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  1. Reading the fine print since I believe the entire or most of it is covered by teh CDC identifying most of the US as having widespread ongoing transmissions no way can Regent or any other cruise line adhering to thes very stringent rules start cruising until more than 30 days has passed once the CDC determines that ongoing transmissions are over which under the current circumstances won't be before May, we are looking at a minimum of June and probably longer for cruises and that doesn't cover the entire world.
  2. Wendy, HIPPA is a US privacy law that protects disclosure of any and all medical information about you to anyone other than you among other things. Complete privacy even from your spouse. HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was passed by Congress in 1996.
  3. Believe you are absolutely correct that discrimination is only applicable to employment under EEOC. After all, otherwise how would we ban people under 21 from alcohol, those younger than 18 from voting, under 16 for driving and so many residential facilities that restrict younger than 50/55, etc. And based on the form from NCL I posted and the poster stating that the 70 and over form is on the NCL website, plus the age requirements i poste above and many others, the age discrimination posts are in fact erroneous and not applicable for cruising and many other things and should not continue to be posted.
  4. Realize this is not the Regent letter but it is the current letter for RCL all of their companies and since this was originalliy started by CLOA might have enough information to answer your questions. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/rccl-approved-physician-letter.pdf
  5. Paul, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by filing that dispute and based on history even should Seabourn reject your dispute, you can request your credit card company file the dispute with Seabourn again. I know this works as I did it the same way several years ago with a different cruise line that while they responded to the credit card company, the response made no sense and then the cruise line failed within the 60 day requirement to respond again and the credit was automatically applied to my credit card based on the non-response. No guarantee but, what do you have to lose by trying??
  6. Well, yes, was mandated by CLIA in an agreement with the US Corona Task Board and Vice President Pence. Only considering information from Regent or your TA can be extremely dangerous as these issues are universal and what occurs with one cruise line or CLIA will eventually be applicable to all cruise lines. This was proposed and agreed by the Cruise Lines International Association(CLIA). It’s members are shown here https://cruising.org/cruise-vacationer/cruise-lines. There are a lot of them, including P &O, Cunard, Oceania, Windstar, Virgin, Saga & many others. Here’s an article about how this came about https://nypost.com/2020/03/12/leading-cruise-ship-group-wants-to-ban-passengers-under-70-without-doctors-note/ The letter is specific to COVID-19, so hopefully once this current pandemic is over (whenever that is) it will be discontinued.
  7. Actually just any proof reader would help. Just like many of the words on TV screens for quite awhile now where obvious that nobody read what was posted. And to those who say give them a break, this problem with Azamara has been happening for many many years and not just now during the pandemic and they have had plenty of comments and chances to improve however have chosen to do nothing.
  8. You are correct and this is true in many cases. They might realize this and require a statement on Doctor's stationary including the Doctor's license information but, that too can be spoofed. No real good answer and keeping this requirement will be just another disaster for all cruise lines.
  9. Agree and that goes for all of the cruise lines if this becomes the norm. I do know that RCL and their various brands still have this requirement on the books. The think is there have been and continue to be changes to the terms and conditions because of this pandemic and nobody is complaining when they are implemented and possibly because of the extenuating circumstances this change will also be allowed to be implemented and even for cruises booked after this policy is implemented there should be refunds as no way for people to know if they will qualify to cruise when the time comes. Once things become more stable would think changes would need to be implemented in this letter requirement as it was not well thought out before being presented by CLIA.
  10. Unfortunately this is not a dead issue based on reports from other cruise lines that still have this requirement in place plus this was initially brought forward by the CLIA which covers all or almost all cruise lines in the world and has not been removed by them.. Fully agree this was not well thought out nor fair nor possible as the medical profession will not either be available while the pandemic is going on nor willing to risk their licenses or malpractice insurance. Just because it never made Regent's website since no ships have sailed since the notification of the form it is likely based on other cruise lines keeping the requirement that it is just a matter of time before the form reappears on Regent's website and is a requirement before boarding ships. We'll see this play out once the first ships are scheduled to sail no matter the cruise line so for sure the issue is alive and waiting for the first scheduled sailing and this thread is and should be alive with thoughts and information as to how this new requirement is implemented once ships start sailing again.
  11. Incorrect, the companies have their home office in the US however are registered and incorporated outside the US.
  12. And don't forget, sincerely doubt any Doctor would risk their license or malpractice insurance signing such a stupid document. A full and complete non-starter that completely eliminates anyone over 70 from cruising Regent.
  13. Yes, it would be a shame for the thousands of people being impacted however these are foreign companies and while there are many other foreign companies with thousands of employees in the US so should we give money to Mercedes, BMW, Siemens, etc. Don't believe foreign governments are going to provide money to true US companies with thousands of employees in other than the US. We are the US but, we have to look inside our country first and spend our money here in the US for US citizens and legal residents and not on illegal aliens and foreign businesses.
  14. Add to all of these issues in the fact that none of the cruise lines are US Companies. In addition to the ships being flagged outside the US the companies themselves are registered in countries like Panama and other off shore countries. Yes the Headquarters are here in the US but, not incorporated or registered US Companies.
  15. Not Bob but, think you are talking about tripinsurancestore.com the owner is named Steve and he has I believe about 3 staff members who are equally as good as he is.888-407-3854 or 816-282-6858 Not an insurance company perse but, a broker who only recommends and sells the best. And you pay the same when booking thru them as you would if you book direct. Great people Recommend them highly.
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