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  1. I don’t understand your post. Would you please explain.
  2. The email I received was very clear. Please see post #3. No interpretation necessary.
  3. Just got an email from MSC Canada that states if you are looking for a refund for your cancelled cruise you won’t receive payment until after December 31, 2021. Wow!
  4. The consensus right now is that epidemic will last longer than originally anticipated. It will most likely last through the summer according to the experts.
  5. Unfortunately, I totally agree with you. The die hards will continue to cruise but building a new customer base will be challenging. I think there will be excess capacity for a while.
  6. Smells like insider trading to me🥴
  7. We disembarked the Epic on March 8 in SAN Juan. Nice cruise with a fantastic itinerary. My wife and I decided to self quarantine ourselves when we got home. Why? We felt it was simply the right thing to do as we had visited six countries and travelled through five airports. We’re retired so it’s not that big of a thing, but I can’t beleive how many people are resisting a little self sacrifice. Italy ignored the initial wave of confirmed cases with an ill conceived sense of self bravado. Where are they now. I know it’s human nature to think bad things only happen to other people, but when health officials unanimously underscore the serious of this pandemic, I think it’s prudent to follow their recommendations and act accordingly.
  8. Your cruise is cancelled. Your options are a cash refund or 125% future cruise credit.
  9. Point of clarification. The season and games have been suspended, not cancelled.
  10. I just used the promo credits for the first time last week. I called and booked two excursions. I told the phone agent that I was Platinum Plus and should receive a 15% discount. She agreed but when we looked at our account on the ship, the discount wasn’t applied. Got it straightened out through Guest Services (the excursion desk was closed at the time). Received the $50 credit the day after the excursion. I was surprised to find out that the credits appeared on my account as refundable OBC so I cashed them out on the final morning of the cruise.
  11. We were on the same cruise in a Haven Aft Suite. We met our Butler Richard on day 2 and told him our snack preferences which he totally ignored. We did get a snack every day but left 99% of it because it was things we didn’t like. I asked him for mixed nuts and he left something similar to the mix available at bars throughout the ship. I picked through the mix for the nuts and left the rest. The half empty bowl sat there for the entire week and was not replenished. We also reported to him that we didn’t think our air conditioner was working properly. Don’t know if it was looked at or not but it wasn’t very cool in our room all week. This was our fifth Haven experience and frankly none of our butlers have been very good.
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