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  1. I have not heard of “Premium Light”. I do know that the CEO of Oceania states that it is “Luxury Light” while, as mentioned, Celebrity advertises itself as “premium”. Regardless of what we call it, I do feel that Oceania is a step below luxury and Celebrity is a step below that so we agree somewhat!
  2. Celebrity and HAL are not “premium light”. They are “premium”. I don’t know much about HAL but have sailed on Celebrity and thy advertise that they are “premium”. Perhaps you are thinking of Oceania, Azamara and Viking Ocean that are “luxury light”.
  3. I understand what you are saying but some of us prefer to sail on cruise lines where English is the first language. Europa 2 also caters to families which includes children which some of us avoid at all costs. Lastly, Europa 2 is not all-inclusive. Perhaps if Crystal, Regent, Seabourn and Silversea did not exist, more people in North America would sail on Europa 2. As for me, I have zero interest but appreciate you taking the time to post.
  4. Since no one has answered your post, I will. On our one cruise that encompassed both Christmas and New Year's, I would estimate that less the 10% of male passengers wore tuxedos.
  5. While I have not been reading the Regent board very much, I checked in on New Year's Eve (spent the night with my DH and three kitties). While I prefer not posting, when I read information that isn't exactly accurate, it behooves me to respond. In terms of the above post, it is not really accurate. All contractors (which the spa and boutique are) are not typically inclusive. Canyon Ranch and the spa prior to Canyon Ranch were not inclusive when they started onboard Regent ships but Canyon Ranch became so later. There was a discussion as to why Canyon Ranch left. It was suggested that it was due to cost. Based on many posts over the years, the issues were twofold: 1). The employees kept trying to sell products and could be quite pushy; 2). The services provided, in many cases, were not up to par (and, in some cases, the employees were rude to passengers). I have not ever read a complaint about the price of the services. After all, Regent is a luxury cruise line and with that comes luxury pricing. Besides, many of the services that Regent guests book are paid for with OBC’s. Wishing all a Happy New Year!
  6. Maybe you should start a thread regarding this subject. Someone currently onboard one of the ships could give you better information. All my DH and I saw was a sign stating that OBC's can be used in the casino (with small writing under it about a fee). Sorry that I couldn't help.
  7. Welcome to the Regent board! Just popping in because posters on this thread seem to not be aware that things have changed. There was a notice on Explorer earlier this month explaining how onboard credits can be used in the casino. There are fees involved (do not recall the amount). So, you will have that option.
  8. I want to add my best wishes for those celebrating Chanukah, Christmas or Kwanzaa this month. May you spend special time with your families and friends and I hope that we all have a healthy, safe and Happy New Year!
  9. happycruisingUK - thank you posting that list. I can never remember how to spell Andreas’ name. BTW, be prepared for changes to that schedule. Changes were even happening when we were on the ship last week. Well, “real life” has taken over and the photos that I have not posted are really not that interesting. Just happy that I was able to upload in seconds once I got home. I’ll leave you with on more photo (probably posted earlier) - one that I am fascinated by. See you all in March - from Splendor. In the meantime, I can be reached at mitamejade@gmail.com!
  10. Will wrap this up as soon as I can. Real life keeps interfering!🐈
  11. I have no idea where I left off with the Connoisseur Wine list so I’ll just do the last six pages.
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