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  1. Any idea of timeframe when RCL will release summer 2023 Mediterranean schedules? Thanks in advance.
  2. To upgrade the Classic drink package to Premium pre cruise is like $14 per person/per day, is that correct? Is it cheaper to wait and upgrade onboard? Thank you.
  3. I've read several comments from those on Summer 2021 cruises that talk about reduced capacity on some Celebrity ships. Does anyone know how long this might last, how much reduction, fleetwide, etc? I've not seen anything about this from Celebrity and the news, well, let's just not go there. Thanks in advance, gotcha3
  4. All of these replies to the original thread.......and no one has mentioned the outrageous pricing? Just wondering. Nothing to see here, just move along.
  5. Today I logged on just for grins after several weeks of not having done so. I noticed my CC tier was changed from Elite to Elite+ and our points total went from 350ish to 1100. Since we haven't cruised lately (nor has anyone else) I was wondering why we should be so lucky as to be upgraded. It was confirmed by Celebrity that our status is, indeed, correct. Comments? Before you ask, Celebrity offered no explanation as to why this changed.
  6. Anyone else get a no-notice upgrade in Captain's Club Tier?
  7. I see that today It's working for me. I also noticed no state or senior discounts.
  8. I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered.....I couldn't find it with this new cruise critic search function. Anyway, did Celebrity change the way we used to be able to check for deals? While doing a "mock" booking, after selecting the number of cabins, the next screen used to say something like, "check for offers." Now this same screen says "bonus for Classic members and above." How does one check for military and state fares with this new program? Maybe they are trying to do away with so many discounts, etc? Thoughts? As always, thanks in advance....
  9. The fix to this is easy......just go to your lawyer (everyone has one, right?) and ask HIM (her) for a letter saying that you will not under any circumstances sue the above mentioned doctor should you die while on the cruise! Perfect solution, well at least it would make sense to the absolute IDIOTS who decided age discrimination in this day and age is ok.
  10. I really miss.......the $4,000. US I paid for my cruise which MSC cancelled!!
  11. How did these people get home from the cruise? Is it possible that the cruise was NOT the source of the infection, but rather the airport, plane, etc, etc?
  12. This is all gloom and doom and NOT backed up with any kind of hard facts.
  13. Why not? What does force majeure have to do with their reputation? It means forces beyond their control, has nothing to do with their reputation. US airlines have used this in the past and other than still being airlines, their reputation hasn't suffered.
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