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  1. I am with you on 3FF....I am booked for Nov 2020 under Sip n Sail but really want 3FF. Hoping pricing remains steady. My price is up $80 for Landmark sale but although OBC makes it cheaper not willing to book nonrefundable that far out.
  2. Folks I am curious about the book, cancel, rebook philosophy as it relates to trip insurance. Will the insurers allow the cruise insurance to follow you as long as you are on the same sailing? I am talking about 3rd party policies not anything purchased from NCL. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone already booked on the Sky Princess Lido deck INSIDE cabins L111 -L1215 have any info from either their TA or Princess as to what the open area above on the Sun Deck or below on Marina deck is? On the Royal/Regal the Sun deck is the Sanctuary but on the Sky its open space. Considering booking an inside on Lido but concerned about potential for noise above. Obviously nobody has sailed yet but thought someone who is already booked may have checked. And yes, I know the drill....only book with cabins directly above and below.....but on this cruise we would really like to book Lido deck. Thanks!
  4. Tried pizza brom the buffet twice on the Dawn...did get past one bite either time. I have had much better pizza on Carnival and Princess but the fact they were more freshly prepared probay helped. I liked the burger I had in O'Sheehans and on Lido deck.
  5. My biggest plus for NCL is the casual dress. No formal nights, can go to MDR in jeans and a nice top. I realize to some the casual dress is a downside, so all depends on personal preference.
  6. Thanks ggTexasGal. How would one get a Shore Excursion form prior to boarding?
  7. Can clamshells for Harvest Caye be booked online prior to boarding....like an excursion? First time visiting Harvest Caye.
  8. I book SW frequently and the best thing to do is check back every few days. I have seen that "we will start booking by...." date change and be moved up sooner or pushed out. I too am looking to check pricing/book for the late Feb/early Mar timeframe
  9. On a related note is NCL more restrictive with stockholder OBC than other lines like CCL? Can I use it along with the various NCL promotions or with a casino rate? Thanks
  10. Cabin question.....I am looking to book an obstructed view balcony on the Sky. I understand this ship is similar in layout to the Royal and Regal but I have only been on the smaller ships. looking for cabin suggestions with least obstruction facing outward....lifeboats below and cant look down is ok but want to be able to see out above the railing. Thanks.
  11. They would not fill my personal cup either on the Dawn a few weeks ago. but the bartender took it and then filled an NCL glass which he used to fill my personal cup. He very politely said said sorry this was how he had to do it. Great service!
  12. Hey shadowmeboy, it was nice meeting you at the CC meet and greet. We enjoyed our first NCL cruise in several years and first time in Canada/NE. The Dawn was a perfect size ship for us, we will be back on her in March.
  13. We just disembarked in Manhatten a few weeks ago. Our first cruise from that port. We did not book transpo to LGA ahead of time and we had a crazy time finding something upon disembarking. In retrospect I wish we would have either used NCL transfer even tho we felt it was overpriced, or arranged ahead of time for Super Stuttle. Once we got a taxi our drive to LGA was smooth and no problem getting to the terminal, but chaos at the port. Of note, we were some of the last off the ship...late flight so no hurry...that may have contributed.
  14. We have taken our power strips w/o surge protectors on Carnival, Princess and NCL with no issue. However my daughter had the exact same one confiscated one Carnival earlier this year. She did not know enough to make a case to security that it was not a surge protector. Just returned from a Princess cruise a few weeks ago and it was no problem
  15. We are flying from the East coast to Seattle the night before our cruise arriving 8pm. Looking for an inexpensive hotel to spend the night (bonus if a basic breakfast is included) and best option for transportation to Pier 91 the next day. Will be spending 2 days post cruise (hotel already booked) so will be seeing the sights then. Thanks!
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