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  1. No reasonable person would’ve interpreted it that way
  2. Apple maintains tight controls over many things. Some of them are to your benefit, and some of them are to force you to buy a new phone. I doubt whether his android phone is cut off from apps
  3. Why would anyone care what anyone else does to achieve a higher level? It’s not like they’re out anything.
  4. Good. It’s obnoxious of those people to steal connections without paying for them.
  5. Not sure why. All the people that cared quit sailing princess six or eight times by now
  6. If you worked on the ship, would you prefer a US calling card or cash?
  7. Whose website do you believe you posted that to?
  8. I'm STILL wearing mine from June. Do you mean that the Captain won't call me when it's time to take it off like you said?
  9. There is no amount of whining that can create a table where none exists.
  10. I’ll go with yes, no problem. Just to add some spice
  11. The same people who openly admit to using his policy to steal drinks on this board?
  12. But your free balcony breakfast was NOT a suite benefit- it was an upsell benefit apparently. Suites do not come with free balcony breakfasts.
  13. No receipts. They hand you your drink and you move on.
  14. I will also refer you to the PDF. There are not secret benefits that they don’t tell you about
  15. You next cruise is your 6th. That should make you Platinum on it.
  16. It was a false alarm caused by an overactive imagination. No problems.
  17. Have you told the captain??
  18. Sailed the coral a couple of months ago. You will not be disappointed with the book selection.
  19. And you kids get off my lawn!
  20. When we boarded there was a note in our cabin that due to the sail-away time and muster drill, the free embarkation specialty dinner would be on the next night for all. But that was also formal night, which we did not want to miss. So they made it for the third night without much fuss. This may be very different than the norm, but it's MY norm. 😉
  21. You won't have a problem being seated when you want. We were able to move our "embarkation" dinner to another night without any hassle as well.
  22. It's going to be very easily walkable for most people. 10 minutes max.
  23. Doesn't sound like you'll be able to book a cruise you don't intend to take.
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