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  1. As a critical thinker, it would make sense to me that if assiligo had already been previously infected with covid-19, and his body was able to easily handle the infection- One could then surmise that if he were to ever be infected again, even with one of the variants- that his body would again easily be able to handle the virus. So the point of how long the vaccine is effective would be moot, in my opinion. Again, I'm just one man's opinion. Everyone is free to disagree. It won't hurt my feelings.
  2. My wife and I are young (late 30s) and also very healthy. We agreed that we have no interest in getting vaccinated. It's not a political thing for us, nor are we "antivaxers". We are loyal to Carnival, and have two booked cruises coming up. No judgement for those who want to get vaccinated, but seriously hope that Carnival does not require them. If they do, they will be losing a lot of customers from Texas and Florida. Here in Dallas, masks are only recommended when going out to restaurants and bars, they're rarely required. Life is essentially back to normal, and it's lovely.
  3. Carnival may just have us fill out a questionnaire prior to boarding. Could be as simple as checking a box next to the question of "Have you been vaccinated?". My wife and I were on one of the last cruises in March 2020, and they had us check boxes on a form asking if we had visited China in the last three months, whether we had any symptoms, etc. They required zero proof of the legitimacy of our answers. I wouldn't be surprised if they did this for vaccinations.
  4. Nobody has yet to pontificate what would potentially constitute as proof of vaccination when boarding. There is no nationwide database.. no official card.. no evidence beyond an easily forged piece of card stock. Even if an official vaccination ID card is developed between now and the resumption of cruising, how are all the millions of already vaccinated individuals going to go get this new ID after already having received the shot? The logistics of this requirement are not feasible.
  5. Arnold Donald's interview- https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-13/carnival-cruise-ccl-ceo-arnold-donald-on-covid-travel-restrictions
  6. My wife and I will be cutting a rug in the club while tripping balls on the Mardi Gras on December 4th this year. We dress better than everyone else on board, so we are difficult to miss.
  7. Getting drunk and watching people spin things is always a good time. Wouldn't you all agree?
  8. Lebron James is obviously not a Chief Fun Officer.
  9. Aren't these all of Carnival's ships that are supposed to be sailing in February? Maybe they are resupplying and getting ready for trial cruises.
  10. We will be on the Dream! Chin diapers on- with drinks of the day in hand! Hopefully, with reduced capacity, I'm sure to win every single ship on a stick up for grabs! Look forward to the best review ever.
  11. Just booked the dream in February.
  12. The last two Carnival cruises I've been on haven't had a stein hoisting competition in the pub. Have they done away with these? Has anyone participated in one over the last year? There was a competition on the Valor last October, but haven't seen any on the fun times since then.
  13. And, now there's another little disturbance following Jerry..
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