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  1. If I am NOT travelling in the company of someone, and that person expects me to do something, I fail to see how that's even remotely my issue. I will carry on doing as I wish.
  2. As Keith says, they don't have a pay-to-upgrade option. Maybe you could choose a different perk instead of the 3 night dining -- and then buy the 7 night package outright. Depending on which type of cabin you're booking, that might come out better for you; you'd have to crunch the numbers to see.
  3. Sure, you can just purchase a specialty dining package for 3 or more nights to cover the additional nights. If you want only one or two additional nights, you can just pay for those meals a la carte.
  4. Stoli Vanil was covered on our Star cruise in February. Try ordering a White Russian with it, delicious.
  5. Cruise prices tend to follow a bell curve over time. They start low, then go up as demand increases. Then, they'll drop like a stone after final payment, which can yield some fantastic bargains, but only for unsold cabins; there's no telling if you'll be able to get a cabin in the category you want. Also, the last-minute sailaway fares typically don't have perks, like the beverage package. Only you can say whether that's an important factor for you. Moral: Book as early as possible, or wait until the last minute. EDIT: On re-reading, I noticed that you mention a suite... the unsold "fire-sale" cabins tend to be the lower-priced insides & suchlike. It's almost impossible to get a suite at a sailaway price. I'd book as soon as you can.
  6. If you get a good one, s/he can be quite helpful. Mine typically calls me back within the hour if I leave a message. (I always call, never email.) I generally book through the website, but use my PCC to "fine-tune" the booking -- change a perk or whatever. He also patiently answers my questions. If you still want to see what he can do for you, try leaving your PCC a voicemail; if he doesn't respond to that, then see about getting a new one.
  7. My top reason: NCL does a good job with the solo cruisers, even on ships that don't have the studio cabins. There's always a solo meetup in the dailies. Other lines, hit-and-miss. Also, I like the entertainment better.
  8. I have only once witnessed someone cut off at the bar at NCL -- she was a weepy drunk & was drawing a good deal of attention. On the other hand, I have seen severely inebriated people continue to be served, many many times. So, yes, NCL may cut you off if they deem you to be too intoxicated, but it's pretty rare.
  9. We did a full Miami-Los Angeles transit earlier this year -- it was only 14 days. Just saying, you might have options other than the 21 day cruise if you think that might be a little too long for your folks.
  10. I am still trying to work out if post number 8 is meant as a joke or not.
  11. This happens all the time. Flights are redirected due to weather, due to mechanical issues, whatever. Last time my daughter flew out to see me, the first leg of her trip got diverted to a different airport due to high winds, and she missed her connection. The airline did finally get her here, but it was half a day later than expected (& not a penny of compensation.)
  12. Do you just loooove Italian, or are you kind of meh on it? The osso bucco is quite good. The overall menu is about half a step up from your average Olive Garden, but only you can say if that sounds good to you.
  13. Last year, I arrived about 30 min early & got the very last seat stuck waaaay in the back corner for the third show (which is the Sgt. Pepper show, and the best of them -- so if you see only one, make it that one)
  14. Maltings was my favorite bar, but try them all 🙂 The Beatles show at the Cavern Club was really fun. They actually do four different show throughout the week, starting with the moptop Fab Four stuff, and progressing through to their later years. Get there early, it always fills up in a hurry. We rented a cabana on the island, which was a bit pricey, but worth it IMHO. I really enjoyed the ice bar! It's a small upcharge. A very unique experience.
  15. Life's too short to wait around for someone to decide to show up for adventures. If they do, great. If they don't, great, go have your own adventure.
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