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  1. Actually, I think that your photos are magnificent and the weather is more typical than seeing sunshine. If you happen to spill something again and see Joel, maybe you could ask him if he will be on Explorer in November. Thanks much!
  2. I watched part of it and believe that I've seen it before. It still gives me chills when I watch the bottle of champagne break during the christening ceremony. It was so amazing to be in Monaco watching the ceremony and then listening to Bocelli (which I'm sure many of you watched on television when it was airing live). The Discovery Channel's program will be quite different than what is being shown now. It is then that you will see passengers, etc.
  3. Thank you for the explanation. Agree that it should be a "keelhauling offense" at a minimum! Hard to believe that a poster was bragging about going against Silversea's stated rules. It really is disgusting to even think about.
  4. You picked such a wonderful itinerary! Here is a link to where you can start Roll Call for your cruise: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/432-seven-seas-voyager-roll-calls/
  5. What a great story! We will definitely look for Joel when we are onboard Explorer in November (hope that he is still on Explorer). Your photos are stunning - no other words can describe them. When we were in Norway, out clothes shrunk as well. It must have something to do with the weather there.
  6. The above start of a "quote" was done by mistake. FlyerTalker - if you have time, could you answer a question for us? A poster wants to know about upgrading Regent Custom Air flights with points. A few posters have been able to do this but Rallydave indicated that it depends upon the "class" that you are booked under. He suggested that the person contact the airline "after" the flights are booked while I suggested that they contact the airline before the flights are booked but once Regent approves the flights and is awaiting the poster's approval. While Rallydave could be correct, he has not used Regent Air in several years and all of our flights have been booked under the same "class code". So, any input you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I do not like to give advice that ends up being incorrect - especially when it comes to flights. Thanks much!
  7. It makes no sense to me to contact an airline AFTER the flight is booked as it is then too late to change to another airline. However, when working out your Custom Air, BEFORE you approve the flights, that would be the time to contact the airline. I question both myself and you on this because you have not used Regent Air in several years and we usually get the same "class" of ticket from Regent. So, when one is not 100% certain, it is better to contact people that are 100% certain.
  8. I would check with Regent as I do not know this to be true!
  9. Thank you for letting me know. We plan on eating in specialty restaurants a lot so I'm not sure that we will have time to special order. Thankfully we will be on Regent in November and we can have it there. Back to Bob and his delicious looking food. Have to agree about Sette Mari. We like it (sort of) and do go there once per cruise but it is difficult to not eat too much. I think that I would like it more as a "normal" (whatever normal is) Italian restaurant. Must say that I love the open kitchen (only on Explorer). It adds to the ambience!
  10. It is interesting to note that even though P&O, Viking and Virgin are not luxury lines, some luxury cruisers would rather go down to a premium/premium plus cruise line than sail with children. That says a lot! Based on posts on this page, it would be great to have ALL children (including babies) go on Silversea. Hope that you keep in mind that many families cannot afford Silversea and also that they generally cannot take long cruises. However, this would make the other luxury lines very happy. IF Silversea draws in babies, really hope (for the safety of everyone) that babies are not allowed in the swimming pool (not even with a swim diaper).
  11. In the regular swimming pool? Hope not as that is disgusting. Babies are not permitted in swimming pools on most cruise lines. Good reason for us to avoid Seabourn. P.S. Regent does not takes babies under the age of 1 or 1 1/2 (can't remember since we only sail during the times when school is in session and there are typically 0-3 children on our cruises.
  12. Your clarification is helpful - especially the part about doing a summer itinerary where there will be other children onboard. Also, I'm glad that you contacted Silversea. However, unless you trust your children 1000% not to leave the suite after you go to bed, I still would not trust them to be alone overnight (after all, we were all teenagers once - know how we can pull the wool over our parents eyes and can into all kinds of trouble). This isn't like being at home alone ...... there are influences of other teenagers in play.
  13. A new article on the subject (quite interesting) https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/overtourism-cruise-industry/index.html
  14. Although this has been fixed recently, Navigator had brown water (rust) coming out of the taps (shower and sink) periodically. Was this the same water that we were drinking in restaurants on Navigator? Somehow, I don't think so. GrJ Berkshire - not sure that recycling in the U.S. is the same as the U.K. Agree with what you said about bottled water sometimes being a rip-off but the water in our home is not recycled (we live in a state that rains quite a bit and our water is fresh, delicious and contains no fluoride).
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