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  1. Check out the guy on the right standing on the overhang
  2. We had an absolutely beautiful day and weather in Geirangerfjord on a private tour yesterday . Looking forward to sharing the photos .
  3. We had an absolutely beautiful day and weather in Geirangerfjord on a private tour . Looking forward to sharing the photos .
  4. We were in the aft and we could really feel a difference with the increased speed .
  5. That was about becoming a new country apart from England . The other is about eliminating cruise ships and cruising . Goodbye Cruise Critic and this format .
  6. You're welcome . Todays forecast for Alesund 52 F , 60% chance of rain . Sunrise 3:40 AM sunset 11:32 .
  7. All the more reason that HAL should should be near Gamla Stan like several NCL cruises we were on or saw and like the larger AIDA ship there on June 6th . The Princess ship in front of us had a shuttle and our previous trip on Celebrity had a shuttle . HAL should have a shuttle . We have thought of HAL as a Premium Cruise Line. They could and should do better for all their passengers.
  8. On a different note , we had a great day in Bergen . However , we are not allowed to leave Bergen without a Pilot boat and the pilot became sick and was admitted to the ship's infirmary . He was taken by an ambulance and a replacement pilot is suppose to have us leaving about an hour late at 1900 .
  9. We are not sure when the protesters arrived, but we first noticed them about 2:30pm on the starboard side. There were several police boats there . More police boats arrived and S&R boats with water canons. S&R boats are not allowed to use their water canons and the police do not have any, per police officer on a zodiac boat talking with passengers below us. Numerous times the police spoke with the protesters. About 9:30pm the police surrounded the boat attached to the Zuiderdam. They moved the boat away from the ship. and one of the women plopped into the water and refused help getting into the boat. She looked pretty prepared with wetsuit, PFD and short fins. She was later plucked out of the water and in custody. 3 more protesters swam past the ship and disappeared under the pier behind the Zuiderdam. Police stayed on scene and some escorted the Zuiderdam to safe and open water. This what happened on our side of the ship.
  10. Sorry that your vacation was ruined . We're off to enjoy the rest of ours in the land of the trolls - while we still can .
  11. They have also built Dolphin class submarines with possible nuclear capabilities . And how about Meyer Werft and Fincanieri ? Go protest at the builders not on people's vacations .
  12. Is waiting until people get hurt or killed really the criteria for action ? An ounce of prevention is better . Why aren't these protesters protesting at an AIDA or Mein Schiff ship or at the Naval shipyard across from Zuiderdam building ships in Kiel ?
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