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  1. All full suites on Grand, Golden, Star, Caribbean, all Royal Class, Sun Class and Island Class should have separate tubs/showers. Forward facing Premium suites (S6) on Sapphire, Diamond, Crown, Emerald and Ruby have the minisuite bathroom with a tub/shower combo only. All other full suites on these ships have the separate tubs/showers. Minisuites on Sun/Sea have separate showers/tubs. All other minisuites fleetwide have tub/shower combo only (with the exception of accessible minisuites which are shower only) Family Suites (only on Grand Class ships and their derivatives) have two baths - one a mini suite bath with tub/shower and one shower only. They are essentially a combination of a minisuite and an interior room, connected by the sitting area. Pacific Princess all full suites and minisuites are tub/shower combo, except two accessible minisuites that are shower only Someone correct me if I am wrong :)
  2. In other words you are NOT current booked under the Best Sale Ever but under a previous promo and are trying to add the upcharge codes for the extra perks? If that is the case and you are adding the upcharge codes to add the beverage and/or wifi then ALL passengers must have same upgrade code/offers, no exemption for 3rd and 4th guests. Only if making a new booking, or completely re-faring under Best Sale Ever can 3rd/4th guests be opted out. If ADDING the perks to existing booking without re-faring then they cannot be opted out. Re-faring a booking would cause all previous Princess offers to be removed and would reset to prevailing rates/promos for your cabin as of time of re-fare
  3. You can opt guest 3& 4 out of the promo, however they will not only lose the non-alcoholic drinks package, but will also lose the gratuities and wifi.
  4. Usually within a week or so a of an offer ending Princess announce their next offer and what date it starts. The "Best Sale Ever" offer is scheduled to end on 2/29 and no sign yet of a new offer after that from Princess. Could this be a sign that it will be extended?
  5. As you are booking from the UK the terms of the offer are going to be different than for North American consumers. If they are not allowing you to book the promotional offer that is their choice. Perhaps sailing with another line might better suit your needs if this going to upset you so much.
  6. If your sailing is before the 26th of March then the promotion does not apply to ANY bookings that sail before that date. Onlly sailings departing AFTER that date qualify. You state you are sailing "in the next few weeks" so if its 3/26/20 or earlier that would be why they are not offering the promo.
  7. AA, and some other carriers as well, will not allow advance seat assignments on their website until a reservation is in "ticketed" status, nor will they allow you to purchase extra legroom seats, etc until reservation ticketed. Princess typically does their ticketing 45 days prior to travel if you have booked a "flex-fare". If the flights have been paid in full you can request early ticketing however you lose the features of the flex-fare and go to a non-refundable fare and changes are then only possible for a fee.
  8. The forthcoming P&O Iona is about the size of the announced next generation Princess vessels. So is the Carnival Mardi Gras, and both are built off the same basic platform. As Carnival Corp like to use similar platforms across multiple brands I'd be surprised if the next Princess ships don't have some similarity to these vessels, especially the Iona.
  9. Fare code for cruises is NZG with the Best Sale Ever perks or NDG cruise only (no perks). It is not available on all sailing dates or ships, and unfortunately I don't have a list of applicable dates.
  10. That would explain it! Not a n offer available to all guests, but rather a targeted, tactical offer - good to know! I just did a test on princess.com for several cruises and did not see it, even when logged in (I am a Georgia Resident). Must be for very specific sailing dates/ships
  11. That is not advertised on either the Princess consumer website or their travel agent portal - perhaps it is a private sale offer through a particular travel agency consortium? If it were a nationally available offer it would appear on their website. There is an "enhanced"offer for 2020 Alaska Cruises & Cruisetours with up to $200 off the price of select dates : https://www.princess.com/cruise-deals-promotions/best-sale-ever/
  12. The "Next Generation" of Princess ships have only had the faintest of details announced. Here is the only information I have seen: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/19387-princess-to-build-two-175-000-ton-lng-ships-at-fincantieri.html I would expect more details to be released in late 2021 or early 2022 when Princess start their Summer/Fall 2023-Spring 2024 fleet deployment announcements
  13. I feel like the BSE was a "trial run" for a new pricing scheme for Princess, as you mentioned, more akin to Celebrity's pricing structure.
  14. When choosing an interior cabin on the Royal make sure you are NOT getting a room with 3rd/4th Pullman beds installed as they are wall mounted rather than recessed into the ceiling. As a result when not in use and folded against the side walls they still protrude 10-12” out from the wall diminishing the walkway on either side of the bed (when in queen bed configuration)
  15. Latest video statement from Princess EVP Rai Calouri posted earlier today:
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