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  1. She’s being friendly on this sailing! Our cruising cougar is back on the prowl.
  2. My Med sailing is more… of course it is. 😆
  3. Sailor Service through VV can only offer you the current promotion, same as what you can book online yourself. TAs offer have extra incentives as well as most of the top ones will book your dining for you and offer other services.
  4. I understand you like to start and end in different ports, but if you haven’t done the Greek Island Glow itinerary, it’s fabulous. Santorini and Mykonos are unbelievable and the water in Bodrum was insane. A few pictures for reference.
  5. Here for this. We sail Allure in May. Thanks for taking us along.
  6. I’m doing VV Barcelona in August and staying at H10 Montacado as we are flying in a few days early and want to be centrally located. In my research, I did not find any that offered a shuttle to the cruise port.
  7. It’s outside the gate. There’s a shopping area and the bar. The bar is to the left before the bridge. I don’t believe there’s a beach anywhere near there outside the gate.
  8. Loaded questions… First, yes, if you book a shore excursion through the cruise line, they are not suppose to leave you behind. I’ve seen them wait for sponsored excursions. Recommended with GIG- We did the home cooking demo in Mykonos. I would highly recommend it. The hostess was entertaining, knowledgeable and made fantastic food. I didn’t think I liked Greek food, but the whole meal (and the wine) was fantastic. I’ve made her tzatziki several times and someday, I’ll make her Souvlaki. I’ll attach photos below. Booking separately depends on the provider. Some pick up at the port. Some require a taxi or bus. Just make sure you get the arrival time correct on the information form. I’m sorry I can’t help with Delos. We didn’t do that one.
  9. I just reserved H10 Montcada for 2 nights pre-cruise stay in August using SMART, I got the 15% off plus the member 5%. I like the location and rooftop bar view of the cathedral. It’s a city view room. Fingers crossed.
  10. I liked the water boy but it is definitely salty. I use original. I’m with you… I’m not sure it will work as well. thanks for catching up!!
  11. Perfect. Thank you. We usually take meds and sleep on the plane so we can hit the ground running. I will definitely take everything you said into account. Thanks again.
  12. H10 hotels you can now use code: SMART for 20% off. I’m seeking info on H10 Urquinoaona. Has anyone stayed here?
  13. I really appreciate all the insight you and others post here on this board. I’ve been reading a lot and getting my bearings. We are landing in Barcelona Aug. 2, noon time and not getting on the ship until Aug. 4. I’m thinking of staying in the Gothic quarter and getting La Ramblas seen the afternoon and night of the 2nd. The 3rd will be La Sagurda Familia & Parc Guell by tour. And then the morning of the 4th heading to El Born. Do you think that’s too ambitious? Would you alter that itinerary in any way? I know there’s so much to see and do, but at this point, I feel like that will at least give us the overall Barcelona experience. I’m not really a HOHO bus girl. I rather see a few highlights fully and experience the culture on the ground.
  14. Nope come with me from Barcelona Aug. 4-11. Scarlet Lady. You know those 4-5 day sailings are too short.
  15. I’m so glad your dad is doing better and that yall were able to cruise. You two are also AMAZING people. We gotta do it again.
  16. Love you both so much! What an outstanding couple you are!! And you definitely have my wheels turning on when we can sail together again. Give Patti a big hug for me. Miss you both.
  17. I’m Sherry, we need to cruise together. We love too many of the same things! Come on to Barcelona in August.
  18. Yes, I should have said that. I love a hot roll too, but that’s my favorite cold roll by far.
  19. We drink our way down to it, and then Drink our way up the other side. 😆
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