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  1. Do we have to have a buffet? Could the area not be turned into a quick casual sort of venue? You order from a posted at a counter and it is brought out by wait staff?
  2. Hello! We are considering taking a family cruise on HAL on one of Boston/Montreal routes. My husband and I have cruised before from Seattle up to Alaska, and I do remember feeling a bit queasy on the way up to the inner passage. We did a West Coast repositioning cruise as well, and I felt fine. However, this was years and years ago. Anyhow, 2 summers ago the whole family (2 kids, husband, and self) did a Carribean cruise in the summer. We had what I considered to be good weather--no hurricanes, etc. There were a few times that we all really felt the motion--like the first AM on the way to Puerto Rico, and one night. No one actually got sick, but we did not feel quite as well as we would have liked. Anyhow, I've never been to the Boston area, or anywhere on the upper eastern coast of the US or Canada. How are the waves/motion on what would say is a "typical" day? Would this be a poor choice for those who don't deal well with motion? Thanks!
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