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  1. Roti is a flatbread, sort of like pita or naan.
  2. Got my official rejection today—48 hours from sailing. I made a very low bid. We picked a cabin we are happy with, so no worries, it was more for fun!
  3. I'm willing to put a few dollars in to the machine to shred, but only cash, and once I've shredded my allotment, I'm done.:) Needless to say, I never qualify for any casino perks.
  4. Can I play the slots with cash, or does it all somehow filter back to my onboard account?
  5. Thanks for this! We are on the boat next week and your daily reviews are great! Enjoy!
  6. You are the first winner I’ve come across!
  7. We did this cruise years ago on Princess. It was repositioning from Alaska for the winter. We loved it! We are from the eastern half of the US, so the ports were fun for us. We also liked how port intensive it was. Victoria was lovely! I’d do this again if I could.
  8. I’m doing this on my upcoming Equinox cruise later this month. $25–woot!
  9. Interesting updates. It makes you wonder how many bid offers, bids, and upgrades are actually sold per cruise. Seems like not many.
  10. Regardless I plan to play some really flashy, stupid looking slots and have a great time!
  11. I’d sure think so. Can you log into your reservation and see?
  12. You keep any perks you already have. It is specified if there are any added. I know for sure that the RS bid on my cruise came with drinks.
  13. I did make a low upgrade bid. We had a tough year on several fronts, but have weathered the storm and I thought this might be a nice treat. We did not bid on all categories, as we could not afford the upgrades. If it works, great, if not, we’re still very happy with our cabin.
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