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  1. Today was 50 days since we cancelled cruise planner items for a cruise we knew would ultimately be canceled, which it was about 10 days later. I decided to call, was put on hold and was told 'looks like those are being processed today and you should see them hit your card in 5 to 7 days, depending on your bank'. Mmmmkay......We'll see if they show up. I got the FCC for the cancelled cruise pretty quickly, and I'm not expecting to see the taxes, fees, grats come back until at least 60 days, but didn't figure cruise planner stuff that was canceled separately and quite a bit ahead of the actual cruise cancellation would take so long. Totally hit and miss based on this thread, that's for sure.
  2. I'm at 45 days since cancelling some cruise planner items and repurchasing at a sale price. I'm at 31 days since I did the same for a different cruise. I guess I'll rattle their cage tomorrow if I feel like I have a lot of time to waste. 🙄
  3. Our Oasis cruise in January is also at $53 usd right now. Our Freedom cruise in March 2021 is at $46 with the current sale.
  4. TONS of threads on this, you are not the only one.
  5. I bought ours during the sale a couple of weeks ago and got it for $62 for a sailing on Oasis in January. It had been $79, now it's up to $83.
  6. How long ago did you cancel your drink package? As you can see, for some people, it's taking 45 to 60 days at this point for them to issue refunds for those. If it's been longer than that, you can get the phone number off the Royal Caribbean website, that's the number I always use.
  7. I was in the last wave of cancellations and have posted below what the letter said. Keep in mind once you apply the FCC to a cruise, you no longer have the option to change your mind. Each time there's a new wave of cancellations things seem to change, so what I received in email may be different when and if your cruise is cancelled. I am not sure what I want to do, I have booked a new cruise for next year and paid with a refundable deposit. I'll decide by December what I want to do, based on how things are going with the pandemic/cancellations at that point. I have yet to receive the email with the FCC, but will just 'sit on it' until I decide what my plans will be. 3. 100% Refund: Or, if you prefer a full refund, which is a lower value than the future cruise credit offer above, we’re happy to process this for you. Given how fluid this situation is, and the opportunity to use the extra credit being offered, you have until December 31, 2020 – to request a refund and deactivate your certificate. 
  8. 41 days ago I cancelled a couple of soda packages and repurchased a couple of refreshment packages for a cruise in January. Still waiting on the refund for the soda packages. It's crazy.
  9. ugh, they do have challenges for sure. Keep in mind you won't be able Lift and Shift from a Sept to Feb cruise. I think you can move your deposit, but the fares won't be price protected like a Lift and Shift would be.
  10. Remember, it's a YEAR from now. So a year from your original sail date, plus or minus 4 weeks. So if you have a Sept 1 2020 cruise, you'd lift and shift to Sept 1 2021 or the 4 weeks before or after that. Must be same itinerary, same amount of nights, same room category. It is not 4 weeks from the date of your current 2020 sailing.
  11. I canceled some cruise planner items 33 days ago (not part of a canceled cruise) and I'm still waiting for my refund. I don't think it matters, refunds are taking a really long time although some people seem to be luckier than others with regard to the speed of their refund.
  12. No, this is showing like this for cruise I have through end of 2021. I just saw a post in a roll call group that someone called was was told it's an error showing on all cruises at the moment. Anyone check to see if the error extends to drink packages? 😛 ETA: I checked, drink packages still crazy high for my cruises, lol. Dang it.
  13. This morning when I want to check on something for one of my cruises, I see than none of them have a balance due. That's GREAT! Too bad I know it's a glitch. This is showing on my three cruises I have, and also on the reservations for both my son and his family and my daughter and her son.
  14. Lots that allow booking for 3 or 4 only have the sofa bed.
  15. No, it you read the first post, the info comes from 'someone from the Port Authority that was standing by the podium'. So that doesn't strike me as 'official.' Not saying they are wrong, but doesn't appear there has been an actual press release on the subject. Yet. According to a press conference held on Thursday in NYC. A spokesperson for the port authority was taking questions from reporters. A question was asked about when non commercial ports will reopen and someone from the PA standing by the podium said no passenger ships until 2021 from NY & NJ
  16. Start watching for 'holiday' sales. The sale that's going on right now seems to be covering a lot of sailings into March, but for one I have later next year the prices are still crazy high. A few months ago the deluxe package for my January Oasis cruise was showing as $89! Today it's $53 but I'm hoping to see it go a little lower. Refreshment is now down to $20, soda package $7.99 and Key is 19.99. Also, Black Friday (or that week) have had some amazing deals, but I do try and check almost daily for my three cruises next year, since I had to move two from this year into next and of course the good deals I had gotten don't roll over to the new dates.
  17. For my March cruise on Freedom, refreshment is currently $20 and The Key is $12.99 (CRAZY CHEAP). That's for a 7 night Southern. But on my 7 night Oasis in January, refreshment is also $20 and The Key is $19.99. You do get more Key benefits on Oasis class than on Freedom, but $12.99 is still a bargain if you're already planning on buying Voom Surf & Stream for two devices.
  18. I see May 23rd on Allure out of Port Canaveral.
  19. That's the cheapest I've ever seen it. I bought it for a cruise on Freedom. I see value in it since it's basically the same price as a 2 device wifi package and boarding day lunch at Chops. You get the most bang for your buck on ships that have a lot of shows, but at this price, it makes sense to me. I've paid $19.99 for Allure and felt like we got our money's worth with the various perks.
  20. Holy crap on a cracker. You win, haha.
  21. I'm booked on Freedom out of San Juan in March (7th). With The Key currently only $12.99 in the cruise planner, we grabbed it because it includes Voom Surf & Stream for both of us and lunch at Chops on boarding day (likely in the MDR though). We plan on getting to the port early, we are staying in old San Juan prior to the cruise and unless they change things and go to mandatory assigned times to board, we'll get on as soon as they let us. I have a tropical mask just waiting to be used in the waiting area, lol.
  22. On Oasis this January South beach $698.99 Thrill Water Park $699 (these are for six people, cabanas in other areas hold eight) Chill island $699 Oasis lagoon $899 Beach club $1199 Over the water $1699
  23. Mine are still showing as 90 days prior (2 cruises early next year). I just did a lift and switch on one I had this October and it's payoff date was still 90 days prior to sailing.
  24. It's per stateroom, not per person. And no, the only time you can bring it onboard is when you board at the beginning of the cruise. So whether there is just one of you or six of you in a stateroom, you can only bring on 12 cans/bottles total.
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