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  1. your above statement would be correct if you add may between you and get. Both in the US and Canada it depends if you will or won't get First within Canada or the US. You do or don't get the First depending on many airline factors that nobody outside of the airline personnel know.
  2. One way to possibly tell would be to check the battery remaining immediately turn off then several hours later turn on and check battery. Not fool proof and the longer off the more accurate. If reading lower something is pulling power and if same possibly nothing running.
  3. Free air and o life choice are as have been said many times mutually exclusive items. O offers free air to all passengers no matter O life or not and should you not want the free in either case you will get a credit to your fare. Only for US origins.
  4. Really think it depends on the particulars of your particular domestic flight. If the airline thinks it will sell the domestic first class eat less likely they will put you in it. DW and I were in this situation some years ago with a Qantas Business flight LAX to Auckland connecting via partner United and we got waitlisted for the first class seat IAH to LAX. DW got upgraded and I did not. lucky for me had a business trip to LA just before heading to Auckland so the company booked my one way full fare coach and I was automatically upgraded on that flight a few days before DW and we met at the Tom Bradley terminal at LAX. Just had to make sure I notified United that I would not be taking the coach flight so I wasn't cancelled on our Qantas flight. Worked out really well. In any case pretty sure each situation is different and in some ways luck of the draw so no real way to give you a definitive answer.
  5. You have to remember Bill, airplane mode does not mean you are not connected to the internet. We mostly all put our phone in airplane mode at times and just turn on our wifi and voila, we are again connected to the internet, just not via cellular. As to turning your phone completely off, don't see how the phone can collect any data or how anyone can connect to it without the ability of the phone to talk or listen without power?? Also can't believe the phone can be collecting any data with the phone completely off. Likely people think that if the screen is dark,orin airplane mode it is off and that is not true so perhaps completely turning your phone off does work at least while it is off and not just a blank screen. Bill, of course your thoughts on these comments are more than welcome.
  6. Thanks Keith, Glad there is an answer.and that schedules will not need to be changed.
  7. The real answer to this $199 "value" to $100 paid is that by using "value" companies are psychologically working on you making you think you are getting a good deal. See this all the time in car advertising where they list the "value" savings and not the true dollar savings. Would bet if you look at the Monroney sticker on the car for these "value"advertisements the difference to the advertised price is much less than the "value" savings advertised and simply marketing and not real dollars avings. In reality using private excursions you can probably get that $199 "value" excursion for less than the $100 price you pay for O Life. Anytime the word "value" is used rather than discount beware as value and discount are two completely things in all advertising and when "value" is used it is subjective and not really the savings in real dollars...
  8. Bill, while I agree they shouldn't need internet access, from reading info on the website they talk about multi-media stuff so possibly they are getting that extra stuff beyond the guide's talking from their website on the net???? As to loaner smartphones, that might be when the company is running the show and not when a customer like Regent has bought the package so would expect providing the loaner phones would require Regent to buy/rent/??? the phones to provide to passengers and nobody so far has reported loaner phones on board. Sure would be nice if Regent would accurately describe the entire program and how it completely works. So far only bits and pieces only from passengers on the trial voyages.and not really enough to get conclusive answers to all the questions Getting the name of the company and finding the website helped a little but, not much in the way of details there either.
  9. If that wording is correct regarding protection from the internet, it is extremely concerning. Thought it was simply a private network between the tour guide's box to the customers smart phones. If the network is connected to the internet that would be a huge concern and don't know why it would need to say anything about the internet. The system is simply a way for the tour guide to talk to the people on the tour thru a local network that based on the discussion is an extremely short distance. Seems like we still need more details to understand the system, how it works, etc. Way to many what ifs' to consider using this system. Went to the website of the company and appears this is more than just talking there is multi media and perhaps it comes from the internet but, can't be sure. Perhaps am ore tech savvy person can look at the company's web site and provide more infor.
  10. Disembarkment with more ships than docks can be affected by not enough longshoremen as previously stated, not enough customs/immigration people not enough stevadors, a lack of taxis, etc. Believe Saturday and Sunday are the normally busiest days with 7 day cruises repeating every week. so the additional ship(s) could bring a shortage of people and services in all the areas where people are required.
  11. Wondering how they will dock 8 ships at the Port of Miami. According to a Google search only 7 docks. There is an 8th dock under construction but, not scheduled to open until February. Are they going to double pare on ship??😁
  12. Singapore Airlines much like American is AA, Delta DL, United UA, etc.
  13. Nothing to lose having your TA call. Have found Seabourn to be extremely fair with price drops at least before final payment. Now on our third cruise next year. B2B, B2B, and next B2B2B2B and at least 2 drops on all three plus OBC, Internet and upgrade and the changes were as easy as could be. Much better than on some of the lines we cruised in the past. Worst they could say is no and you would be in the same position you are now.
  14. You got it. Used that flight connecting with Austrian to get to Basel Switzerland last year to Singapore and back this year and next year to Manchester then a train to Southampton. Reasonable points for Business, easy transfer of points and easy to get Business seats with flights available 355 days out. Great seats and service as well.
  15. And don't' forget, Atlas Air could be reconfiguring for fewer Business Class seats the Houston Express -400 I also enjoyed the article about the Atlas Air Houston Express plane and in a few weeks will be departing IAH on a Singapore Air A350 heading for Singapore via Manchester out of Gate D-12
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