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  1. I strongly concur with the recommendations to take tours of the locks (either Gatun or Miraflores) vs a trip to Panama City. Also, if you just want to stay in Colon the Hotel Washington is a fantastic site (at least it was when I stopped by on my first visit to Colon). Marc
  2. $100 per person which is just applied as Future Cruise Credit (FCC) on your next booking. Or just apply it to an already existing booking.
  3. Received Regent offer via my TA for upsell to SS, Horizon, or Penthouse suites. The curious thing was that the offer was exactly the same as the current difference in cost between my current Cat G and each of the larger suites; i.e., absolutely zero cost saving over me just changing cabins via my TA (and TA getting additional commission and me getting additional rebate). This is really strange; all upsell offers in the past had been discounted from what it would have cost for me to upgrade on my own. Have others experienced this? Is this a new way of doing business? thanks, Marc
  4. Yes to nuts; yes to popcorn. A couple of years ago we had a great time in our cabin watching super bowl with two large bowls of popcorn. We like getting shrimp cocktails. I used to like the Matzo Ball soup at 2am but I think it is off the menu. Wife swears by tuna fish sandwich as a nice snack. Marc
  5. Dave, I already have 629 booked; your work around is actually more accurate than the old system as you could only find out about six port and six starboard on each deck and that had a quirk that made you exit and reenter plan a cruise. This new way will actually be more accurate and likely just as fast. thanks, Marc
  6. Dave, thanks. I am having the problem that only Deck 6 Cat E on Navigator are displayed. I will try your method to see if I can get a Deck 7 Cat E to show up; if not, I am wondering about a wholesale recategorization of the cabins sometime next year (I am searching a 2021 cruise). Marc
  7. Air credit still missing; I am coming to believe that these changes were intentional so that passengers couldn't compare prices without a TA or Regent representative. So much for using the web for research and purchasing. Could Regent soon follow Renaissance in cutting out TAs altogether and making customers work with Regent reps only? Marc
  8. Tucruisers, thank you for the update. Hopefully chances for "lemonade" later in the cruise. Marc
  9. Thanks for the update. Hope you have a wonderful cruise. We are doing reverse on Silver Cloud in a couple of weeks. I knew when signing up for this cruise that we would be "hurricane bait." Marc PS Hope you got to enjoy some great Boston nightlife with your forced overnight; a fun town (especially when you don't have to drive).
  10. Anyone on Navigator now? Are stops in Bay of Fundy, Halifax, and Sydney still on track? Ship will be one day behind Dorian in both Halifax and Sydney so maybe no big deal however Regent seems to err on the side of caution so would not be surprised if there are significant itinerary alterations. Just curious, Marc
  11. Pam, I am going to blame it on Beale Street. 😀
  12. Pam, Explorer is in Alaska 2021. Marc
  13. No problem getting reservation onboard; just do as Bill says and go to desk at the rear of the Grand Promenade on Deck 6 once you board. If you are interested, first night is usually pretty easy to get into Chartreuse and maybe even Prime 7. Marc PS Perchance are you on 15 October Miami roundtrip?
  14. Do you realize how few first class sears there are out of Anchorage each day? I assume this doesn't apply to existing bookings and doesn't apply for those with the onboard booking price guarantee. Marc
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