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  1. Don't cross the stones Molting Walk like a penguin
  2. We did get to go to Norway this year and are really looking forward to Bimmer's photos and insight !
  3. This station was opened in 1938 The mosaics seem to sense the gathering storm clouds of WW II . And the need of the people to defend themselves The train to our next stop : Novoslobodskaya
  4. After the drill had concluded , 45 minutes of the cold , wind and rain had taken a toll and we wanted to find a warmer and drier place . First a quick photo of the world's largest cannon , which was never fired in battle , the giant Tsar Cannon . http://www.moscow.info/kremlin/palaces/tsar-cannon.aspx Followed by the world's largest bell , the Tsar Bell , which has never been rung . http://www.moscow.info/kremlin/palaces/tsar-bell.aspx Moving on and in contrast , we headed for a very busy place , the Metro . The Moscow Metro is one of the world's largest and busiest . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_Metro We were in the center of this map . Our first stop is Belorusskaya , which is named for the train station there to Belarus . Overhead are mosaics depicting life in Soviet Belarus . Including the joy of labor .
  5. Fredriksborg Castle Hidden hardware Swedish sunset
  6. Sail out was a slightly different route Very busy on the sail out This is more our speed It is amazing how close the ships would get near some islands We had a Swedish SAR flyover
  7. The sail in to Stockholm takes several hours through the Swedish Archipelago and you get pretty close to some of the islands and houses It was still very early but the bow was open
  8. Sorry about that Chief . I wonder if Flickr and Photobucket are related ?
  9. Agreed ! We had a couple of issues in South America that we don't care to repeat .
  10. Thank you . Should we pre book a Taxi ? The Last time we pre booked to Mount Saint Michel as a day trip and it was fantastic !
  11. We would like to go from LeHarve to Paris Nord to catch the 12:25 train to Rotterdam . We would like to take a couple of quick photos of the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe . We arrive at 07:00 in LeHarve and have priority disembarkation ( 4 bags ). Any ideas would be welcome . Thanks .
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