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  1. We got wings from Playmakers to go on the Symphony in April. We then ate them on our balcony while watching Hiro.
  2. Thanks for the review. I’m sailing on the Regal in February. It’ll be my first cruise on Princess. I appreciate hearing your thoughts.
  3. my muster station on Royal Caribbean just last month was in the dining room. On my previous two RCCL cruises it was in the outside theater so there were plenty of seats.
  4. I'm so happy my cruise (I'm the OP) was with the old HD. I would have been really upset w/ the changes. It's not fair at all to passengers who are paying the same thing to be limited and have no idea before their cruise what they are getting.
  5. Wow, I was on Harmony w/ the unlimited dining plan on 10/13 and it was great. I would have been very upset with the way yours worked. I didn't want multiple visits but we did do sabor late afternoon for snacks a couple times before our dinners without issue. We got Izumi Hibachi w/ only the $4 up charge if we wanted two proteins. It is awful that people don't know what to expect in advance. I had heard things on other ships about the Hibachi fluxuating rates, so I had gotten it in writing from Royal about it being covered for one protein - I printed it and brought it with me incase they tried to charge more (luckily they didn't). I'd suggest anyone going in the future bring lots of print outs with them just incase.
  6. I find it absurd how frequently they change things and how it varies from ship to ship. Royal should have one policy across the fleet. With that said, I was on Harmony on 10/13/19 and we were able to have lunch at Chops on embarkation day. Jamie's was closed for a group. If you google Royal Caribbean FAQ's on their site it says lunch is included on embarkation day depending on availability. I would print that off and try.
  7. I'm going on my first Princess cruise on the Regal in February. A few months back I purchased on my cruise planner the Unlimited Soda and more package. Since then, Princess discontinued that package and is selling one called the Classic Soda package. Mine is still showing in my purchases. My question is - will there be any issues on board since I purchased the old discontinued one? Any recommendations for mocktails under this package? I plan on getting some virgin strawberry daiquiri's but looking for other suggestions.
  8. I'm just starting to read the boards here to prepare for my first Princess cruise in February 2020 on the Regal. I've only been on six cruises before, mostly Royal Caribbean. We are doing an extended family cruise and since my parents love Princess, that is what we chose. I will say though that reading the Royal Caribbean boards in anticipation of those cruises this year I did see negativity and the same people posting over and over. I just learned to ignore some people and take everything with a grain of salt. Sure the pool deck is crowded, but did I find a chair - yup. That's how I'm planning for Princess. I'm trying to learn what I can about the medallions, how things work as I have a better cruise if I know what is included or what planning I need to do. Don't let others get to you, set your own expectations and enjoy.
  9. I just did a cruise with my uncle who’s had two strokes. He can walk but very slow and gets tired fast. We brought his collapsible wheelchair. It was easier then a scooter for our group. He had a regular room (he wanted a boardwalk room with the rest of us in a row). If he doesn’t have an accessible room, you’ll want a room with the bed away from the door to have room for the wheelchair/scooter. Book whatever drink packages when you see a good deal (maybe Black Friday)? Then cancel if not all your party goes. At Coco Cay, we pushed his wheelchair right to the pool, there were paved walkways. They did have trams too, we just enjoyed the walk. In St Maarten we did an Island bus tour. They were able to put the wheelchair in the compartment under the bus. It was a fun little tour. I hope you have a wonderful trip and make some great memories!
  10. Well I haven’t used it on Mariner, I did use the plan on Harmony. Embarkation lunch was included. For Izumi - the sushi side is ala carte so you get a $35 credit. For the hibachi on Harmony it covered one protein and you had to pay an upgrade to get the combo. I hope that helps!
  11. It is included on the unlimited dining plan with one protein. If you want two proteins it’s an extra $4.
  12. We were offered Izumi at 5pm or 9pm. We took the 5pm. My preference is 6-6:30 but most of our meals were 5:30 with one 6pm. They told us they were full but most restaurants were not full when we were there.
  13. Yes they did tell us the limit, what I meant was I didn’t push it or question it since I only wanted two anyway. Sorry for any confusion.
  14. I didn’t have the ribeye but the two in my group who did loved it. My dad said it was extremely tender and cooked perfect (med rare). I do feel each server makes up their own rules with the plan. Nothing is consistent so experiences vary...
  15. We didn’t ask about the appetizer limit. It was per person and none of us had more then two picked out. I got lobster bisque and the crab cake and that was plenty. It did not take long at all for the new steaks, they expedited them.
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