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  1. What was it that you didn't like about the Pearl? Your response may help folks target your preferences more accurately.
  2. Q does have a small bar, with maybe a half-dozen barstools. I ordered a drink & waited there for the rest of my group to show up, had a brief but nice conversation with another person similarly situated. It's stuck back in the corner & primarily serves the servers getting drinks for the tables, though. Not much ambiance.
  3. The August 5th date was in the "dear valued guest" email that they sent you when your cruise was automatically cancelled. It was also noted on the website banner for a while after the government travel restrictions were announced.
  4. We enjoyed it as well. I'm actually a KCBS bbq judge, so I went in not expecting too much, but everything we tried was pretty good. When we were there, the band's first set was mostly acoustic... their second set was louder & had lots of people on the dance floor. Plan your dinner conversation accordingly.
  5. I'm a tea drinker. Maybe they mean "pots of tea," which is what I always get when I order hot tea at breakfast. But yeah, that number seems low to me too.
  6. I've done it, but I like to eat late, after 8. If you try it at prime dinner time, you'll be waiting for a while.
  7. It's pretty standard at the land-based HATM too. At my local one, they often post a "menu" of special-request prices by writing on the mirror behind the stage with dry erase markers. ($XX for a birthday stage call, and so forth.) As the evening wears on, and the alcohol flows, the prices tend to be revised upwards for repeat requests.
  8. The wine is quite dry with some citrus notes. If I'm with a group, I take the bottle to breakfast one morning & ask the server to exchange it for a cold one -- they are happy to do this. Then we have a mimosa & poinsettia party.
  9. Last year, the answer was No, because they're not serving food (only the specialty cocktails.) It's a shame if they're not showing any longer... I really enjoyed it.
  10. I use a lanyard with a plastic sleeve, but I made one out of an old necklace, so it looks more like jewelry and less industrial-office-chic. Darn women's clothing without adequate pockets!!
  11. I'm not a huge Carnival fan, but I did love the Alchemy concept... Your best bet for an Alchemy-esque experience is to chat up one of the bartenders at Mixx, or maybe Tobacco Road. I've yet to run into a 'tender that doesn't love to get a little creative if you catch him when he's not slammed. Go at a slow time & ask for recommendations.
  12. We did it as a poker crawl on the last one I organized, there was a small fee to buy in ($5,) visited 5 bars, draw a card at each stop, the top three hands split the pot 70/20/10. If you want some ideas about creative variations on the theme, google "motorcycle poker run," there's lots of clubs that do these kind of things (although there's a lot more mileage involved when you're talking about motorcycle clubs)
  13. This story made me think about that old axiom: "Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker"
  14. We did a full Panama transit earlier this year (albeit in the other direction) and we had no excursions in Panama. Basically, you don't stop, you just go thru the Canal all day. This is different from the partial transits, where you stop in Gatun Lake & there are some things to do off the ship (the railway, &c.) (Costa Rica, eh, just seemed disorganized. Our excursion there got cancelled so we just walked around the straw market at the foot of the pier.)
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