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  1. I see May 23rd on Allure out of Port Canaveral.
  2. That's the cheapest I've ever seen it. I bought it for a cruise on Freedom. I see value in it since it's basically the same price as a 2 device wifi package and boarding day lunch at Chops. You get the most bang for your buck on ships that have a lot of shows, but at this price, it makes sense to me. I've paid $19.99 for Allure and felt like we got our money's worth with the various perks.
  3. Holy crap on a cracker. You win, haha.
  4. I'm booked on Freedom out of San Juan in March (7th). With The Key currently only $12.99 in the cruise planner, we grabbed it because it includes Voom Surf & Stream for both of us and lunch at Chops on boarding day (likely in the MDR though). We plan on getting to the port early, we are staying in old San Juan prior to the cruise and unless they change things and go to mandatory assigned times to board, we'll get on as soon as they let us. I have a tropical mask just waiting to be used in the waiting area, lol.
  5. On Oasis this January South beach $698.99 Thrill Water Park $699 (these are for six people, cabanas in other areas hold eight) Chill island $699 Oasis lagoon $899 Beach club $1199 Over the water $1699
  6. Mine are still showing as 90 days prior (2 cruises early next year). I just did a lift and switch on one I had this October and it's payoff date was still 90 days prior to sailing.
  7. It's per stateroom, not per person. And no, the only time you can bring it onboard is when you board at the beginning of the cruise. So whether there is just one of you or six of you in a stateroom, you can only bring on 12 cans/bottles total.
  8. Did you book a non-refundable rate to get a lower price? And did you cancel, not them? If so, then they are in policy and if they are giving you until November of 2022 you have over two years to use it. I actually think that's pretty generous. I never book non-refundable hotel rooms because the rules are totally cut and dried and it's nearly impossible to get a refund. You cancel, you lose the money. I have had to cancel hotel rooms this year in New York (March, July, October), Seattle (April), San Juan (June), Dallas (June, September), Las Vegas (July). If I had booked using non-refundable rates I would have been totally screwed. I considered the slightly higher rate to be a form of 'trip insurance'. Hopefully you can use that credit sometime in the next two years and at least there are Hilton properties pretty much everywhere, so that will help.
  9. Wow, $39! That's awesome. It dropped to $53 for our March sailing on Freedom, not terrible, but I'm hoping it goes lower. We did get the teen girls the refreshment package for $20 and I'll watch for that to drop to hopefully $18 too.
  10. Yep, at $12.99 I couldn't resist The Key for my Freedom sailing in March. I used it on Allure last year (paid $19.99) and we felt it was worth it. I didn't think I'd buy it for anything other than Oasis Class and even then, wouldn't pay over $20. But heck, at $12.99 it's a no brainer with the Surf & Stream and lunch. I like the priority disembarkation at ports a lot, that's very handy when you have an excursion with a 3rd party and not through Royal.
  11. My Oct '21 cruise on Freedom still has crazy high prices, just my Jan on Oasis and March on Freedom cruises saw the big drop last night. I try and be a daily stalker, it only takes a couple of minutes to check.
  12. Lift and shift has to be the same number of nights for both cruises and the poster said they want to move to a longer cruise than the one this year.
  13. Yep, I had a cruise canceled during today's batch. But I'm totally fine with booking things for my January and March cruises if there are some great discounts, especially if I see it go even lower and I can cancel and buy at the lower price. By jumping on the wifi packages (Surf AND Stream) I got an average price of $43 for the week, per person, that's a solid deal when sailing with tweens/teens who will be posting photos, making tik toks and texting their friends to share all the fun they are having.
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