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  1. The Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires . This is considered to be the home church of the current pope Pope Francis who was born in Buenos Aires .
  2. Thank you and we appreciate your encouragement . If it's any consolation we do have some more yet before we finish and switch gears . We just did a late booking on the Zuiderdam today for a June cruise with a number of new ports that we need to research . 😊 🙂
  3. The place that we had lunch at used to be a butcher shop You can still see the meat hooks and racks The fried Provolone was really good as was the grilled filet ,
  4. The Port of Miami and downtown The City of Miami and I-95 . It runs 1900 miles from Miami to Maine . Marlins park was built on the former Orange Bowl stadium site . The Orange Bowl was where the University of Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins played . It was around for 70 years before being demolished in 2008 . I really felt like we were back home when I saw a rescue truck of my former employer outside of our window . The return drive home took 4 hours , twice as much time as the original trip from home to MIA .
  5. As the ships leave Government Cut to the Atlantic Ocean you can see Fisher Island on the right and South Beach on the left Looking back at the downtown area with Fisher Island on the left and South Beach on the right . South Beach adds a lot of color to the beach like this art deco crankshaft and art deco life guard towers Solar powered tower Walking along Government Cut I got a free model shot with the Fisher Island condos behind them South Beach A couple of sail outs Here comes the Sun Dinner with my wife and a friend
  6. We also went to the Mercado San Telmo We didn't buy any of the fruits or vegetables as they would not be allowed on board These Dulce de Leche stores seemed like they were everywhere We could tell that we were nearing Boca
  7. Flying over Miami we can see cruise ships in the Port of Miami , South Beach and the triangular shaped Fisher Island . You can also see the water treatment plant at Virginia Key . As of 2015, Fisher Island had the highest per capita income[3] of any place in the United States. The CDP had only 218 households and a total population of 467. From Wikipedia Access to the island is on a ferry boat Oprah , Boris Becker , Mel Brooks , and Ann Bancroft have owned property here . It cost $250,000 initially and $ 22,000 a year for the ferry and other amenities . https://www.businessinsider.com/fisher-island-miami-florida-tour-richest-zip-code-2018-1 The island has the last fire station that I worked at before I retired .
  8. After leaving the leather store we did some walking and window shopping This store had some beautiful carvings , some from ivory
  9. We also did this cruise on December 17 , 2018 finishing in Buenos Aries January 8, 2019 . This may give you some ideas and photos to help you decide what to on your cruise . We also went to El Chaltan The Perito Moreno Glacier And Torres del Paine You also may see Penguins , Humpback and Orca Whales . And you will not forget the icebergs , glaciers and Antarctica You can see more including videos here at our Cruise Critic Travelogue :
  10. The Aerolineas lounge was quite comfortable early in the morning . We had a number of Pesos left over so we bought a new backpack to replace our old brown one . After being called for the plane we had to stop at a table and open up all of our carry on luggage and remove all of the electric devices and turn them on before boarding . We had packed them a certain way and trying to repack them so that every thing fit was a real pain . Fortunately there were only 8 people in business class Lunch is served
  11. Our guide also took us to some other places that we had not planned . After leaving the cemetery we walked beside it past the dog park to this place for leather . It's funny because we had seen this store on a TV program called Samantha Brown : Passport to Latin America back in 2007 . They we running the program on their TV screen inside the store which was fine for me since I'm not the savvy shopper that my wife is . But I did notice some alligator or crocodile bags on the top shelf that reminded me of some things that my mom use to have . While the store smelled like leather bit it looked like money to me I must admit that this jacket looked really good on my wife ! We did buy some things for the kids , grandsons and SIL and DIL .
  12. Just a few more sites before we move on We saw some great photography on Netflix this morning . It is called Our Planet Episode #2 : Frozen Worlds . The first half was Antarctica and showed whales , killer whales and penguins .
  13. From our eye in the sky perch we could see the green life jackets on the Promenade deck preparing the next cruise for the safety drill The Costa Favolosa was out the port before the Zaandam Away she goes on her next adventure in Antarctica We saw some great photography on Netflix this morning . It is called Our Planet Episode #2 : Frozen Worlds . The first half was Antarctica and showed whales , killer whales and penguins .
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