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  1. It couldn’t. That possibility was already addressed in the original contract with princess. And even if that were not so, past consideration is not considered consideration for a new contract.
  2. With all due respect to your legal background...... I never even brought up a problem with "verbal contract". It's the lack of consideration on your part that keeps it from being enforceable. Of course they SHOULD keep their word, but it's still not a legally enforceable contract.
  3. The thing that makes it not a contract is the lack of “consideration” by the OP. Princess was under no obligation to offer anything for missing that port. They did make a generous offer, but they were under no obligation to do so. It’s not enforceable, and it’s not a contract.
  4. Let it Ride is also available, at least on most ships.
  5. It's NOT cheaper than "no additional cost".
  6. This is the first I've heard of this.
  7. And you wrote up a formal complaint
  8. You should have three formal nights on that cruise. Your kilt would be well received even on smart casual evenings.
  9. bemis12


    Hint: He's the only man to lose elections in all 50 states.
  10. Pretty sure it is the actual link. This one is.
  11. bemis12


    To each their own. Obviously many people enjoy it. If everyone was the same, they'd all be married to YOUR spouse.
  12. Every new technology is hated by a small subset who will never want things to change. It doesn't particularly matter what the tech is, just that it's different.
  13. Honesty and personal integrity usually take a back seat to "free stuff".
  14. Why is it OK with you to pay those others items ahead of time but not the spa appointment?
  15. You care entirely too much about how many people are viewing your travelogue.
  16. Darn new fangled stuff.
  17. Somebody posted the same thing when it was 72. Then 65. Then 58. Then 49. Someone will eventually be right. Perhaps even you.
  18. Please make sure that somebody videos your tantrum.
  19. No reasonable person would’ve interpreted it that way
  20. Apple maintains tight controls over many things. Some of them are to your benefit, and some of them are to force you to buy a new phone. I doubt whether his android phone is cut off from apps
  21. Why would anyone care what anyone else does to achieve a higher level? It’s not like they’re out anything.
  22. Good. It’s obnoxious of those people to steal connections without paying for them.
  23. Not sure why. All the people that cared quit sailing princess six or eight times by now
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