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  1. Best two dishes from our recent cruise…the Filipino fried rice and the spicy mayo shrimp at the World Cafe. Worst…every pizza. Really, just avoid it. It looks a lot better than it tastes, and that’s saying something ‘cause it doesn’t look great.
  2. Lots of the travel routers have an app or some other setup feature that lets you log into the ship’s captive wifi network, we just did this on a Viking cruise, used that same router on Mariner last year. It does limit you to multiple in suite only, but how often would you be using multiple devices elsewhere in the ship?
  3. A travel router may solve your issue without having to hope for extra free logins once you board.
  4. The best place to get answers is the festival website, search “alcohol” in the FAQs and you get this… https://www.hallmarkchannelcruise.com/faq/search/ What do I need to know about alcohol? Norwegian Alcohol Policy Please note that with the exception of Wine and Champagne, all guests are prohibited from bringing alcohol on board our ships. If you purchase any alcohol at one of our ports-of-call or in our onboard shops, the ship will safely store your purchase(s) until either the final night of the cruise or the morning of debarkation, at which time it will be available for pick up in a designated area. Beverage Packages Guests can pre-purchase beverage packages prior to sailing via their NCL account once reservation numbers are shared (4-6 weeks prior to sailing). You may also choose to purchase on board (on first or second day of sailing). Everything you need to know can be found at hallmarkchannelcruise.com/beverages. Wine & Champagne Policy Guests may bring bottles of wine and champagne on board. When bottles are brought on board and served or consumed in any restaurant, public room area or in their stateroom, a corkage fee will be charged according to bottle sizes noted below. Please note that for safety reasons there are no glass beverages allowed on the pool deck lawn. 750 ml Bottle: $15.00 USD* 1,000 ml Bottle: $20.00 USD* 1,500 ml Magnum: $30.00 USD* Wine or champagne sent directly to the ship by travel agents, friends, family, etc. or from another retail source, are subject to the same fees. Box wines are not allowed on board. To speed up the process of checking your wine or champagne at the port, print out this form and bring it with you. *Corkage Fee is not applicable to guest with alcohol beverage package. Bottle Service Guests can order items through the Gifts & More program including bottles of liquor that are delivered on board with mixers (not advertised but available if you call) and gourmet treats— outside of 10 days prior to sailing. Please note there are no glass bottles allowed on the pool deck lawn.
  5. Safe, clean, friendly. Great food, okay shopping. No pushy street vendors or sketchy people looking to scam you. Lots of natural beauty, especially at the botanical park. Best island in the Caribbean. https://www.explorecayman.com https://www.botanic-park.ky
  6. That sounds like what it does. It’s been working for the last 31 days, and he only had to log in a second time on the B2B changeover day between cruises. That being said, the internet is still diabolically slow, whether via the router or direct. But the router we have at least has a port to connect a USB stick that we are streaming saved media from.
  7. This one doesn’t come with an app, although DH says some do. It creates its own network, and the first time you connect to it, it bridges between your device and the ship and then you log in to the ship network that first use. Afterwards, any device that connects to the router just logs into the router network, which is already connected to the ship. I hope I’m explaining that even semi-clearly, I’m going by my memory of what DH told me as he was setting it up.
  8. bookbabe

    The beds!

    Our Casper is the Wave Hybrid Snow, and I find the bed on Saturn to be as hard as a rock in comparison. I don’t remember the bed on Mars back in September to be quite as bad.
  9. bookbabe

    The beds!

