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  1. Hey Bird, just realized this comment was posted on the MSC forum. Just wondering how many cruises you’ve taken on MSC?
  2. Here’s the link https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2020/05/minister-garneau-announces-updated-measures-for-cruise-ships-and-passenger-vessels-in-canadian-waters-up-to-october-31-2020.html
  3. Just announced by Canadian government. Applies to all ships over 100 passengers.
  4. I would say the chances are somewhere between slim and none.
  5. We also had Richard when we stayed in an Epic aft suite a coup of months ago (see post #33). He was the epitome of inept.
  6. We were booked on the same cruise. We were really looking forward to visiting our own country on a cruise ship but we cancelled. I think the chance of this cruise happening Is extremely slim.
  7. On the contrary, there are a number of Covid 19 vaccine development projects that are showing encouraging results. Only time will tell.
  8. Just read on Canadian news channel. Not able to confirm.
  9. They might be sold out but they’re not going anywhere.
  10. That’s a late April Fool’s joke.
  11. We’ve sailed on the Bliss twice, but not in the Haven. We have however stayed in an aft Haven suite on the Getaway with our adult son. We loved it. The balcony is nothing short of amazing. There is a certain level of privacy in that the master bedroom has a door and connecting washroom. The hike to the Haven proper is a bit of a hassle but in my opinion the aft experience and balcony trumps the walk. We’ve also stayed in courtyard suites and spa suites but like the aft suites the best.
  12. Chances are you won’t be cruising until a vaccine is deloped and my guess is that you won’t be allowed on the ship without proof that you’ve been vaccinated.
  13. We’re taking the cash because who knows if NCL will be in business down the road. I don’t think they will go bankrupt in the short term but health officials are saying this pandemic is likely to last for two years with waves of periodic outbreaks. If a vaccine isn’t developed in the next year, I just don’t know if the cruise lines could survive two years with no cash flow. My guess is no. I have three future cruises booked and I am also a shareholder so I hope my assessment is off base, but the potential reality scares me.
  14. Nice video to watch in these dark days. Thanks for posting.
  15. I don’t understand your post. Would you please explain.
  16. The email I received was very clear. Please see post #3. No interpretation necessary.
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