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  1. Same experience here. We had FCC with book by and use by May 2022. In December when itineraries were released for summer 2022, we used a refunded gift card to pay the deposit on a cruise after May hoping we would be able to apply the credits at some point in the future. Earlier this week, I called and spoke to a very helpful Princess customer service agent who was able to get the book and use by date on our FCC extended to a couple weeks after the sailing we had chosen, and she apply it to the booked sailing. All set!!!
  2. Our 17 year old loves mocktails while on vacation. Does anyone know if he will be covered with the included classic non-alcoholic package, or is there a need to upgrade him to premium? This will be our first Celebrity cruise, and the FAQs aren't very clear with the non-alcoholic packages.
  3. This is my experience as well. I email and ask her to call when she has a minute to talk. I hold while she contacts other departments for my requests, if necessary. If she can't do what I want, I hang up knowing why and what my options are.
  4. Yes, it's international. I don't think it was a case of these not being offered on the flight. These were shown on the American Airlines website (I looked at AA's site before I booked with Celebrity), but they weren't on the Flights by Celebrity site when I originally reserved - the on-demand item specifically. Since the price had dropped significantly, it caused me a little concern until the folks here on Cruise Critic helped out!
  5. No, I have reserved through Flights by Celebrity, but it's the "risk free"option, so I won't be expected to pay for almost 6 more months. I don't think the fee applies until after final payment.
  6. Thank you! It sounds like I need to call and see about repricing my flights!
  7. Hi all, Can someone help me decipher what these codes mean on the Flights by Celebrity flight quotes, please? I understand the gold suitcase and number, but what does the gold "+1" mean? And what does "On-Demand" mean? This particular flight is about $1K less pp than the flight that doesn't have that designation. This is our first Celebrity cruise, so I've never used their flight tool before. I looked on the site, and if this information is there, I can't find it, so anything you can tell me would be appreciated! Thank you!
  8. Has anyone done the Celebrity Cruises "The Path of the Trolls Tour" in Alesund? I am wondering how much time is spent on the bus and how many stops there are. Thanks!
  9. Not sure what phone you have, but we were able to turn off cellular, turn on airplane mode, then turn on wi-fi. My 16 year old usually rolls his eyes and does it for me. 😉 He sat on deck and FaceTimed friends on sea days!
  10. I agree. The only other thing I consider is that to date, this process has seemingly been controlled by a single entity, and they haven't seemed inclined to move forward. I submitted a comment over a week ago on their July 21 RFI, and it has yet to be reviewed and posted to the comments section. Honestly, I expect them to extend, yet again, their no sail order. A panel with oversight might at least take decisions out of the hands of a single entity and provide a more broad-based review. I have reached out to our senators and asked that they consider supporting this proposal.
  11. Excited again today! We received credit card refunds for prepaid items at the end of June. I got excited that day! Goodwill FCC showed up today - excited again! Hoping regular FCC and airfare refunds are not far behind!
  12. Computershare also handles what was OneShare.
  13. About 15 years ago when our son was a baby, I saw an ad for "One Share". For his first Father's Day, DH got one share of Disney stock that came with a framed color stock certificate and a personal message inscribed. I retrospect, I could have gotten several shares for that same price, but the framing and personalized message were the real gifts, right? 😊 Disney shares were in the $25 range back then. Every dividend period for years, they have sent him checks for less than $1, sometimes less than $0.20. I checked a few months ago about transferring that share to an account with
  14. First two cruises on Princess, we booked ocean view and were upgraded to a balcony. Loved it!!! Then with a small child, we wanted ocean view. Now that small child is a teen, and we "NEED" a balcony again. We are trying a mini-suite in the spring to have a little more space. We thought about booking the balcony and hoping for an upgrade to a mini-suite, but when it came time to commit, we booked the mini-suite instead of relying on hope and luck. Probably no upgrades in our immediate future!
  15. We had tours booked in Rome with two different companies this summer. One asked us to wait until 14 days prior to tour to cancel for refund. I think the hope is this might give them time to begin touring again. The second gave us a credit that doesn't have an expiration date. Not ideal, but hopefully it will work out!
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