparently already knows my name. There seems to be a lot of english being spoken in the bar so guessing quite a few of them are booked onto the Worlds best Queen, have updated the blog for todays adventures after the plane landed and now heading to bed for tomorrows trek into the Andes. I might have a chance to dry out there....alchoholseems very cheap here which could explain a lot.....
  4. Not wanting to steal Dagtanians excellent musings on his South American blog, I am jsut sitting at the airport now and just thought I'd let anyone know that is interested that I've started my blog of the trip on https://butarewethereyet.blogspot.com best regards Roscoe
  5. oh great thanks for that, boarding a plnae for snatiago in a few hours! forewarned is forearmed....
  6. lol....camera now has a handcuff attached to it ready to be snapped on my wrist as soon as i leave the ship...(it also has other uses which i might go into later...) Dogtanian will have enjoyed his trip around the tip then if he is a science journalist, another great blog mate..
  7. plenty of carts from memory, and quite a good duty free from memory, red label johnny walker 1l $25. ......... see you onboard.....roscoe
  8. awww shut thanks victoria, nearly onboard......packed and chomping at the bit here...
  9. Its a fabulous PG stateroom, Im in 5001 for the south american trip on QV this year, it has a forward facing window plus the balcony off to one side and is a square design with in my opinion much more room than the normal PGs. There are videos and photos online of these two staterooms.
  10. well I'm into the pisco sour tasting...i think we should accept that as a challenge as to finding the best piscos in South America....im up for it but are you???
  11. sounds like quite the town Dogtanian and great pics.. you've got some competition Gary...are you blogging this year?
  12. there has just been an announcement onboard by the captain saying that the QM2 is skipping Phuket, Port Kelang and Penang......
  13. that is a terrible racist policy, talk about xenophobia
  14. Hi Patti, Im on in San Antonio on the 29 of February.....Ive been very neglectful, ill email you ... Great Read Dogtanian20, enjoying your observations greatly....keep them up its building the anticipation of boarding.....
  15. heeeeeey Patti!....how are you? when are you coming cruising with us again? There is still space onto South American trip. Biggest hugs r
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