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  1. He will turn up again. He’s not finished
  2. Emailed the big boss in New York to close my thread. It was getting pretty obnoxious
  3. A sticky about a few things.But how do we do it. I only just worked out how to get the moderator to close rod thread
  4. Like someone smarter than me said they can chain you to the mast do not so go thing’s to you. And there’s nothing you can do,
  5. I don’t know because a friend tried with the LA a few weeks ago and said they only link under 18
  6. I’ll give a email ago bob at least I can print a reply. we are on Ovation in 4 weeks and I’ve had run ins with the concierges ,very strict
  7. That’s what I worried about. The concierge probably has a different idea. They clearly said 3 times she can come with me,
  8. I said my wife,lives at the same address. The number was the Australian C&A but it sounded like a Filipino call centre. I asked her to check with the supervisor and that’s the answer.
  9. ‘In the C&A terms and conditions ,it says they can do what they want. As someone said they can chain you to the mast and have their way. Let me know how you went and I’ll keep you informed.
  10. I tried to link my partner to my account a few days ago and the C&A call centre said they no longer do that. They said she is more than welcome to join me at any C&A function and join me in the diamond lounge.
  11. According to posts on the RC forum,a lot of Americans that are D Plus were denied access to concierge lounge on Ovation an radiance on the transpacific. I haven’t heard anything from Aussies. I’m on ovation in a few weeks ,I’ll see. But to be honest I really care.
  12. From what I believe it all ships,that’s from what they have been saying on the royal Carribean forum. So what’s the alternative? HAL sounds pretty good but all my friends are trapped in the C&A warm and fuzzy feeling. I keep telling them loyalty schemes are there for the benefit of the company.
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