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  1. I do hope that the lifeboats will be loaded according to class........
  2. hi the free transit visa is easy to apply for, there was a reminder on the ship just before we hit Colombo during the World Cruise this year that it was needed so was glad I had organised it in advance and saved the scrabble on board to apply online for it. Sri Lanca was remarkably cleaner and better organised this year than previous years, the Chinese have been pouring money into the country and building motorways and roads and a big new container port. I hope that Sri Lance doesn't regret letting them do it.
  3. well so the event filled days of the laundry continue, thats comforting to know although curious to know how the deck 8 inhabitter was identified??? was it the sloppy joes or the red loyalty pin proudly displayed on her "my granddaughter went to Disneyland and all they bought me was this tee shirt" that gave away her away? did the laundry basket have the "stolen from deck 8" tag still attached? curious minds want to know......really they need to attach trackers to those things. Lucky she didn't push it as I wouldn't want to cross a New Yorker anyway otherwise they could end up with concrete boots and a swim in the Hudson. I loved the latest story going around the ship on this years WC, after our call to Australia it was rumoured that 4 Australians had gotten into the laundrette early and locked the doors and people lined up outside just thinking that the steward had just not unlocked them. It wasn't till the Ozzie's emerged undisturbed and triumphant with their clean and dry laundry that their rouse was discovered. Another myth to add to the chocolate bar in the dryer, the husbands fighting over the iron and being ejected at the next port, and the story of the stolen cocktail dress.......or was it? It actually sounds like a good idea.......although you didn't hear it from me. keep the stories coming to us - the landlocked
  4. in case you miss it........
  5. uprising in the laundry???? how unusual.....please elaborate...don;t spare any details.... she is a great ship, its a pity they cancelled her dry dock this year in favour of putting their efforts into the enigma that is the QA, poor ole Vicky is sure in need of a touch of paint on her hull particularly towards her stern. I see that you are halfway to Valletta, absolutely stunning port you will enjoy it.
  6. hey NowVoyager! you lucky thing, boarding the best ship afloat! I don't know where you are onboard but wherever it is Im sure you will have a great time. You may be a virgin now but it won't take you long to be broken in and seduced by our favourite queen, give her hull a tap as you enter her portal for me (and also my plaque on the companion way into the commodore club. Have a great trip and how about a few lines to keep us up to date whilst you are supping a cocktail. If Tomas is currently master you could remind him he owes me a blast on the whistle. best regards
  7. think you are right, when I was first issued a number the Aust/NZ market wasn't as big and the regions were not as divided as they seem to be now. That having said, a couple of times over the years when I have booked through a US agent and once through a UK agent the US number wa different and had to be amalgamated with my original number and the UK booking didn't.
  8. just to confuse it blue marble, my number is Australia/New Zealand with 9 letters and a letter at the end and was issued in the 90s
  9. I think that you will find everyone has a different answer. On my recent 64 days of the QV World Voyage I bought the essentials package for the duration and after the discounts from Diamond level and the discount they offered for buying the package I had to top the amount up by about $200 which for the service and accessibility being able to play Spotify etc I thought was well worth while. Most people will have differing amounts that they would have topped it up depending on the days and the loyalty level etc that they are on.
  10. I have just returned from the QV world cruise and BA managed to lose my bags in as much as they had not been loaded onto the flight to SFO. Fortunately I was staying in SFO and the luggage caught up with me the next day, before I boarded the flight to NZ. I must say BA could not have been more helpful and professional about getting the bags to me and the best advantage was that I didn't have to shlep the bags all around SFO which was worth quite a bit!
  11. OH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Please noooooo! The whole point of swimming against the tide is to be able to see others coming to avoid them....don't change it now it's taken me this long to educate others! besides what the point of rebelling now?
  12. thanks NE. Wee have had some terrific ANZAC days onboard the Cunarders over the years, especially those with Commodore Rynd on board. Yesterdays service here on the QV was well done and Tommi the CD snag a a terrific Gallipoli song that bought tears to a number of us in the audience. https://exitviathegiftshop.blogspot.com/2024/04/lest-we-forget-25-april-2024-day-that.html
  13. I do…but you know me i dont Like to be a problem for anyone…..
  14. Yes you can dine in the Brittania if you are in Grills, in my mind its courtesy just to give the MD a heads-up but I have had no problems doing so this trip in fact for the first part of the Wv I spent more time in the Brittania than the Grills dining room. I usually check out both menus and make my decision where to dine from there.Its interesting that the MDR has had snails a number of times this year when we have not had them at all upstairs and then had they still had venison on the menu when it had come off the "Off-Piste" menu in Grills.
  15. I agree, they have heard every excuse under the sun but surely if you have paid the double supplement and also purchased another stateroom (which went empty) then its not different from having them in the original booking?
