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  1. Refared my Sky Southern Carribeean cruise for Nov 2020 already booked under 3 For Three and saved $140 per person and added specialty dining. With a refundable deposit. Win all around!!
  2. Just off the Star and I walked the Promenade deck several mornings. 2.5 laps is a mile.
  3. Only 4 more days! We were on NCL over the summer and while I do like some of their alternative free dining options I soooo missed the International Cafe!
  4. Princess cruiser here who just sailed NCL. We headed straight to the MDR for lunch, it was open until at least 1pm I believe and not busy at all. I expect O'Sheehans would be available as well. I was on a the Dawn, your ship may have more options.
  5. Sailed on the Dawn this past June. Booked it again for next Spring. We liked the size, not into the mega ships! Cant speak to your cabin question though as we had an inside.
  6. When we were on the Coral Princess last year they had Alfredos pizza for lunch at Sabatinnis on one of the sea days. Anyone know if the Star also does this? Thanks.
  7. Even simpler we just write the necessary info right on the statement page we are faxing. Last few times the OBC has been posted within 24 hours.
  8. Just called Princess to refare my Nov 2020 booking under the refundable promo code. Saved $100....not alot but I will take it!
  9. Exactly what I needed, thanks! Anyone know what the 'coupon book' is, wondering if it is value added for us (i am sure this varies by person).
  10. Anyone have the refundable deposit Promo codes yet for 3 for Free? I know from my last experience it will help to already have the info when I call. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info on cabs. We wont be rushed to get back to port as we are there until 10pm. But I will note to be sure we have a contact to get a cab back to port. Hoping we may be able to find someone to share a cab and split the cost.
  12. I am looking at options as well. we will be there early Oct arriving 1pm. martincath, are taxis readily available at the port? any update on uber becoming available in Victoria...at one time I read possibly September. Thanks.
  13. We used it last September and really liked it. Ticket was good for 24 hours.
  14. Hey, we are on that sailing too! So excited to go on this new ship. I will look for the roll call.
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