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  1. Princess is probably up a notch from your previous cruises. But if it’s the itinerary and price is ok ,get it. Its better than being at home. Theres some reasonable prices getting around at the moment.
  2. I thought he might offer something outside of the box ,a car and a driver? looks like its a hire car, the roads are good in NZ . I haven’t hired a car in Tauranga but friends have .Theirs a couple just near the wharf. Nz and right price car rental. I vaguely remember someone saying they delivered it to the Wharf parking area or picked them up.
  3. Did you try arrow tours? I m sure roger could organise something.
  4. Yeh it’s totally against the grain but pay it and when you return to our utopia be thankful
  5. How do you mean a whole different animal.? looks like we may be getting Quantum in 2022 in Australia is there a coastal kitchen?
  6. I don’t think most passengers,probably all passengers aren’t out to do bad . I think it’s the excitement and mostly alcohol takes control and common sense is left at home.
  7. In February there was a line in the promenade one and a half times the length of the ship to get on the tenders. we got near the boarding are about 10:00 and thought it’s another half hour boat ride. And the same coming back so we gave up and went and watched a movie in 270. Unless you have a suite (you can jump the line) or a tour through the ship it’s unpredictable.
  8. Please don’t tip. we are paid a decent wage and we don’t want to go down the Americans path of a low wage and beg and dance for money
  9. We are trapped in the Royal Caribbean loyalty scheme so can’t help. But Princess has 5 ships here at times I’m sure there’s something for you
  10. Do you have a preferred cruise line? A popular itinerary for North Americans is to fly into Auckland NZ and do a land tour. Then get on a one way cruise to Australia ,stay a bit and fly home. Or the other way around. But most cruises leave and return from Sydney or Melbourne.
  11. I think you would like to get away from your winter ? our cruise season runs September to March roughly, our spring to autumn. our school holidays and main holidays are mid December to the end of January.Thats peak prices a busy time. so there’s a couple of shoulders there you can get a bargain. Itineraries New Zealand is a must and then the Australian coast or the islands
  12. First of ,don’t tip Ask the kiwis if they have any pet sheep and how are the all blacks going in the netball. Ask the Ozzie’s if they have a pet kangaroo and if they know Paul Hogan. Just be yourself THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD
  13. Sorry I’m not that socially refined. But you got the message.
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