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  1. I like the rust stains they applied , gives that P&O look.
  2. Serenade of the seas season is cut short mid February 2022 and it goes to Singapore for some work and then goes to Alaska.Serenade leaves the pacific permanently along with radiance. That will leave only Ovation in Sydney??? Wonder should be handed over to Royal mid January 2022 and should do a trans Suez Canal repositioning . It gets you thinking???
  3. Rod believes it ? My dear old daddy used to say , don’t underestimate the stupidity of a non-cruiser .
  4. Have a look at the tail uncle Les . ( the cat ) it looks like a snake. Someone is keeping a eye on the fleet in the Caribbean.
  5. The shock jocks are eager to bring up ruby and her sister ships as the standard of the cruise industry.
  6. Yes there was a death. It was the credibility of the cruise industry.
  7. It looks RCG are changing their FCC credit system. Your credit on a canceled cruise can be transferable to someone else and combined with another credit. Also it looks like , if your cruise is canceled you get the 125% and it can be transferred within 48 hours of being notified. So there’s no waiting 2 months to have it processed. Once you are notified you should be able to put a hold on a cabin.
  8. Ken ,it says instant FCC credit. So does that mean,if the cruise is canceled I don’t have to wait for it to be processed? I think last time I had to wait 5 weeks and to rebook straight away I had to pay another deposit.
  9. I suppose once you’re in there with a skin full it wouldn’t look that bad.
  10. I don’t think going east or west would make much difference. I would suggest the westbound because it would be easier with flights. I think by the time you left home until you got to sydney would be over 24hours. Auckland would be a few hours less.
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