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  1. Great! I plan on wearing them on Crystal in September and Regent in November!
  2. Agree but stand behind my statement. In my opinion, it is difficult to combine a luxury cruise with seeing the pyramids. This may not matter since the TS (Thread Starter) did not sound as if they were discussing Regent.
  3. Thank you for the update on how Regent is handling jeans. I think that Corporate may be tired of hearing about this issue. In terms of shoes, they are more difficult to monitor. Disabled people sometimes have to wear shoes that may not look (or be) dress shoes but are necessary to walk. Then there are flip-flops. Obviously rubber beach flip-flops are not permitted but there are “sandals” that could be described as flip-flops. I’m posting an example below. Are these sandals or flip-flops?
  4. Yes - you apparently did missed post #25 which reads as follows: " I also failed to mention, the New Zealand government advises their citizens to exercise increased caution when visiting the United States, as do many other countries. Quite a few mention terrorism and gun violence.............." This was specific to the U.S. - which prompted my response. The "many other countries" portion of the quote refers to other countries what warn about going to the U.S. Hope that clarifies my the my post which. you questioned!
  5. My perceptions are coming from someone born and raised in the U.S. To some of us, Brexit weakens the UK. When Brexit started the GBP plummeted. We read about issues regarding trade between the European Union and the UK if Brexit is completed. So, it appears that since Spain is part of the EU, they have the power of the EU behind them. Plus, some people in the EU are not happy with the UK so they could pull something with Gibraltar - just because they can. In any case, Regent ships will likely continue to visit Gibraltar - whether it is under EU or UK rule since we have no issues with either side.
  6. Agree with 1:30. We did make an 11:40 a.m. flight but had to stand for almost two hours in the front of the line of people that needed to get off in order to make their flight. Many in line missed theirs ......... we were just lucky!
  7. We have been to Gibraltar three times and enjoyed it. Must agree that as you you get within a mile or two of the Spain border, it does look very run down. Those of you that did not take the tour to the farm in Spain, you likely did not see this part of Gibraltar. The center of town was nice and we enjoyed the private tour we did very much. Whatever is suppose to happen with Gibraltar will happen. I would like it to remain the way it is but with the chaos surrounding Brexit, if it ever does remove itself from the European Union, it could be very difficult for Gibraltar so seeing it sooner rather than later is likely a good idea.
  8. Hi and welcome to the Regent board. You have selected the best ship in the world (in my humble opinion). Although she hasn't launched yet, we have sailed on her sister ship (Explorer) several times and it is amazing. Having said that, your questions are not easy to answer but I'll do my best to make it simple. 1. In order to go a few days early and/or departing from a different airport requires "Custom Air" (also known as flight deviation). The cost for this is $175/person and it is well worth it. With Custom Air, you can book flights 270 days prior to embarkation while people that do not deviate are given flights about 75 days before embarkation. Obviously, the best flights will be taken by then. 2. Not sure if you know that flights within the U.S. are Coach rather than Business Class. If we were going to fly from Florida to New York, we would do our own Business/First Class air. If you do your own booking, Regent will give you an air credit of $500/person (i.e. they decrease your fare by this amount). 3. Regent has contracts with most airlines. Unfortunately, when checking my source (not a secret - you can check which airlines go where on this site http://matrix.itasoftware.com ), there are only three airlines that fly from Venice to Ft. Lauderdale - Air France, Delta and KLM. And, all flights are at night. While you can select your flights (based on contracts but when you deviate, you generally get what you want), you do not have many choices here. It does help that you want to spend time after the cruise in Venice. We do not care for U.S. based airlines so we would likely select, in order of preference, Air France, KLM and Delta. Based on the date of your cruise, you could deviate as early as next month (here is another helpful site - put in the date you want to leave and subtract 270 days https://www.timeanddate.com/date/dateadd.html) Hoping that you have a TA that regularly books Regent - one that will give you a percentage back on your cruise fare and sometimes on board credits as well. We do research on flights, send the details to our TA and they work with Regent. While we generally get the flights that we want, if there is an issue, they will get back with us with an alternate suggestion. Note: I do this via email so that I have a record of what we requested, Regent's response, etc. If you did book through Regent, you can contact their Air Department directly and work with them (actually, you can call Regent Air with the approval of your TA but we would not bother doing that). Well, I told you that it was not an easy question to answer. If anything is not clear, feel free to ask additional questions. There are several of us on this board that will be happy to answer your questions.
  9. Hi Dave - so glad that you picked up my error on the air credit. I was looking at the Barcelona to Singapore itinerary!
  10. You made my point. The Tutankhamen treasures have been on world display for as long as I can remember (this is typical so people will likely not be able to see these treasures before 2021 - unless it is finished sooner which is highly unlikely). Having been to both the British Museum and the Cairo Museum (before it was bombed and many artifacts were ruined) the British Museum is much more interesting and has more artifacts. Of course, there are no pyramids - this has been mentioned by myself and others on this thread. MadMarine - obviously you will not see "most things" in Cairo, Luxor or Alexandria if you are sailing on a ship (just as you will not see "most things" in most parts of the world in one or two days). Not sure what others think but, in my opinion, the odds of "repatriating those items in protective custody of the British Museum" are slim to none. Not sure what the odds are that the new museum in Giza (adjacent to Cairo) will not be destroyed or attacked. Yes - Egypt depends upon tourism. When we were in Alexandria 2 or 3 years ago, they had not seen a cruise ship in 5 months. The people were so welcoming and happy to see us. A group of local women and children hovered around us - asking our names, how old we were, what we do, etc. and introduced us to their children. As in many countries, the people are wonderful but the governments .......... not so much. In any case, have you found an excursion to the pyramids. If not, why not try private tours.
  11. Unfortunately the best items from Cairo exist in the museum in London. It is good from one standpoint......... the items have not been damaged as so many items were in the Cairo Museum but I'm sure Egypt would love to have their artifacts back. If you really want to go to Cairo - just to go Cairo. It is seen much better by land than by cruise ship. Then you can decide which you prefer - Luxor or Cairo. Keep in mind that we are all giving our opinions - we obviously do not know what others will or will not like. In terms of security, it is much more stringent than anyplace we have seen in the world (except for Israel). I have no words for people that compare the U.S. to Egypt. If countries want to put out warnings, that is their right. However, Cairo is one city - which is a tiny dot compared to the U.S. Based on terrorism, nowhere in the world is really safe - we were 12 miles from Nice when the truck went into the crowd of people killing many. On the other hand, I would not vacation in some cities in the U.S. Having been raised in Los Angeles where the news every Monday was about how many people were killed in gang violence over the weekend (usually at least a dozen), most places do not scare me. After all, I could be hit by a car in front of my house.
  12. Please tell Franck that we miss him and hope that he'll be on Splendor next year. Also, one more favor (I know, I'll owe you for this:-)..... we adore Donald - please send hugs from Dennis and Jackie.🙏 As an aside, Donald was a mentor for Daniella (F&B) so that gives you an idea of how great he is (he likely trained Regent's next GM). He also makes the best Greek salad that I've ever tasted when it is available during lunch outside by the Pool Grill. Thanks so much - really enjoying this thread and TB looks fabulous in the jewelry.
  13. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/egypt-travel-advisory.html
  14. Not sure if this is similar to the article that we can't open but it does discuss a possible vaccine for Norovirus https://fic.osu.edu/news/news-archive/new-vaccine-candidate-shows-strong-potential-to-prevent-highly-contagious-norovirus.html. Hope that it works:-)
  15. "Z", if you or "TB" like the 14 layer cake in P7, try asking for a small piece. I didn't know that you could do that but we did and it was delicious!
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