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  1. I have been able to book the thermal suite online but usually not able to until after you make your final payment. I do all of my bookings for shows, spa ect on my phone app. We only sail ship with thermal suites. We have never encountered loud drinkers but I guess it can happen. Our last cruise was on the Getaway(Baltic Aug 2019) and the thermal suite was beautiful and never really crowded. Hope this helps and have a wonderful time!
  2. Yes You can book and change your mind. No penalty. Best way is to call shore excursion desk and tell them which ones you want. Best part is you don't pay until you are on board.
  3. Just got off the Getaway with a new booking. Here's what we got. We bought two next cruise certificates totaling $500 with $250 to help pay down anything we spent on board. Since we are Latitude members(Bronze) the latitude promo for Aug was 20% off any cruise on the latitude list of 360 cruises and the current perks,which a cruise for 2021 was on there that we wanted to do. Now the best part. Since we were booking a spa balcony we got the spa balc at the sail away price(lowest Balcony price). Saved about $1000. Oh, and it's their newest ship, the Encore. I would definitely look at your options on board.
  4. We just got off the Getaway Aug 27th and wifi was good. We used NCLs computers with no problem, even at sea. Still had some mins. left after checking emails.
  5. I live in Texas and I make my calls to NCL after lunch during the week. I have never waited more than 10 mins. Everyone there has always been polite and very helpful. I due believe that the day and time are very much the problem with the wait time. Want to know what a real wait time is .......call the IRS. LOL
  6. Yes it is a thing. here is a news story. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/travel/fl-bz-cruise-ship-travel-hide-and-seek-ducks-20190531-qftdwpdbhrgqhf3am6t4lbwdp4-story.html
  7. cruisedeckplans.com has great photos and some videos by former guests. I saw an video tour of our actual cabin. It's a good way to look at all cruise ship cabins and more.
  8. Starbucks was added when the refurbishment was done this past May.
  9. OK, I decided to look at my edocs again(Just now) before I call the stressed, over worked NCL staff and my air itinerary is on my edocs finally(used the NCL app on my phone) So everyone, there is hope. Seems like they are starting to catch up. That update affected 100,00 bookings so patience was and is needed.
  10. Hey, I never got those emails. I have only seen air info on the edocs I got at 70 days out and wrote the airline and reservation number down(this before the web update) Since I started this thread the docs have gone and come back again. So waiting to see what happens next. We are 26 days out now. My phantom edocs (post web update) don't have any section titled Air itinerary. Guess they need me to call yet again. Last time I don't book my own air.
  11. I am not alone. Lol. My hubbie tried printing edocs on his computer and they printed normal size not tiny. Making progress. I am now going to see if they ticketed our air. Because like you we could do seats but no actual ticket.
  12. Oh, I forgot to mention the luggage tags printed perfectly! Go figure.
  13. So after I made the final payment on our cruise I got notification at 70 days out our edocs were ready to download. I took a quick peek at them, making a note of our air reservation number and then making the decision to print later. After all, I had 70 days. Then the web site upgrade happened along with Cuba being cancelled(no. we weren't going to Cuba) and poof.....edocs gone. I decided to wait a few days before calling to let the dust settle. At around 50 days, I called and was told " will be out at about 40 days. This happens when they need to finalize air". So at 38 days called back and was transferred to tech help. They took a look at everything and was told all the info is in the system. That the air dept is checking everyone's and that if I couldn't download edocs at 14 days to call tech support back. So today I am at 30 days and thought maybe I will check to see if they are there yet. Holy cow ! They were there! Time to print(after saving the documents). Printed blank paper! WHAT!!! Then the tab crashed so logged in again.Then they were NOT there. Really, I said to myself. When I got home this afternoon, I thought for fun let's look again. Well, the phantom edocs were back! Woo hoo! Time to print. And print I did. They are so small you need a magnifying glass to read them. I hope the NCL staff gets a kick out of the tiny edocs if I can't enlarge them.🤣
  14. Yes NCL can recover your Latitudes number by calling them. I had to do that.
  15. I totally agree, especially about the money!
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