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  1. When all tests have to be paid for by the tester, that will be when the major cruise lines have to decide if they want to stay in business. Other forms of travel and entertainment do not have that burden.
  2. Keep us posted. Yep, most of the processing companies have a high volume of claims excuse, maybe if they resolved some the volume would go down? I had a claim in March for trip delay too; still pending. I think that I will give a couple more weeks until I start a complaint.
  3. Once low season (when the kids go back to school) gets here is when I think we will see which way the industry goes - higher to cover costs or lower to fill cabins. Either way may not work at all if the inflation rate continues for another year.
  4. True, not enforceable. Just a rule to cover liability etc. May consider bringing an very old pair of glasses and then securing them to the swimsuit somehow during the slide. OR Bingo is not the answer 🙂 But putt putt, ping pong or going to the gym may be. Thanks for everyone's time.
  5. Wonder if they will ever treat it like other illnesses that they cover in the health questions pre-boarding? They always have had the option to deny boarding with refund for health issues. Sure some people will lie just like they might with noro or flu. But many if they knew they were going to get a refund would choose not to cruise if ill. One would still have the option to self test before a cruise vs. proctored and having to carry proof at boarding. If you turned up positive, answer the health question truthfully and get refund (could even at that point get a proctored test as proof for refund).
  6. Yes, no goggles or contact lenses allowed has been issue before that's why checking what people do on the ship. All we could think of was to have one person take the glasses at the top and walk down to meet the slider at the end. But decided that would not be very fun and passed.
  7. Hello, Last cruise on Liberty of the Seas, we skipped the water slides both the one with the raft and the racing ones because of the requirement to remove glasses. Just could not figure what to do with them. Can't see to climb stairs and even if crew holds them at the top you still have to go up and get them. Would sport goggles work? How do others get to participate that really really need glasses to do anything? Is there a similar problem with footwear when the decks are really hot? Thanks in advance.
  8. Some options: 1) if cabin mate is not quarantined, the cabin mate could sleep in a public area which might have a been good because it would have been noticed and you may have gotten quicker action on a new cabin. 2) Having been a very similar situation with a partner sick with covid, I choose to sleep about 6 feet away (i.e. social distance) on the floor to be there if needed. No balcony or window to prop open either. 3) Cabin mate could wear a N95 mask, social distance and take catnaps. People sometimes do when caring for someone ill. I don't know your exact situation but expecting guest services to solve your problems or anyone else is problematic. I did not offer advice for the illness part because I don't know you or the details. Just tried to help with the communication part. No emotion or anger, short and to the point might be best.
  9. I truly hope things get better for you. However, when you post (and maybe say) things like my cabin mate was forced to sleep on the balcony in high winds you are going to lose sympathy. There are other options just not ones your cabin mate selected. So that starts a discussion that is not going to be productive. Keep it simple. Highlight the lack of communication, delays, noisy cabin.... Also know what you want as compensation - extra OBC on top of the prorated credit?? Good luck.
  10. Best wishes to you. My DH had it in the big Xmas spike, I never got it including spending more than 12 hours in a car with him. So hope your DH does well too!
  11. Matt, I too am dealing with an insurance claim (for weather related trip delay) so I totally understand your frustration. I think you are going to have to have to get the state insurance board involved. But first get their denial with reason in writing. Respond in writing. Get it all in writing. Then copy everything. Write as short as possible cover letter and attache the mass of information to it. Then mail a copy to every agency you can think of including the state board of insurance. Just because they think they can require some document or action does not mean that a third party will agree. I have felt that an appeal was going to be required on my claim from the beginning but you have to play their game to the end.
  12. I wonder if you had put your foot down before making the final payment if they would have fixed it? Before final, I like to confirm that all the details are correct with an email and online; sometimes it is difficult. But at least at that point you have accepted things as documented or NOT (i.e. cancel and start over). I think you are very justified in being upset to the point of warning others of what happened. Thank you.
