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  1. When Rod said , Floating disease infested garbage cans He probably had Pacific Dawn in mind
  2. They should have the sports drinks as they are standard across the fleet. You can take 12 none alcohol drinks 500ml on departure. Good to have in your fridge.
  3. We have had Explorer in Australia for the last few years. You can get water at any bar and put it in your fridge and they have mock tails. Cafe promenade has smoothies .
  4. I don’t know about a suite price but whatever it is it’s to much. What crooks uncle les.
  5. One guru in Sydney I think was giving a discount if you pay in full . Now that’s value for money.LOL
  6. Best place for it is on the beach in Turkey. But it’s pretty good that agents are still advertising cruises in a couple of months .
  7. YOU ARE ALL WRONG. I just got this off a couple of agents websites.
  8. The pink area is a playground and water park. The green area is windjammers not a seaplex. The yellow is the suite sun deck and lounge. Only one wave rider and a double slide ,the ultimate abis
  9. @GUT2407 I emailed my agent about our cruise . They deferred the final payment till 22 September to see what happens.
  10. Lyle do you people eat meat pies? I thought it was only the pommies ,kiwis and Ozzie’s.
  11. That’s the cruise,we are looking at that.
  12. But mr walker it’s the entertainment value. When the troll is around bloggers come from nowhere.
  13. Next year, correct The 2 quantum class ( Ovation and Quantum) are mostly doing New Zealand and radiance will be doing the islands.
  14. So just for curiosity? A person that hangs around people he has no common interests with and actually hate . Twists facts around to discredit their interests and slander organisations they are loyal to. Would you class that as normal? LOL
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