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  1. We've been spending time in Placid and just got back from 4 weeks in Nashville and Asheville. Similar sentiment, may as well get out. It is nice that restaurants can still function in Broward for sure. Went out last night actually. Though we won't be doing much of that. I just feel bad for all the businesses (including my own!). This whole thing is such a mess. I'm glad they are protesting. It's not fair. Unless Miami wants to start writing checks to these business owners to cover the expenses inflicted upon them.
  2. Yup. And then Broward tries to copy, usually...
  3. Not sure I'd call it complicated as much as I would call it inconsistent. Mostly just South Florida where the elected officials pretty much suck.
  4. There is a workaround to be able to use the ramps. Not sure I should post it here, though. BlueHerons, if you have any friends stuck who can't take their boat out, PM me if you want. We have a cruise that goes to Italy in October. Curious how that's all going to pan out.
  5. For us, that was State Parks, too. Shame those were closed. Our favorite parks are quite empty and distancing is obviously no issue. This was the day before they closed. Not exactly crowded.
  6. The spring breakers and irresponsible boaters ruined that for us. Broward finally closed boat ramps and marinas to recreational boaters, and the beaches have been closed. Sucks. No parks, no beaches, no boating.
  7. Lot of confusion here. Most Florida liquor licenses (at least the beer/wine one) already allows you to sell PACKAGED alcohol (think bottles/cans of beer, bottle of wine, etc.) to go. That is nothing new. There are, however, licenses that do not allow you to sell for off-premise, for example, a hotel bar. The change is that restaurants who couldn't sell off premise can now sell togo (sealed containres) and all licensees can now DELIVER it to your door. Both togo and delivery has to be a sealed container (unopened bottle/cans). This isn't some rule that allows you to just hand people a margarita to drive home with - open containers laws still absolutely apply!
  8. Just trying to navigate all of the business closures, massive cuts in my staff, helping them, etc. Luckily we are able to continue functioning. I'm staying away from the office and in isolation just in case. So for me, this feels a bit like forced retirement. My day to day is virtually nothing. Weird feeling. But in a way, we are kind of embracing it, enjoying time with the kids, and recognizing we are very fortunate for our personal situation. We are going back and forth to our other house just for a change of pace, enjoying the lake and what not. State Parks just closed, which kind of sucks as there is an amazing and isolated park up here that was a lot of fun to go and walk around at. Like BlueHerons, my goal is to still have a functioning liver when all this is done 🙂
  9. Sun-Sentinel is free right now, for what that's worth. No need to pay for it.
  10. Not a port for whale watching. Sorry
  11. We did Baha Mar when it first opened, most of the hotel wasn't done. SLS and Rose weren't open yet either. It was amazing, lol. Imagine a mega resort virtually to yourself! Tough to go back now that it's busy.
  12. We stayed at Atlantis in May and never had an issue with crowds. Yeah, it got busier with the cruisers, but never outrageous.
  13. Not sure what you consider an arm and a leg, but Blue Lagoon is about as good as you'll find for a chair, beach, and swimming. Why not do something unique?
  14. Harmony would be the obvious choice.
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