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  1. Beer is included. I drink wine, so can't comment on brands
  2. DW and I enjoyed Eric 's shows & jokes . We have cruised RCI, Celebrity and Hurtiigruten besides Azamara. If you like outstanding service and don't mind a small shower, you will like Azamara.
  3. Thanks, we are on Adventure March 14, 50th anniversary celebration with family. First cruise for them. Tom
  4. Tom47

    Included wines.

    I went to a wine store and bought wines that I enjoyed on Azamara. Gnarly Head Cabernet $10.99--October 2019 cruise New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. --2017-18 cruises Marlborough Vines--$14.99. Sale price $9.99 Matua--$15-- sale price $10 Kai Mai $12, sale $10 Stone Bay. $13, sale $9
  5. We are on Adventure of the Seas March 14, and we are also from WNY. Looking forward to your review.
  6. Tom47

    Included wines.

    We were on the Journey from October 10-27. We were happy with included wines.
  7. Tom47

    English vs American

    Today I went to Trader Joes and bought 80 Irish Breakfast tea bags.
  8. Ha ha! I believe DW has used those phrases to me more than once. We are just off the Journey, Oct 10-27, b2b. Regarding Eric and new songs. He brought DW onto the dance floor twice, once during our 1st cruise, put his arm around her and said "They don't grow them very big where she comes from." On the second cruise at the M&M, he looked at her and said "I have plans for you tonight." DW is 4'10'' to Eric's self described 5'18". He brought her onto the dance floor and started singing "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top." while sitting on a backless table. He started rocking back and forth, and DW, afraid of falling, reached out for something to hold onto. It was Eric's knee. He took her hand off his knee, and said "This isn't that kind of cruise dear." She knew that she was doomed when he saw her sitting in the audience and her feet didn't touch the floor. I brought my camera the second show and have pictures, but I can't figure how to download onto cc.
  9. Tom47

    English vs American

    I'm happy with Twinning 's. I am pleased that you found a tea that you like.
  10. Clkarification: We choose based on itinerary, service and no smoking inside ship. Azamara evidently pays crew more(price includes tips & drinks). On our last cruise I said to our waiter"See you tomorrow." He said tomorrow was his day off. Their retention rate is in the 90s compared with 80% quoted in the article. I heard an Azamara lecturer say something similar: "Azamara pays better than the mass market lines and gives the crew more time off because they have such a high crew to pax ratio. Mass market lines work their crew like dogs." I was hoping for civilized responses not the rude one from the obnoxious jerk, which is why I didn't elaborate.
  11. See https://www.businessinsider.com/cruise-ship-workers-describe-grueling-conditions-job-2019-11?fbclid=IwAR0AdYNceIv-BKre6mIxD3IzXfX_X706xnvh9tVGALoOOObJX_dblZMshg8 We have only been on 1 RCI cruise and have 2 more booked. We have also cruised on Celebrity(8 times) and Azamara(4 times). Azamara has the best service of all 3 with 400 crew for 690 pax, about 60% ratio. We choose based on itinerary. We have never cruised on any of the other cruise lines mentioned, but were considering HAL and Princess. Any thoughts?
  12. I am just off Azamara Journey, b2b, October 10-27, and I will answer questions.
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