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  1. It is subsiding. Haven't seen hardly any in South Florida for a good month now.
  2. Lol. Lesson learned. How naive would someone have to be to blow money on expensive items from shady little shops in shady areas? Goodness. Consider this a life lesson that was probably worth every penny. Though you don't seem to be grasping the lesson...
  3. BNBR

    Is Nassau Safe?

    Eh, you probably weren't hanging out at the shanty towns when visiting the abacos. The wealthy elites are not a large contingent of the refugees.
  4. It's not always that simple. It's kind of offensive when you act like it's just the parent not trying. My oldest was potty trained super fast. Before 2. My youngest just flat our refused until he was 3. We tried everything. Every technique and suggestion we could find. It wasn't going to happen. It's just the way it is sometimes and kids are different.
  5. "Entertained" is the tough one. They do have some toys and what not, and the staff did try and keep mine entertained. It may be sufficient for you. Not sure.
  6. Dang. I guess it is what it is, then. The nursery, again, is very much a nursery. A few toys and the ladies will probably play with him a bit. But it's not a fun kids program in any way. Personally, I would just wait and book a cruise when you are sure he can do the kids program. And I'm telling you this as someone who put my active almost 3 year old in the nursery, we wouldn't do it again.
  7. Guess we got lucky a few months ago, as Alchemy was generally easy to get a seat and if full, on the far side you could always walk up and get a drink. I'd say a lot of your comments were accurate. The ship felt tired, rusty, smokey, and crowded. Along with mediocre MDR food but pretty outstanding service. Overall it was an OK cruise for us, but we are hesitant to continue with Carnival.
  8. It was Maloneys in June on Magic. Had no problem getting it.
  9. If this is critical for you to enjoy your vacation, I'd suggest going with Carnival as their programs start at 2 years old and they will handle diapers as well. They don't have the strict potty training requirements. This is for their standard, free camp with all the fun activities. The nursery on Royal is very much a nursery and may be miserable for a 3 year old. When my youngest was almost 3, we had to use the nursery and he dealt with it for the most part but it was a fraction of the fun/quality of a full kids camp. It's not camp. It's just babysitting. In hindsight, knowing what I know now, it was unfair to him and I would have sailed Carnival, even if it's not as nice a ship as Anthem. You don't want to put your active 3 year old in a tiny quiet nursery with no kids programs. That's not fair. Go with Carnival.
  10. Does your cruise line offer an excursion? My first thought is to do an excursion that drops you off at the Miami Airport. They often have a bus tour. From the airport, just take the Hilton shuttle. Personally, though, I'd Uber to the hotel and drop off luggage/check in. Then head out for the day. Uber back over to a hoho stop after.
  11. I take it you felt comfortable leaving your car there. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  12. We need to put this comparison to rest. Assisted living is ASSISTED. Which means someone who is unable to care for themselves. Other than cooking/cleaning, a cruise line is not offering assisted living services. Hence the price difference. Someone could live in a low income 55+ community with meal delivery and cleaning services for FAR less than a cruise ship. Not saying a cruise ship isn't a great retirement option for some people, but it's ridiculous to compare it to an assisted living facility/nursing home that has medical care and ASSISTANCE with living. Personally, I could see some value in spending 3 months per year on a cruise ship once I hit retirement. But definitely not year-round.
  13. Yup, Government Center for anyone who may want the name of the station. You could park at Earlington Heights, ride the train to government center, then Uber to the port (VERY close by). Then just Uber back to Earlington directly when you return from the cruise. Cruisers do park at the station and not ride the train, so this is optional, but it IS the rules and none of us can say there is no risk if you don't play by the rules. However, for $4.50/day compared to $22/day, it may be worth it for some. Earlington Height IS an overnight/long-term parking garage with security.
  14. If you really want to play by the rules, then ride the metro downtown, closer to the port, then hop in an Uber there.
  15. A little "hack" is to park at the Earlington Heights metro rail garage. Overnight and long term is allowed for $4.50 per day. Uber is about $12 each way and just a few minutes from the port. Save about $100 on a 7 day cruise. Even with armed security, still a higher risk of a break in than at the port. But plenty of people do park there for the airport and what not.
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