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  1. I like this thread because it's about the weather, not whether we will cruise or not. See what I did there😉thanks Pelican Bill!
  2. Pelican Bill, are the little numbers on each colored line the speed of the wind? Or something else? Thx!
  3. I think beach days are a great choice for young children. Having said that, I just asked my two daughters, 18 and 20 years old now, what they liked best about our cruise when they were 4 and 6. "What cruise?" they asked. I reminded them of where we went and the other family that travelled with us. No recollection. If your child is having fun, doing whatever, great. If not, well they may not remember it anyway. Good luck!
  4. I would think that the entertainment people would be happy to resume work on the ship.
  5. I tried a mock booking, got to how many guests, clicked on 2, this popped up: No rates available for the number of travelers and specials you selected...
  6. My Legend Sept 2021 out of Rome is still showing in my Cruise Manager.
  7. Saw this link and thought it could be good for cruise wear! https://www.jeanpierreklifa.com/collections/sale
  8. Sorry you're having a bad day. Hope it turns around for you soon👍
  9. Now it's 10am and I just finished a quick workout in the gym. I'm amazed at how busy the ship is as I walked through the lido deck back to my room. My DH and I have a cup of coffee and a chocolate muffin (love those!) from room service that was ordered the night before. So peaceful, watching the waves break from our balcony. Sigh😎
  10. We are booked on Legend out of Rome in September 2021. It. Will. Happen.
  11. 7:42pm...sitting at Alchemy Bar enjoying a second cocktail (probably a Caribbean Manhattan) and watching the people get their pictures taken at the photo stand close to Alchemy. Then off to MDR for our 8:15 seating!😁
  12. Watching the video, I was getting so hungry seeing all the yummy food on this cruise! And it looks like there's plenty of space between people. 😀
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