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  1. Sounds good but we would not drink out of the taps on a ship. Instead, since Regent now has bottles of water in your suite, those could be used to fill your own containers.
  2. Meant to say Regent suite; not Explorer suite!
  3. While I understand where you are coming from, the issue is really managed by Destination Services rather than the General Manager (the G.M. is over almost everyone but he/she should not be the first point of contact unless you do not receive satisfaction from the proper manager. Want to reiterate that, when we were filmed on Explorer, there was absolutely no script. It will be interesting if our short dinner service that was filmed in our suite will be shown on television (it would not bother us if it were not). My main point is simply that they want passengers to say/do what they feel like saying. Rachel - which Middle East itinerary are you doing? We are doing the one in November on Explorer.
  4. Yes - they are gone, however, I tend to live in the present rather than in the past as doing that makes me sad in many ways.
  5. Definitely not Navigator. Mariner is the most stable ship of the fleet but Explorer is, IOO (in our opinion), the best ship in the fleet. While she is not quite as stable as Mariner, she handles the seas better than Voyager (or Navigator).
  6. I agree that there is a lot of food waste. It would behoove people that are trying something new to get a small portion since you can always order more. Many times we will ask for an appetizer portion of an entree.
  7. Tiny correction ....... one bottle of Veuve Cliquot is given to passengers in suites above Seven Seas Suites (i.e., Grand and Master suites and, on Explorer, of course, the Explorer suite). It is also given to top levels of the Seven Seas Society.
  8. Only time will tell....... As I have mentioned, the food on Ponant has gone to "poor" to "declining" (according to a blog that I read). I also wonder if the food will be French or International. Will the main language be English or French? One thing that I loved about the PG was that all announcements were made in English. We have done Club Med many times in places around the world where French is the first language (followed by English and many Asian languages). This is not something that we would like to see under the new ownership
  9. Definately agree with you and are glad that the TS has changed their plans!
  10. It depends upon when/if Regent decides to cancel the port. Generally speaking, Regent has the right to change ports without notice. If this happens months before your final payment, you could certainly change to another cruise. If you are within the 'penalty phase", you would not be able to change cruises without penalty. Keep in mind that Turkey is a large country. The issues that you read about in the news is basically many miles away from Istanbul. IMHO, Istanbul is definitely worth visiting. If Regent did not feel that Istanbul was safe, they would change ports (but this does not mean that you would receive a refund).
  11. Some people love Navigator but we are not amongst them. The ship is okay when the weather is good but, because they do not have a forward Observation Lounge, the ship gets very crowded when the weather is inclement. There will be people that disagree with me, but this is my take on the situation.
  12. I was going to say pretty much what rallydave said but wanted to add that U.S. policies, Minimum Wage and other Labor Laws would apply. So, for obvious reasons, cruise lines do not want their ships to be registered in the U.S. (and which is why I feel that it is a non-issue). I thought that most cruisers were aware of this but apparently not. You may notice the next time that a Regent ship makes a stop in the U.S. that things are slightly different. They suddenly have packets of non-dairy creamer available (yuck) and sometimes their silverware are wrapped rather than set out on tables. It is a bit of a performance trying to ready a ship when it visits the U.S.
  13. Not going to argue but I disagree with you. No one brings up the ownership of Regent except in passing, This is not a subject that most passengers think about.
  14. Firstly, there are very few ports in the U.S. As I posted, Alaska's requirements are much more stringent (for good reason) than California's requirements. I am not aware of what the requirements for other states but do know that the U.S. takes emission control extremely seriously. As I also said, if there are international emission standards, most countries are likely NOT abiding by them as it is costly to control as what has been done in Alaska and California. P.S. The article that you linked was about the EU/Europe which made your post appear, at first glance, to be only about Europe.
  15. Sorry that this thread went wildly off topic. Still want to hear about the cruise - especially since it is coming to a close all too soon!
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