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  1. Last time I went though with my knee and set it off. They brought us to the back room for a strip search.
  2. Looks like 4,5,6,are 8M and 7 & 8 are 8N.
  3. What Is the difference between Category 8N & 8M?
  4. Thanks for the pics. Did you catch any fish? Is that shrimp for bait?
  5. Only so many times in 8 days you can here for Ciao For now. We don't need anyone to show us how to have a good time.
  6. Ship, Date & Reason Only. Ecstasy, May 1993, Honeymoon.
  7. I do not hear from mine unless initiated by me and even then the few times I spoke to her recently it seemed like I was being annoying. I just booked 2 cruise without her direct online.
  8. Looks like you are doing more then eating Popcorn, seems to me you are pointing fingers at those of us who have a choice of what we chose to do with our lives.
  9. So If I want to make a reservation for dinner through my My Booking, I have to pay in advance? Can you not email the Steakhouse ( and other restaurants) direct anymore and make reservations that way?
  10. Cover up the rust - hope they buy the good paint this time! Knew that was coming. I love the new paint scheme.
  11. We sailed Both. Sunrise from New York to the Carib. Read horror stories about her shortly after she became the Sunrise. We loved her and had a blast. We sailed around Dorian on her End Of Aug 2019. Horizon 8 Day Southern. Aft Wrap in the Havana Area. Loved it as well. To me, it was more laid back being in the Havana Area. We didn't go forward much at all during the day only when we went to get lunch and at night after dinner for shows etc, We did the Vista as well and have 2 more booked on The Horizon. All Aft Wraps Ha
  12. It's Insanity I tell you. Came in here looking for positivity AND became depressed with all this BS. Come On September!
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