    Add us to the haters list, even with multiple mattress toppers. Have occasionally been sleeping on top of a row of the memory foam pillows, which helps a lot as long as I don’t roll around too much. Have a Casper at home.
  10. Yup. Connected to one as I type this.
  11. You are unlikely to find many hotels offering day passes, especially during busy periods. An option might be Coral Beach - https://coralbeach.ky
  12. Either Coral Beach or Public Beach will technically meet your requirements, although things at Public will be more DIY and a bit less convenient. If you want a beach club, Coral is the only game in town at the moment. There are lots of restaurants with great food and great views if you don’t want beach. Cayman has never really gone in for the party/AI kind of vibe, even for stayover tourism, so I’m not surprised there aren’t more beach clubs. When things went out of business during the lockdown, some properties were sold to developers and other owners just moved on to other types of businesses less affected by fluctuations in tourism.
  13. We were in Marseille two days ago, did a cruise ship excursion. No sign of anything negative other than rain.
  14. People can look like they’re sick but not be ill. Allergies can make you look like you have a cold or worse. Your perfume/aftershave/cologne/shampoo is generally what’s causing my coughing and sneezing. Your backing away in horror at my coughing will likely solve the issue for both of us. I’ve noticed a few other people coughing, but I’m kind enough to assume allergies or that it’s caused by the dry air on the ship. Besides, a little bit of coughing is nothing compared to a couple of the incidents so far. Earlier this cruise, we had a gentleman have an accident (code brown) on the excursion bus shortly after setting out for the day, and at the first photo stop we had to sit on the stinky bus for a extra 15 min while he dealt with things in the shrubs beside the road. And the bus (and the gentleman) continued to smell for the full day excursion. I’m guessing he wasn’t ill, though, since he was on excursions again in the following days with no incidents. And today at lunch some woman threw up in the World Cafe. And only half the buffet was open because it’s a port day, so we had nowhere to relocate to. The cleanup process is pretty thorough, though, and kind of interesting to see. Not sure whether she was ill or lunch didn’t agree with her, but we’re in port so likely not seasickness.
  15. We are dual citizens on a cruise right now, and our info for the online checkin had passport 1 but we checked in at the terminal with passport 2. No issues. The issue with going back to the states on your Italian passport would be that you’d need an ESTA, wouldn’t you? I’m not sure how that would work, you’d have to use the ship internet to get one, I guess. For general travel, the guideline I was told was that you should use the passport with the strongest ties to the country you are entering. In your case, as I understand the guidelines you would be using your Italian passport to enter Italy and the rest of the EU, and you’d use your US passport for North America and the Caribbean. For most other countries, I personally would check which passport doesn’t need a visa for entry to that country, and use that one.
  16. Answered on your other thread. But as people say, it’s chancy so you’ll want an excursion that’s refundable or missed port insurance.
  17. We did a Viking cruise (980 passengers) in Sept 2023 and made it to the Faröe Islands but missed the Shetland Islands due to weather. I had seen a lot of reports from people on that itinerary in the past saying they’d missed it, though. You might want to go with a ship excursion or a DIY one that offers refunds, just in case.
  18. Nope, not considering Canada to be international in this case, as mail headed there from the US doesn’t take much longer than US domestic mail, maybe a couple of days extra. Mail to Cayman, where I now live, takes a minimum of six weeks, but usually closer to eight, to get to me from either the US or Canada. Still no sign of the luggage tags for the Viking cruise I boarded almost a week ago, according to our house sitter. I never once thought I’d miss Canada Post. And sending paper luggage tags by parcel post, as Regent does, usually ends up with me having to pay duty on them, with customs just arbitrarily assigning a value. Cost me $2 in duty (plus 30 min in line) to get my paper luggage tags for our last cruise, not a huge deal, but hassle enough that I almost prefer the print-it-yourself ones from some other cruise lines.
  19. FYI, for those of us with international addresses, the package of tags and final documents is sent via a three-legged pack mule, paddleless canoe or some other very slow means of transport. Ours were supposedly mailed five weeks prior to our pre-stay for our current cruise, and we didn’t get them before we left. Pre-stay hotel Viking reps did not have tags either, so we had to wait until the port to do them. If you really want the tags, maybe have them sent to your home address for your mail pickup person to courier to you? Otherwise, plan to tag your bags at the port, or DIY some cabin number stickers.
  20. LOL. Try to convince my husband of that. He wants same port start and finish.
  21. So Miami to New York for sure for 2027? Not round-trip Miami? Sigh. There goes any hope I might have had of convincing DH to delay to 2027. He loves the true circumnavigation aspect of the 2026 round-trip Miami WC. Ah well, I still look forward to seeing the itinerary when it comes out.
  22. Currently on Iconic Med Treasures, which pre-cruise in MVJ had Rome plus the middle Athens day empty of shore excursions. We got these flyers in our cabin the second day. Sorry I didn’t take a pic of the whole Athens flyer, but it all seemed to be excursions from the other two days there. FWIW, read the descriptions of the Rome excursions carefully, we almost got caught in that even the guided optional Colosseum excursion only “views the facade” and doesn’t seem to go inside at all. We ended up booking a private tour that will hopefully give us a better Colosseum experience, and we are just doing the included as a shuttle to get us there.
  23. I live there. BBD rum is easy to find.
  24. I personally wouldn’t walk it. It’s technically doable, but the best parts of the beach are at the end furthest from the cruise port, so you are looking at a 5+ mile walk each way. In the heat. Read any one of the dozens of beach threads in this forum and you should have the rest of your questions answered.
  25. That sucks. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil everyone’s image. If you still have the driver’s name, lodge a complaint so his license can be pulled. And share his name…it’s a small island, and word spreads quickly. https://www.caymantransport.ky/complaints
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