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  1. Think you and flossie009 are really saying the same thing. Unless I am mistaken, the penalties are in the Regent Terms and Conditions and have not changed since way before COVID came to the World. Yes there have been FCC's given and penalties temporarily not applied but, the penalties are what they were more than a year ago so both are correct and agree totally with your last paragraph even with the penalties being unchanged since my read is a bit different than either of you so yes extremely ambiguous and by law in the US and probably most of the World, any ambiguity in a contract is constr
  2. We got our shots at our City Health Department along with the yellow cards. Believe it was only $100 or a little less per person. Always good to see what city or county health does rather than the spendy private clinics.
  3. Believe the Ts and Cs allow changes.to just about everything.
  4. Another possibility is that offers seem to change as different cancellations have occurred. Regent Reassurance requires full payment so not applicable and does not include the 125% FCC which I guess comes with certain cancellations. Also with so many different cancellation policies now in effect errors in application are sure to occur. For instance we cancelled a cruise earlier this year with a different cruise line before final payment and the revised invoice on the day of cancellation clearly showed the penalty and that it would be a FCC. Just like in DaveFr's case when we fin
  5. We had a similar issue for a cruise that also stopped at Devils Island. Didn't cost near the $300/person and at checkin nobody cares or not. As to using the yellow card for the COVID vaccine. The problem is that the providers who will be giving the COVID shots do not have or know about the Yellow Card It is an international card in the US issued by CDC and approved by WHO. Would need to get the cards distributed to Drug Stores, Medical Offices, Clinics, Hospitals, etc. Good idea but, needs to be set up before shots start and with them starting next month hopefully, not holdin
  6. Unfortunately millions of people don't believe in vaccines and sure at least some of them want to cruise. Just think of those people forging documents that they tested when it would be easier to simply take the COVID test.
  7. Could be easily forged. Have to have something very difficult to replicate. The chip in the vaccine has to be a joke as none are small enough to get thru the syringe and would not want it in my blood stream.
  8. Yes we will 😀 And there will need to be a secure way to verify the people have actually had the vaccine. Have been reading about people faking the COVID testing to allow them to enter certain countries so sure there will be forgeries to try to prove people have taken the vaccine.
  9. Not completely true, even after the vaccine requirement goes into effect, there will still be the at this point 5% to 10% of the people taking the vaccine who will not be immune. Yes, eventually the masks and other preventative measures will become a thing of the past but, not for awhile until there is no risk of people on board having COVID. IMHO masks will be required for the majority of 2021,
  10. And even that is not a total solution at least until the COVOD is completely gone.. Say a Regent shp is half full at l75 passengers the efficacity at 95% means 18 of the passengers could have or get the virus. And, that doesn't include the crew. Take one of the monstrocities at 1/2 occupancy that would be about 2500 passengers and 125 of them could not be protected. So, even with the vaccine, another Seadream type situation is highly possible.
  11. Your original response only said 7. Well then guess the executives are betting on the current requirements being revised before they apply for Conditional restricted sailing. Will be interesting to see if NCLH or Carnival Corp are correct in their approaches.
  12. Exactly 7 days is not the issue as the order currently allows a maximum of 7 days. . The current order limits sailing snd marketing greater than 7 day cruises calling on US ports. The question should have ben could you book a greater than 7 day cruise that called in a US port. Agree it is likely a vaccine requirement will be added to the requirements and depending on the vaccine how long before sailing the vaccine will have to be given as immunity takes some time after injection and some vaccines require multiple injections. For sure the injections won’t be last minute and as time go
  13. Thanks for your insight. Was probably too strong in saying make thing miserable As a former employee of Prime Contractor to NASA and Air Force have a lot of respect fir all the government employees do. Still believe the order is valid and subject to change to support the cruise lines and public. Right now it appears the order is lawful as written.
  14. Strongly disagree that the CDC order is not valid for two reasons. First as required by law the order states the USC (US code) which gives them the authority to issue the order. And second should any cruise line take the CDC to court win or lose the CDC would probably make life miserable with other issues the CDC does have the authority to control plus the time dragging thru appeals would be a disaster. To coin a phrase win a battle but lose the war.
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