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  1. I would stay with the cabin on the lower deck. I was on Deck 3 when I was on Serenade to Bermuda a few years back, and even in that cabin, there was a ton of sun!
  2. Have you cleared the Royal App cache on your phone?
  3. While certainly appreciated, I would take those reviews with a grain of salt. Everyone's preferences on a cruise are different. What I like, someone else may hate. I would go based on your preferences and not someone else's.
  4. That would be a negative from me. The last cruise I was on, I was set to walk off the ship to catch a 9AM shuttle back to the hotel. We arrived at the port before 7AM but weren't cleared to leave until about 8AM. By the time we got through the lines and off the ship, we missed our shuttle back to the hotel and had to wait another 45 min. in the cold for the next one. Good thing we drove to the hotel and didn't have a flight booked!
  5. I had the same issue, they had me submit proof that I was on the cruises with my parents. I had to email pictures of old cards or me taking the Embarkation photo or in front of the ship. It got sorted out eventually, it was due to a technical error.
  6. For those that got their shots at CVS, they have your card saved in a PDF that you can save to your phone or wherever. I got mine done through work (healthcare worker), in which we partnered with CVS to administer the vaccine to both residents and staff. When I got my booster, I brought my original card and they signed it right there. When I got home, I downloaded the CVS app and they had my original card as well as a copy of the card with proof of the booster on the app. For those that live in areas where the vaccine passports are supported, they have the Health eCards/Vaccine Passports right on there. As a backup, I copied and laminated my original card, and I will copy and laminate it again for the booster. I also took pictures of my card for each phase of the vaccination process to store as a backup on my phone. So either way, I am covered!
  7. I just found this on the RC website: If I Test Positive For COVID-19, What Is Your Refund Policy And What Costs Covered? | Royal Caribbean Cruises
  8. Nothing, you can do without an iPhone for a few days.
  9. Cases are on the rise here, but so are vaccinations, especially with the new variant. Those of us in healthcare or are over 65 who received Pfizer just got the clearance to receive our boosters. I got mine Wednesday, and although not exactly a walk in the park, it wasn't nearly as intense, in terms of side effects, as the second shot.
  10. Just sitting at home now, watching one of my favorite Halloween/Christmas movies: "Gremlins 2"! Watched the first one last night as well. Gizmo is adorable and hysterical! Also took the nephew (5 years old) to the farm for the first time today to feed the animals, go on an inflatable slide, and go on a hayride to pick out his own pumpkin!
  11. Thanks. I'm watching "The Wonder Years" (original) since I was only a year old when the series came out. I saw the remake and really enjoyed but, but I also want to see what my parents have been talking about all these years. They saw the remake and didn't care for it, but recommended I watch it and watch the original. I work with seniors too, and they love the show, so I want to see what they're talking about. I've been watching it all week and I'm currently on Season 2. After that, "Lucifer" here I come!
  12. I just plan on relaxing. I got my COVID booster (already completed the initial 2-dose series of Pfizer) so I just plan on binge watching Hulu today! I feel great so far, I'm 2 hours post-booster.
  13. I wouldn't rule NE cruises out in the first half of the year. I'm a NH native (which is in NE), and it starts to warm up a little around here starting in March and April. That time of year is Spring for us.
  14. I'm guessing maybe not until it gets closer to your cruise date, or at the worst, until you board the ship.
  15. I'll just bring mine with me. I keep the original with my passport, but I have a copy of my card that I keep in my wristlet just in case venues start to ask for them (and they're already starting to around here!)
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