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  1. That's a really good question David. I doubt the bookmakers in Vegas are taking bets or putting odds on this item of nautical speculation. But for us here on Cruise Critic, stranded ashore but eager to be back aboard QE or her sisters, it is an interesting topic to gaze into a cloudy crystal ball. While acknowledging all the uncertainties of travel restrictions, onboard social distancing complications, second wave infections, willingness of people to board cruise ships, etc. etc. etc., what is your best guess prediction of QE's location on 8 September? 1. Right where she is now, Manila anchorage? 2. Tokyo, or somewhere else in Japan? She is currently scheduled to do some Japan voyages in October. 3. Portland, or other UK anchorage lay-up? 4. Australia? Very unlikley now that Border Force has extended the ship ban through 17 Sep. 5. New Zealand? 6. Canada/Alaska? Canadian restrictions currently go through 1 July, but could be extended. Weather starts to be a factor for any voyages beyond mid-Sep. 7. Southampton? Maybe UK and Europe open for travel sooner than elsewhere? But presumably QM2 and QV would be able to address any demand that would exist. My guess.... The pessimist in me would say to bet on #1, but the optimist would say #2.
  2. FYI, on Friday 22 May Australia Border Force extended the current shutdown of cruise ships in Australia waters by a further three months, to 17 September. The ban applies to any ship carrying more than 100 passengers. Cunard had previously cancelled QE voyages through 8 September. Currently, based only on a quick look at QE voyages for sale on the Cunard website (and with all the caveats that apply as a result), she does not appear to be back in Australia until mid-November (voyage Q030 arriving Darwin on 15 Nov).
  3. Cool, thanks very much. I hadn't seen that button in the layers settings. And the hover popup box is still available to see speed and heading of an individual ship if desired.
  4. Thanks Bluemarble. Just curious, does your AIS source display all the ships' names in the selected view, or did you manually add them into the graphic before posting to CC? The source I use, marinetraffic.com, requires you to hover your cursor over each ship icon to display a popup box with the name/speed/heading/destination, and the box then disappears if you move off..
  5. We've done Q4 on QV, QM2 and QE. We've had a priority checkin queue only in Southampton or NY. In other ports, typically a single queue for all passengers and no priority for grills. Typically 12n assigned boarding time, although terminal checkin desks are not always ready at the start if there are IT or staff issues. We've never had the butler meet us at the gangway. We've made our own way to the cabin. Bottle of real bubbly and chocolates waiting. The butler and steward usualy come by sometime in the afternoon to introduce themselves, ask if any questions, and remind you to attend lifeboat drill. Q4 is certainly a nice time on Cunard. We're very happy. But the Q4 experience is not like the Bowette1981's description of MSC Yacht Club.
  6. There's a great Youtube video documenting a QE-1 westbound transatlantic crossing in the 1950s. I liked the evening "horse race" entertainment at around 29 minutes in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er9wOadvvCY
  7. That must have been a great experience! Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to take a voyage on QE-1, but I remember going aboard when she was briefly docked as a tourist attraction in Port Everglades FL, before her last ever voyage to Hong Kong. My family had some photos, but they got thrown away one year in a too-thorough spring cleaning. Sad that she could not have been saved like QM-1.
  8. The bowcam shots I pasted in this morning look like they may be automatically refreshing as time progresses. The Sea Princess image no longer shows Sun Princess off the starboard bow, and the GMT time at the top has updated. I thought I was just pasting in a static graphic image. Apologies. Although we can apparently now watch the current bowcams when we refresh this Cruise Critic thread.
  9. Here is the Sea Princess bowcam, showing Sun Princess ahead and to starboard. QE's cam is empty harbour. Pacific Explorer would show QE, but appears to be out of service with last image from 12 Feb. Looks like a sunny calm morning in Manila.
  10. Manila anchorage has quite the collection of cruise ships. The blue dots clockwise from lower left are Voyager of the Seas, Sun Princess, QE, Pacific Explorer, and Sea Princess. Must be an impressive sight. I looked around for a live webcam of Manila Bay, but no luck. All five ships are pointing roughly northward at anchor, so QE's live bowcam on the sticky page shows just empty water. Pacific Explorer is astern of QE, but unfortunately her bowcam appears to be out of service.
  11. Spot on, bluemarble. Copied below is AIS as at 8.00p AEST Sunday evening. Pacific Explorer is at upper left heading 351, then from left to right below are Sea Princess heading 001, QE heading 093, and then Sun Princess heading 353. All circling at steerageway outside of Manila Bay.
  12. I just saw on Simon Palethorpe's latest status video that Chef Nick Oldroyd will be posting a recipe and how-to video for making Cunard scones. Yum! The wife and I will happily give it a go. It might be hard to find Tiptree strawberry jam in Brisbane just at the moment, but I imagine we can make do with Beerenberg.
  13. Some further info - the APT case is apparently adjourned until Friday, when APT and the government are supposed to report back to the court with detail of their settlement. Australia Border Force has said it will not evict Caledonian Sky until Tuesday next week at the earliest.
  14. Just an update on the Australia APT federal court case mentioned in earlier posts. On Wednesday, APT and the Australia federal government told the court that they had reached an in-principle settlement (terms not disclosed). A settlement leaves the government order in place which requires all foreign-registered cruise ships to leave Australia waters. From bluemarble's post, it looks like most/all ships have already departed anyway.
  15. Thanks bluemarble. I did a google search this morning, but did not find any reports yet on an ourcome of the APT Travel Group's federal court action.
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