  16. On the face of it that would work however your mother will only be able to dine in the Brittania restaurant. I had exactly this situation on the WV for the Qv on which we are still on. I was unable to add my partner who decided at the last minute to join us for a sector and they would not let me add him to my Princess booking so I had to book him into an Ocean View for the sector just to get him on the ship. Unfortunately they would not let him dine in Princess even though I had paid the 200% supplement. No amount of explaining that I had already paid for him seemed to make them see sense.
  17. Hi john so congratulations to you! , no i wasn't able to snaffle either of them this year much to my great disappointment however i did get a very good suite on deck 5 midships that is on the pushed out section with a curved balcony so i can look forward as well as out. Its slightly smaller but well worth it and i can thoroughly recommend it.
  18. We arrived in time to meet a boat containing some entertainers and couple of passenger's who apparently had done an overland, i dont remember an over land that finished in walvis bay so they must have been independent. Intriguing…. We are now underway again our champagne corks flying and the ghostly sound of a string quartet following us in a ethereal flume through the fog ofwhich has enveloped us. i must say, i live a good fog horn..
  19. well that certainly made for an interesting couple of days. We are now heading to Tenerife so ten days at sea because as you know by now Walvis Bay has to be missed (don't worry there's nothing there, a couple of flamingos and a pile of sand) Can't wait .... I love the sea days unfortunately there are some on board not so enamoured with them and the rumbling continues, as you would expect after all .....We are Cunard. Some think that Cunard did it on purpose to save port fees others are blaming Viking for not being adventurous. Although the Captain did tell us the Viking ship was refusing to move in his broadcast there would have been much more going on behind the scenes and it wasn't necessary for us to know all the details. We were off in Port Elizabeth to do our own overlands independently and were nicely ensconced in our lodge having just returned from our early morning game drive when I looked at ship tracker and must admit to having a bit of a surprise when I saw the QV was still out to sea. Facebook was a nightmare and the rumours swirling around about what would happen next were more amusing than alarming as it was obvious that if she wanted able to get in that day she would have to just wait it out until she could. There was the refuelling for her stint up the coast of Africa to Tenerife, 900 passengers getting off, 700 getting on, the provisions the ship so badly needed and the Captain wanting his holiday plus a number of Cunard sponsored excursions that were on land. There was no way the company could not complete those tasks so if it took a couple of days waiting it out she would have to. It is also a good lesson in taking out good travel insurance. As it turned out despite the naysayers online and after a great night in a hotel in Capetown with all of us gelling in a group of combined experience - those on the Cunard excursions being covered completely by the company - food booze accommodation the lot, we had a great night out with them in the V & A waterfront area dining on Zebra and sampling some very fine South African Wines - it all went very well. I think the numbers swelled to about 15 of us in the hotel. some independant some sponsored by the company I must say as an independant and watching how Cunard's Agents worked on the excursions behalf they were very well looked after. Fortunately I had recognised some from my dining room and stuck to them like a limpet as I knew that to do so meant that I was where I was meant to be at the right time. Once the ship got in, the ship swung into action and the began bunkering and she provisioned right up until 7.15pm that night and once they got immigration off the Hull doors were slammed shut and it was just a waiting game. There had been an opportunity at 6pm to get us away but the ship wasn't ready. They checked all night until finally at 6am a narrow opportunity opened, we had half an hour to make a break for it and within minutes and to much horn blowing between us and the QM2 we made a break for the breakwater and out into the seas. I believe that the port was closed behind us although don't quote me. The QM2 finally made it out at 3am 8 hours late. This is quite typical of my previous port visits here so was expected. I've read the viking threads......oh you guys are funny......some of the comments had me chuckling...oh how we laughed. All good now although some on board are angry at Viking and some have some great conspiracy theories about the whole adventure, don't let facts get int he way of a good story. Will update the blogs completely in the next few days. exitviathegiftshop.blogspot.com
  20. why thanks NE, of course the adventure across the sea has been nothing compared to doing Safari and game drives here at dawn on the Eastern Cape of South Africa or watching the Cheetah Kill the Zebra yesterday. Back to looking at sea rubbish in a couple of days when we catch the ship up.....
  21. something people do in the Weekend?
  22. 4062 is an obstructed view, not a balcony, you might want to recheck that number if you think its a balcony. I had a friend in that particular cabin from Auckland to Sydney last month.
  23. I thought last nights Gala evening looked really good, the ship positively sparkled and shone, at least last night there seemed to be a good uptake of the dress requirements.
  24. Shux and thanks richard, it was a great visit and i would have happily spent a few days taking in the portugese history there… the casinos dont hold any interest but there is plenty of other entertainments to be had there
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