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  1. Actually I liked the 50’s night as the guests were participating dressing up in that era with Bobby socks and poodle skirts and dancing in the atrium. Miniature hotdogs and shakes served after the show and of course cocktails. It was like dancing at the hop and swing dance. I thought it brought out the youth in the guests JMHO. The white party would not interest me at all as the true meaning of it has been lost 😉 Back in the day I heard of luxury lines having costume balls and that has fallen by the wayside. The Mozart tea is getting long in the tooth and too Disney like but I go to meet friends as I did on the last cruise. I have asked many of the servers do they like the costumes they are required to wear and most said not really and I take that as a no.
  2. Vince don’t forget the Excalibur dinners on the Harmony. Thankfully that is long gone.
  3. The servers are not fans of the costumes either.
  4. Meaningless to some but important to others in selecting a cruise line. Only seven were listed in the report I saw. Regent was number five. Which luxury cruise line is the best?
  5. Seabourn does give you choices on products and a very nice touch to what you prefer.
  6. I hope that Stickman will comment on this as he lives there. I always check with locals. I’m sure you will get an answer. ,
  7. Another good app that you can get is Weather Underground which will give you the average temperatures and rainfall around the world. Remember I said average not in perpetuity. This app has been helpful to us when packing.
  8. For me I don’t use the toppings and eat caviar without them just a squeeze of lemon on the salty lower grade offerings. Having spent a good time in Russia I learned how the locals eat caviar. Of course you don’t need the chilled vodka with it as some people don’t drink thats a given. I am a member of a wine and caviar club and we have tastings of farm raised and the ultimate of caviars. I know the difference in texture and quality blindfolded. On holiday gatherings we go with the quality. I know it is not to everyone’s liking in our home but what is left will be consumed by me with a chilled vodka or a glass of fine champagne. This is my indulgence during special occasions with friends. Crystal is on the lower spectrum of caviar quality and I need lemon to soften the salt. Seabourn serves a much better quality. Here we are talking about caviar when this world is in chaos. Not at all being political. I am more concerned about other issues that are more important than caviar. all being political
  9. Coral, never growing up is a good thing we can all be a child at heart.
  10. Caviar and other exotic foods items are a developed taste. As kid I would not try oysters, clams and escargot or sushi. Now I love it all. Your pallet changes over time. One food item that I hate is liver of any kind and I was forced to eat it as a child and still hate it.
  11. As I have already mentioned, you will receive a card or cards for any OBC credits in your room on embarkation day. This can be from your TA a gift from a friend such as flowers, candy, additional OBC etc. you certainly will know and cross check it with your folio. We have never had a problem. Hotels have been doing this for years where you can instantly check your folio and check out without going to the front desk.
  12. I posted on the Regent board to someone’s trying Crystal for the first time to be sure they get their tickets ASAP. Yes they go fast.
  13. Patty is correct you will receive a card in your stateroom that you have the OBC from your TA and as Patty stated it will appear on your folio. You can always go to the front desk to check your folio anytime.Enjoy!
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