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  1. We're on the same cruise. First time on Panorama, first time in an inside cabin and first time in Havana area. No kids with us so no pointers on that but it sounds like there's some great options. For those recommending Quest, is it interactive for everyone, or only certain participants? I'd love to watch but not necessarily participate, if that makes sense.
  2. We have that same cabin on Panorama next month. The sideways layout seems so much better... it's also our first time on a Vista class and Havana, and our first interior.
  3. Obviously experiences differ. We had excellent food and service at the steakhouse on MG last year. I was excited to try Chibang as I'd heard such good things and honestly we were very disappointed in both food and service. Ate at Cucina twice (both were free at the time, now I hear second visits are an upcharge). The first time was unimpressive... slow service and cold pasta. We went the second time on Elegant Night... very few people there, much better service and better food, plus we got to sit outside on the deck. Rudi's was amazing and well worth the cost. And agree that Shaq's was great, Guy's is good (same as other ships), we found the pizza only ok. Last tip... check out Street Eats... menus change daily so if you don't see anything you like one day, check back next day... you never know!
  4. FWIW, I had the exact same thought you did 🤣
  5. Here's a link to a YouTube video for cabin #6340 https://youtu.be/2VaQqPDqrTs?si=gjt-KOkAOZvmfJrc
  6. I don't know if it's the same as OBC from TA or granted with room bookings, but I used shareholders OBC to buy FTTF. If your cruise is last minute, is FTTF even still available? My experience is it tends to sell out shortly after being released.
  7. We had a spa Balcony on deck 17 Fwd... not all the way to the front but close. Being in a spa cabin, we were able to take the dedicated elevator to deck 5. I don't recall any problems with getting to the dining areas, but we also don't have any mobility issues.
  8. I can't speak to the Excel suite, but if you have a TA, try calling them to see if the suite is actually taken. We had something similar happen on a Princess cruise. There was an aft balcony I had my eye on and when I finally decided to pull the trigger, it was gone. I called Princess direct, and when I asked if there were any aft balcony cabins available, he said there's one, and told me the cabin number. It was the one I had been thinking of, so not sure if was on hold and was just released or if there was some other reason it appeared to be unavailable.
  9. We had the same experience on Princess... I have no idea if the casino or stores were open or closed (we were pretty much just hanging out at Good Spirits until close). But I know we stayed anchored in the bay... we had an aft balcony and we sat out there just looking at the lights.
  10. So it's listed as day 7... does that mean on a 6- day cruise, there's no beef wellington? 🥺
  11. We've not had to do that... I use the Known Traveler number when booking my flights and have always gotten TSA Pre-check.
  12. Very basic. Didn't really feel like there was a plan... we had three icing bags each with different tips. I thought we were going to learn how to make flowers and leaves and such. We asked what colors should go with each tip and were told it didn't matter. We learned a basket weave pattern, rosettes (imagine just squeezing the icing out and lifting up, if that makes sense). The cupcakes weren't really good and the icing started to melt... I didn't think it was that warm in the room but who knows.
  13. The pasta class on MG was fantastic. Didn't take the cake decorating but did the cupcake class and was disappointed.
  14. We're staying in 5205 on Panorama in Feb. First time in Havana and first time in an inside cabin 😬
  15. We're in the same situation in Feb. Opted for the 5pm flight. Just didn't feel comfortable with the timing for the earlier flights.
  16. Another vote for the pasta class... we took it on MG in Jan. Was excellent and they give you the recipes. Also took the cupcake class... I wouldn't recommend it.
  17. How did you pre-order? I booked our Feb 2024 cruise online without a TA or PVP... is it something I can do online or should I send an email? I should know this... it's not our first cruise with CPAPs. 🙄 It's just once it's dealt with, I usually forget about it. 🤯
  18. I don't know if they still do it, but I think you can order an entrée as an Appetizer... they bring you a smaller portion. I've done that before if I can't choose between entrées. It's worth asking your waiter.
  19. Where is the best place to stargaze in Panorama? On Magic, we found the front of the ship was not lit on deck 4 (I think)... not sure if it was by design or not but it made for fantastic viewing.
  20. Awesome... thank. Just booked.
  21. The logic on the release of these is baffling. Still nothing for our Panorama sailing in Feb.
  22. I realize this is an NCL board, but routers are prohibited on Carnival... surprising that NCL does not currently prohibit, but maybe because FAS is restricted to 150 minutes per person. I've heard warnings about being sure to log off your device so I'm not sure how you do that on a router 🤔.
  23. As a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport, it doesn't need to be valid for six months to return home. I assume the same thing applies to U.S. citizens with a U.S. passport.
  24. I drink what I want... one (or two) spiked coffees at breakfast, cocktail when boarding after port day, one or two glasses of wine at dinner and 2-3 drinks during evening entertainment, plus bottled water (2 or 3 minimum). That's on a port day. While max is 15 drinks per day, breakeven is average 5-6 per day, excluding water, coffees, etc. For me, Cheers is worth it.
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