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  1. well any ship you are on Safrigal would encourage me to join in...lol... my only point about your suggestion is that there would be too many sea days without provisioning or refuelling, its a long hop from the med to Dubai to Australia (if they miss india) and then from Australia if you boomerang back to either South Africa then up the coast without stopping to Portugal at the earliest probably wouldn't be acceptable to most modern cruisers or are not as hardy or interested in sea days like us. The first trip we did around south america, it came across past easter Island, Pitcairn
  2. There was a WHO map displayed tonight on a news clip which was discussing the disparity of countries and their state poverty and when the roll out of the vaccine for COVID would be happening compared to the Worlds First World countries. The orange sections are predicted to be when the vaccine will be rolled out to the general population late 2022 and the red, not until the first or second quarter of 2023. Remembering of course that the roll out could take more than a few months depending on the population and how the Countries do the actual vaccinations. Rollout could t
  3. Hi safarigal...will mis you again next year and I fear even 2022 may not happen, Im not hopeful things will return for a number of years. Fortunately I can re-read all of our world cruise blogs and pretend! hope you are both well and not suffering landlubbery too much....best regards roscoe
  4. Celebrity ecli[pse docked in Valaparaiso this year.... some ships are still using Valpo but most have moved up the coast unfortunately
  5. just if you are interested, here is the first blog I wrote on our first trip around the horn, the series after this first post starts in Rio and finishes in Santiago in 2014, it gives you an idea of the ports and our experiences there, also of our circumnavigation of Hornos Island, (Cape Horn) http://roscoesseafever.blogspot.com/2014/01/rio-de-janeiro-city-of-contrasts.html Can thoroughly recommend it its a terrific experience. oh...and just my two cents, I like Starboard as you can see the land, which especially after Montevideo is really interesting, thought i
  6. I disagree Budget Queen, Ive sailed around the horn twice now, both times we did full circumnavigations of the island, and both times it was a magnificent experience.. this was the first time, 2014. http://roscoesseafever.blogspot.com/2014/02/parque-nacional-de-cabo-de-hornos_1.html
  7. you can blasé about some things Auscruiser but not the Titanic, its over 100 feet longer than the Mauritania and far more luxurious
  8. have replied to you on the other thread where you asked these questions Hilux... R
  9. Had this state-room for the last half of the South American Cruise this year, it is pretty amazing but please don't tell everyone, I would love to have it again. It was bigger than one of the Q's I saw this trip and it has a good layout, much better than the normal p's which i find to be narrow and badly configured. Best advantage to me is the forward facing window which i spent quite a bit of time staring out of, and it was a great stateroom to have a party in. You can find pics on my blog https://butarewethereyet.blogspot.com under the F
  10. thanks hattie, im now ensconced in a hotel at heathrow with fingers crossed for today flight. Ive updated blog and will probably continue on it while im waiting for my next step which is hopefully to Doha then onto NZ. I heard there were about 300 getting off yesterday and the majority were waiting to get off on the 28th. Neil has a full program for the entertainment and the ships company said that things would continue as normal as if the ship was still at sea, I did note however that the shops were shut...because of course it is in port. If you were on the starboard s
  11. thanks guys Ive had some nice comments on the blog, we re currently sailing up the solent towards southampton. My last chance is a flight tomorrow back to nz but there are lots of variables that could get in the way. Up to $20 k in flights already that have been cancelled and airlines are only giving credits. So guess the next flight trip to a cruisee will be way up the front.! good luck to everyone to save safe. regards Roscoe
  12. 1100 still here and the atmosphere had changed but its bouncing back now.... parties have started......i tried to beat my record of attendees tonight....but you'll have to read about it ..lol
  13. Im only reading this quickly as we have only just got internet back and will read it more throughly off line but in my mind Cunard has done a brilliant job of looking after us here on the Queen Victoria and should be commended. One thing in particular that is noticeable is that the crew on board have unreliable futures and yet they still come out from behind the green door each morning smiling and giving us the best service they can. Cunard has to juggle a fine line between their shareholders and maintaining their customer base in a very different world and I think them for looking after us he
  14. thanks Daisybel, Im not sure which one you mean but have just moved again in Fort Lauderdale into the 5002 which is at the front of the ship. jsut updated blog again our internet has been intermittent but seems to be back to normal
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