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  1. Hong Kong in 18 months is going to be a exciting experience.
  2. More smoke and mirrors to get some money in the door. Theres a few articles about the Australian season like that but it’s not going to happen . Our immunisation program just collapsed as our government backed the wrong horses.
  3. I’ve heard that ,I don’t know if I actually believe it . Two years bleeding money is going to affect any company. I think they are painting a nice picture to keep the punters coming in.
  4. This season is definitely Burt toast especially with the vaccine situation. Will the cruise lines survive and what condition will the ships be in ,is the question.
  5. Let’s be optimistic? Go to Disneyland,six flags ,witness a drive by and go on a cruise.
  6. Navigator of the seas home port of Hell `A’ has been bought forward to November this year and is open for booking. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/?country=USA&departureCode_LAX=true
  7. It’s a year away, A direct repo into a active war zone . I know I’m being pessimistic but ??
  8. As our state premier said yesterday. Australia may be a victim of our own success and be one of the last countries to open up and will fall behind in the world. Trapped in a bubble.
  9. A mate of mine ,the only fluid he takes in is beer . Yugoslav He’s nudging 60 and seem to be doing well.
  10. I don’t mind a strong cup of tea.Dilmar, Narada,Northern rivers. But you have to bend the spoon when you stir it.
  11. Earl grey Lyle, really ? can you see the duke sitting around the camp fire on the red river sipping Earl grey with his little finger in the air. LOL. I like my coffee like my woman,dark stormy and bitter.
  12. It’s a waste of time hopping it will do a quick visit to Australia on the way. There won’t be any ships here.Our vaccine program just collapsed. With all of the military build up in the China sea ,I still wonder why they are sending wonder into the hornets nest.
  13. There’s no way our nanny government would allow 3 or 4 thousand people together for a week with out vaccines. They are now talking ,some people won’t be getting a needle till next year. And will the cruise lines still be in business?
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