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  1. Where we live in Alabama they are just opening up vaccinations for those 75 and older on Jan. 18. This doesn't help us (early 70's) at all. I suspect it will be March to April before we get our shots. What about those less than 65 in most states who want to cruise? Summer seems most likely for cruising to begin even in Europe since they are having trouble distributing the vaccine, with the exception of Great Britain. IMHO I don't think the Great Arctic Adventure is going to happen this year. Sorry.
  2. You are so lucky. Here in Alabama we are after the teachers. Happy New Year
  3. I heard the same thing on the news here in Alabama regarding what DeSantis wants to do. I don't know if he was allowed to implement it or not. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  4. For many years we worked with a large travel agency who gave good rebates and reasonably good service. That is, until Covid hit. Then they were impossible to reach. As I have said on these boards before, they charged a final payment to our credit card a month before it was due to Regent. Then when we wanted to cancel the cruise we were forced to take FCC instead of just getting back our deposit. When we tried to reach them over other issues we were forced to send an email to a generic address, and hope that someone would get back to us. Since then we have switched to a small agency w
  5. Congrats. Can't wait until we get ours here in Alabama. I look at it as one step closer to getting on a cruise ship again.
  6. Here is the press release regarding NCL doing a private placement for $850 million in stock that will close on December 18. As you can read, NCL gave a long list of caveats that enter into whether they will be viable, or not. NCL Corporation Ltd. Announces Upsizing and Pricing of $850,000,000 of Senior Notes BY GlobeNewswire — 5:31 PM ET 12/15/2020 MIAMI, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NCL Corporation Ltd. (“NCLC”), a subsidiary of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. ( NCLH Loading...
  7. Given some of the countries we are traveling to, potentially, we can either wear masks and social distance or risk getting ill because they have not eliminated the pandemic.
  8. The safest thing for the next six months, or until science tells us otherwise, is to wear a mask. I can’t wait to take the vaccine, but I don’t want any surprises later.
  9. I totally agree. Except for the time we paid an upcharge for a tour that consisted of a 2 hour bus trip, a one hour tour around a park, and a 2 hour bus trip back to the ship. This is by far the exception.
  10. The only reason for not using Regent is if you really want to plan your own shore excursions using guides you have hired. The cost of shore excursions is built into the cost, and Regent will not adjust the fare if you don't want to go on the excursions. This is opposed to a reduction in fare if you want to get your own air reservations or want to travel on coach out of the US rather than business class. By the way, we have generally loved the Regent excursions and find it reduces the planning time tremendously.
  11. Or they will be offered an alternative vaccine that does not have the same side affect profile.
  12. To add support to how far the government will go to protect passengers on a cruise ship, yesterday in the newly passed defense appropriation bill there is a provision that every cruise ship must have a doctor on board employed by the cruise line. Though I have never been on a cruise that did not have a doctor and nurse on board, to my knowledge, this makes it clearly articulated federal law.
  13. We all can only wish him luck and safe travels.
  14. It definitely sounds like cruises will restart in early April. Our December, January, and March cruises were all cancelled so we are hoping to finally sail in the summer.
  15. It was on a local news show per the state dept. of health. It sounded like it was preliminary, but they wanted to show the state was on top of things. Ha ha! If you look at our ongoing rate of percentage of folks who test positive.
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