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  1. That makes me think that they are going with the approach many other lines have taken - lower price if booked pre-cruise, higher if booked on board. The current HAL President did come from Carnival, so follow the bread crumbs .....
  2. I love that HAL made the moment special for pax and crew with a ribbon cutting ceremony and the sign saying "Welcome Home" says everything about the HAL spirit
  3. I honestly find all the cruise line loyalty schemes to be on little material value. If I get a perk here or there from them, fine, great - but I don't cruise with a particular line just for the loyalty perks. Cruising has changed significantly in the last few years with bundled pricing being the latest, greatest trend which often diminishes the perks of high loyalty consumers. I personally feel that the fare bundling is NOT to keep loyal consumers, but rather to obtain new cruisers at higher base fares and increase revenue , and so they can sell more ancillary items downstream
  4. Princess has been doing numerous targeted "private sale" offers that is tied to the Captains Circle # and/or state/city of residence. No apparent rhyme or reason as to whom qualifies and whom doesn't and the private sale fares often don't follow normal plus/saver guidelines.
  5. I stayed at the Sheraton in 2019 before sailing on the Amsterdam - lovely hotel in a great location. Easy walk if you want to take the monorail Seattle Center or walk to Pikes Place Market.
  6. I did some more poking around. There is an Expo centre in Marghera near the shipyards, but it is currently in use as a mass vaccination site. Doubtful that would be discontinued in favour of cruises, but it looks to be the ONLY facility in the area capable of handling embarkation/disembarkation duties. All passengers and baggage would then have to be shuttled to whatever quay they tied the ship up at. For 2022 it may be a stop-gap option for some ships, but not a long term solution by any means. It's labeled "Pala Expo di Venezia" on Google maps
  7. Marghera is very, very, VERY industrial While certainly there are quays at Marghera that could accommodate Eurodam from a size perspective, there is ZERO infrastructure to support passenger operations - no terminal, no parking, nothing. Unless some sort of temporary facility is being constructed they may have to do check-in/ disembarkation/luggage handling offsite and bus people to and from the ships actual docking position - less than ideal.
  8. I’m booked on Encore December 12th. Up until a few days ago both Kinky Boots and Prohibition showed and were labeled “too early to book”. Now they have both been removed. Not too worried, yet…. Was really looking forward to seeing NCL‘s version of Kinky Boots having previously seen it on Broadway and on tour as well as watching the filmed West End version on Broadway HD. Such a fun show!
  9. The discount only applies to the lead passenger if booking online in advance. The shore excursion staff onboard may be willing/able to apply it to guest 2 if you the excursion book onboard, and guest 1 is not doing an NCL excursion for that port, but it’s not 100% guaranteed they will do so. I don’t know if calling NCL to book in advance over the phone would allow them to apply the discount to guest 2
  10. There could be a lot of operational/logistical considerations we as consumers are unaware of. Additional projected cancellations through Spring 2022 for Asia, Australia and South America, new itineraries/deployments for one or both vessels prior to the start of the Alaska/Europe seasons for 2022 , current locations of vessels related to projected re-entry to service (Oosterdam has been hanging out in Europe and Westerdam off US West coast), mechanical inspections/drydocks required for re-entry to service and availability of facilities relative to their current locations, and the list goes on.
  11. Westerdam and Oosterdam are most likely being swapped for the Alaska & Europe 2022 seasons. Not sure if itineraries will be altered or if it’s just a straight ship swap. Expect updates in the next 2-3 days I have anticipated this since the Fall 2022 to Spring 2023 schedules were published a few months ago with Westerdam in Asia and Oosterdam in South America neither connecting correctly with the summer/fall 2022 Alaska/Europe schedules for the two ships.
  12. Update - I just checked the travel agent booking system and Oostedams entire Alaska season has been removed as has Westerdams entire European season. I’m fairly confident you can expect a ship swap notice soon moving you to Westerdam for same sailing date/cabin/perks with a new reservation #. Other than a few decor differences, the layout/amenities/cabins of the two vessels are identical.
  13. Based on published schedules for Fall 2022 to Spring 2023 I have been assuming that Oosterdam and Westerdam will be swapped for the summer 2022 season with Westerdam replacing Oosterdam in Alaska and Oosterdam replacing Westerdam in Europe. Perhaps this is an indication that is happening? Also it could be a charter forcing cancellation of that specific sailing.
  14. Reading all of this mishegoss reminds me of why I haven’t sailed with Royal in the last few years, which is sad because they build beautiful ships that have fantastic entertainment and wonderful staff. Until Royal go back to a reasonable per/day price that does not fluctuate every time the wind gusts, or come out with a bundled pricing model like other lines, I will most likely not be sailing with them again. I like to be able to look at all of my expected onboard costs BEFORE putting down a deposit on a cruise and don’t like the “buy it now it’s on sale” shell games and uncertainty that come
  15. Pre pandemic HAL had 14 ships and did not sail from San Francisco. Post pandemic HAL will have 11 ships and is unlikely to abandon a core market/homeport and position a ship in San Francisco. San Diego, Seattle and Vancouver allow HAL to do everything they need to from the North American west coast. Sailing from San Francisco would add little of benefit to the itinerary lineup, and place them head to head with sister brand Princess, which has a larger fleet and is well established in the San Francisco market.
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