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  1. Thanks will do that; are "eldest" Thumper has been on over 30 cruises going back to 1993; I am sure he would love to see Thumper on ship in any format. Marc
  2. They should remove all the booths. It is impossible to provide proper service when waiters need to place and remove plates while leaning over another guest.
  3. It is on rssc website: https://www.rssc.com/SSS-Exotics-Savings?s=EM_RSS_AP_TCT_EML_CTB_NA_BLC_MULTOFFER_JUN1913181-20190613_NA_UC_DESTMULTI
  4. Just received email with 25% off savings on a number of cruises (some of the same that they have been running three category upgrade). Will be curious to find out if any of you that booked onboard with "lowest price guarantee" have been successful in getting price matched. thanks, Marc
  5. Drydock ship will be three years old an in need of sprucing up. I am hoping they also fix the theater, rear elevator lobby on deck 5, and sound in Compass Rose.
  6. I am a happy cruiser. Net of air credit and onboard booking credit we are paying $1650 per person for a Cat G. We had booked this cruise as a "placeholder" two years ago and before it was a Cuba cruise so price was a lot lower. Regent honored the 50% on the original price we paid so we are extremely satisfied with the offer. So, no Cuba but we decided to stay on for a nice relaxing week of beaches and snorkeling. Marc
  7. Offering us 50% off; waiting to hear whether that is 50% of what we paid (booked this long ago) or 50% from current rates. Also, still waiting on itinerary (eastern we will probably keep western we will dump). Only the two October sailings on Mariner were Cuba intensive; I believe rest of Regent itineraries just had a one day stop in Havana so easy to modify. Marc edited to add: Also will be interesting to see how onboard booking and air credits are handled when calculating the 50%; who knows what final price will end up being.
  8. I found notice on Norwegian Cruise Lines (not corporate) site that all stops in Cuba have been eliminated; however, I cannot find anything on Regent website. Can someone post the link with the info from Regent? thanks, Marc
  9. CLIA has spoken: I doubt if Regent offers anything beyond cancellation and return of funds; non-refundable hotel and air I will just eat. Marc
  10. Jason, thanks. I sure hope I am right and that we are grandfathered and that Regent will take the chance that the two October itineraries are sufficiently booked/waitlisted for the company to keep the itineraries the same. Again, thanks, Marc
  11. If grandfathered under same rules as those with booked hotels and/or flights, Regent could go ahead with two October cruises as they are waitlisted; on the other hand, the later cruises are not fully booked so Regent could not include Cuba even if allowed to be grandfathered as all future bookings would not be waitlisted. Even for the two October cruises Regent would be taking a risk as they would not be able to sell cancelled cabins. Marc
  12. If you have booked a hotel or flight prior to tomorrow; you are grandfathered. Unfortunately, can't tell if that is same for cruises. Norwegian has issued a statement but nothing from Regent (unless Norwegian statement is only statement for the three lines). Statement just says we are researching and we will get back to you later. It will be interesting if same "grandfather" rules apply; i.e., that you have paid for cruise. I called Regent again about needing to make full payment today in order to get grandfathered; but they had no idea. Of course, that would be a nightmare for cruise lines if some guests are allowed whilst others are not. Oh well, I will wait until Regent finds out the rules and figures out what they are doing; hopefully before 16 June. Marc
  13. pingpong, you didn't ask me; but for me, yes. I have no desire to go on a Caribbean cruise and the three stops in Cuba are the one reason that I am booked on Mariner in October. edited to add: Called Regent; I was told that they are aware of the policy and that there would be a meeting later in the week. I asked when Regent would have a response/update and I was told "by the end of the week." They are cutting it close as my cruise enters penalty on 16 June.
  14. Notice to be posted in Federal Register tomorrow; here is "pre publication" copy of notice: https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2019-11777.pdf Cruise ships are explicitly outlawed: Effective date will be tomorrow. So, unless I am totally misreading this our cruise in October WON"T stop in Cuba. 😞
  15. Jim, did you try to "slink" out of trivia in front of Margaret again? 😄 We do love Mariner especially Deck 7; sorry to hear about AC problems as that can be one of my biggest issues (none this last time when on in Australia). As for the production cast singers, when we were on Voyager with you in 2017 Margaret had a better voice than anyone in the cast; not a new issue. Regent is not paying enough or they have a hard time hiring good singers with all the additional duties they have to perform. I imagine on a big mainstream ship the entertainers are dedicated to entertainment and not always the games and social activities (I could be wrong). Marc
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