  13. If you are not flying, your only limitation is how much you can carry or roll on as long as it will go through the security xray to board the ship. We typically do two rollers each (one rides on top of the other) and a small personal bag. Can get alot of stuff in those, too much really. But if you like having a bit extra and not needing to worry about laundry; it is an option. Also the luggage is heavier going with our carryon beverage allowance, nicely lighter going off the ship.
  14. Yes, but... They are often different onboard so recent actual experiences might vary from the app. Doesn't hurt to get first hand info too.
  15. My cruise for Nov. never showed any Memorial Day sale and Black Friday is during the cruise or really close. Hope they do some other one.
  16. Thanks for the helpful responses. Matj, you are so funny 🤪. Great details about the Windjammer and available seating. Is this where they serve hamburgers as well as the pizza? So I take it no food in the Pub or Vintages? Park Cafe (included or a charge, I have seen it described both ways)? Looks like the Viking Crown will be fun. How was the Diamond Lounge? I have sailed on Jewel of the Seas, her first year of service. Things change, like now there is a UDP to think about. Also thinking about the spa package. Thanks for all the information.
  17. Our solution was to use the plate warmer/cover. You get one when you do carryout or room service. Load one plate of hot items, use cover, stack another plate for cold items, cover with napkin. Was stable so really felt like carrying silverware and one plate sorta like a normal trip to the buffet. Enough food for two. Not good if you need beverages in glasses, ok for coffee. Trays are nice too.
  18. We are booked for the fall out of Tampa. Have seen a couple of reviews but still have questions about the ship. Looked at the pictures here on Cruise Critic but they are pretty old. Would love to see newer pictures of the ship. Where is food served - included and for a fee? For example is there a Sorrento's? In the Pub or Vintages? How is the spa? Is there sauna and steamroom in the changing area that is included for all passengers? Deck plan says whirlpools, are they heated? What do you think of the Solarium for the Caribbean? Are there pools tables available for all to play on? Any idea if there will be a broadway show in the fall? Any other unique or unusual things about the ship?
  19. Yes, agree that Princess and NCL allow it. As well as Oceania. Bringing on a case or more does happen especially when the cruise is a longer one. Two bottle rule is pretty inflexible when cruise lengths vary. There are longer itineraries of 10, 14, 20 etc. that it is very nice to have good wine that you know and have brought with you. And even paying the corkage fee is OK, you have wine you know about plus not dependent on the ships supplies and costs.
  20. I think the entertainment has changed since you cruised. Most music is recorded. Music in the atrium in particular seems to be one singer and recorded music. Maybe the smoking policy has changed. Not sure when Carnival stopped allowing smoking in room and balconies. Give us a report when you return; it will be interesting to see what you experience.
  21. If you have a MTD reservation, do you have to wait in a line? How does it work? We have booked 6:45 (the first time available) for each night. Will there be line to wait in? Will everyone in the line have the 6:45? Will we be at the same table each night? Last cruise the early traditional was at 5:00. So wanted to try MTD. All advice and information welcome. Thanks.
  22. It's not a right or wrong decision. Everyone is different. We prefer wine to mixed drinks. The wine by the glass on the package is very average. Carry on wine with 2 to 4 drinks (alcoholic and non) per person per day works for us. Carry on water, coffee from cafe promenade is good enough. If you like cocktails and the calories they bring then the package is probably a good choice. Choices are good.
  23. We were never fans of the wines by the glass options. But when the few that we "liked" are not available it really makes the packages useless to us since we mainly drink wine. The Royal lines seem never to do equitable subsitutions when they are out of a wine. We just finished a cruise on RCL where we did carry on our bottles of wine. Much more enjoyable than dealing with the package issues. They did have the Kim Crawford SB by the glass, no moscato or chardonnay.... Did not check reds since that is what we brought onboard.
  24. Here's a report from last week Liberty of the Seas DL. Hours were 7am to 8pm. Door locked at other hours in our experience. Continental breakfast did not have cereal and milk; did have parfaits, lox, meats, pastries, and toast. Snacks looked good about 4 hot trays and others, could have made a light meal of them. Coffee machine worked but was bit temperamental, had to be reset occasionally. About 6 kinds of tea bags available. Overall it was a nice feature to have available.
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