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  1. We have 12502 in December 2021 (hopefully) and picked it after watching videos of all of the POA OS we could find. It looked like the best one, it and 12000, in terms of layout and space. And 12502 is port side, so that was our deciding factor between the two. I’m glad you give the room a good review. Here’s hoping the cruises are running and we don’t have to rebook. I’m really looking forward to both the cruise and the suite.
  2. I can see we’ll never agree. It’s possible to follow all the restrictions while not liking them and believing they’re too extreme, especially when they fail to take vaccination status into account. And especially if you are able to do math, and you (and no one you are in close contact with) has even the remotest high risk factor and/or is vaccinated. It’s also possible to want to vacation outside of Canada while having family and work responsibilities that would force you to return. But you keep on with the dramatic snide comments if it makes you feel better about how Canada’s p
  3. Add to that the fact that there’s also a federally-imposed ban on non-essential travel, most international flights are cancelled, you need a covid test (at your own expense) 72 hours before travel in each direction, plus an additional covid test at the airport on return, and the three-day hotel quarantine at the start of your 2-week return quarantine costs upwards $2k per person and has some very scary reviews about conditions. But sure, technically they’re not going to throw me in jail for hopping a plane to Vegas for the weekend...but the logistics and expense make that completel
  4. There’s many of us trapped on the Canadian side of the border who totally agree with you about the PM, and we’d kind of like it if the US could use its size and weight to help get us out of lockdown up here, pretty please...
  5. My province (Ontario, Canada) just started the 80+ group this week. They’ve decided to delay second doses for four months to attempt to get more people at least partially vaccinated. We’re a long way from being able to travel.
  6. My province (Ontario, Canada) just started the 80+ group this week. We’re a long way from being able to travel.
  7. I didn’t realize the terminal was new. That’s exciting. We are hoping to arrive at least the day before to see some of the area. It’s a new destination for us, so we’re really looking forward to it.
  8. Thanks to all who posted with info and advice. Our final verdict was to jump ship, as it were, and we’ve booked an 11 day full transit cruise from Panama City to Ft. Lauderdale on the Viking Star. Good itinerary, on a smaller ship that can do the original locks.
  9. Hi there... We’ve just booked our first Viking cruise, the February 2023 Panama Canal transit, in explorer suite 5000 on the Star. I’ve found lots of videos of the ES suites on deck three and four, but I haven’t had much luck with finding one of the deck five forward ES, even from a sister ship to the Star. Does anyone have a good video (or pics, or even a review) of the deck five forward Explorer Suites? I’m particularly interested in the balcony size and view, if anyone has info on it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Our Dec 2021 PoA holiday cruise in an owners suite is now about $22k usd. We booked in Dec 2019 for $15k usd. Really hoping it doesn’t get cancelled since the rebook will cost way more than any potential discounts.
  11. You’re still doing better than us here in Canada. Most areas are still working on health care professionals and people over 80.
  12. May 2021? I can guarantee you’re not stopping in Grand Cayman. There’s only a slim chance the border will be open for flights by then, and they’ve said cruises definitely won’t return any time soon. And that’s if your cruise actually even sails at all. May 2022? Maybe. You’ve got a much better chance, but it’s by no means guaranteed. There’s a lot of opposition to cruise stops, and the covid situation has made it worse, as far as I can tell from reading news reports and the comments on them. The new port idea has been scrapped, and even its strongest supporters in govt seem
  13. Thanks for the link. My dilemma is that the itinerary of the Joy/Encore longer cruises is similar to what you did on the Jewel, the Miami/LA route. The Jewel and Gem are mostly doing shorter cruises that start on one side of the canal and go through, then do a couple of ports in that area. I think there might be one medium length one on the Jewel, I’ll look into that more. I guess my decision is whether I want the smaller ship, which we also prefer, and do a shorter cruise but get the old locks, or go with the larger ship to get a longer cruise and slightly more interesting itin
  14. My possibilities are most likely Encore or Joy, or less likely Gem or Jewel.
  15. Just starting to look at a Panama Canal cruise with NCL in the early part of 2023. Definitely want to do a full transit, and it seems pretty easy to tell which ships do a full transit versus a partial transit. However, I read that the old locks are better than the new...but how do you tell which locks your ship would go through?
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